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Orgonite on your record player...it's a thing
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(36 minutes ago)Magnetar Wrote:  
(2 hours ago)You need a name? Wrote:  
(Yesterday, 07:09 PM)Octo Wrote:  
(01-16-2021, 09:20 AM)You need a name? Wrote:  By getting about 30 people to put orgonite on record players, the flu has nearly disappeared worldwide.

[Image: 200.webp?cid=ecf05e47t3l7fkzd432bjoglms4...d=200.webp]
We've got two facts. About 30 people have joined in. Meanwhile, the flu has taken a nosedive. We got going in earnest in June which is when the entire nation of Chile's flu  cases dropped to ZERO for two consecutive weeks during the height of their flu season. The other southern hemisphere nations also had huge drops.

In the US now the incidence rate is about 1% of average incidence rate from the previous five seasons.

I would explain why the rotational energy does what it does, but, simply don't feel like it now. Maybe another time. I'm too busy enlisting people who want to do it. About six people today, are likely to be added to the bandwagon. Each new set up appears to double the effects of all the others combined.,..so some spectacular out comes are likely to be achieved. 

I will leave you with this much: viruses are electrical, so what might appear to be stupid or impossible to some people has actually been quite easy.
Plenty of rice where live, but no orgonite.
Start with crystals (or jewelry) then. Meanwhile you have an internet connection, so ordering orgonite is a possibility for you from Etsy and Amazon.


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