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Ok who used the DOOM and didn't put it back!
03-25-2013, 07:23 PM #1
iBryson Member
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Ok who used the DOOM and didn't put it back!

Doomsterbation is in full swing have you not noticed!

I like you, have been scanning all my outlets Looking to see "IF" there is any MEAT to these stories! Nothing YET!

I have a slight advantage over the rest of the DOOMSTERBATION CROWD!

I live in the Rio Grand Valley!
Mouth of Rio Grand River and Gulf of Mexico!
We have
Border patrol
County Sheriffs
Local Police
Texas DPS = State police
Texas Rangers
Emergency Management
And last But nOT LEAST tHE ARMY!
Theres a big PORT!

And all of the Agencies (12) are Business as usual no mobilization or even unusual activity of any kind!

Absolutely NOTHING!!

mormons.gif<--- Over Lords in drag!

The Report to my Evil Over Lord Bosses will read!

We have heard of DOOM, but have not Found Any Real Doom Yet!
But have discovered that the Populist at large is/are DOOMSTERBATING Massively and I fear there may be a slimy mess as a result of Billions DOOMSTERBATING, HAZMAT Clean UP will Be Costly!

Every thing seems to be yup.gif "A" ok business as usual carry on NOTHING TO SEE here!

Note:1a: However there is a very Erect and Powerful DOOMSTERBation Growing in the near future that has the potential to cause some DOOM!

Note: 1b: Due to the Over whelming Demand For DOOM, I feel it is the responsibility of TPTB to perhaps conceder Creating Some Unfathomable DOOM to satisfice the growing Demand!

Note:1c: If there is some doom Created or not, We are so fucked to do anything about it DUE to Budget Cuts!!

That's real folks NOTHING at all Happening!

So get out your contingency plan labeled "What if absolutely NOTHING happens."


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