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Our Matrix
11-08-2017, 07:48 PM #16
JayRodney ⓐⓛⓘⓔⓝ
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On the first video, it's wonderful simply due to the fact it explores human consciousness.
That's one of the rarest subjects people discuss "intelligently".
The definitive book on human consciousness that I'm aware of is the User Illusion.
One thing is a certainty... nothing is as it seems.


11-08-2017, 10:51 PM #17
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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read the song

" Space Between "

or,, call it ,,,

~~~~ River Song ,,, ~~~~~~
I was waiting
Just to be,,, and ,,,
You're the Lady
Who'd always rescued me

I was a Young Boy ,
Spider crossed my hand

You held me ,
whispered son
you not acting like a Man

Oh we were floating
down a River Strong
Current Flashing us along

Sun was Baking
and weak from all the Fun
we lay sand bound
soaking none too long

I was sleeping
Dreams fleeting
as they rolled along
You were Misty ,
I could barely see
Face like a Babies sigh
heard within a Song

Kept on Rolling
Road my only Home

Decades pass
and I'm still all on my own

In need of someone strong
to take my Hand
Just Guide me ,,,
Back where I belong

Oh ,,, She was Smiling
at my child like sweetness

I couldn't help my unassuming
innocence ,,,
She couldn't help her feeling
That I needed her maternal loving ,,

Roads roll on forever
Lives they intertwine
always some slippage away
but they come back together ,,,
just takes a little time

Love rolls like a Diesel
right over and through
can't help it
seems , best we could ask
and all we'd ever need to do

Keep on rolling ,,,

Can't stop ,,,
and ,,
I won't stop
Life depends on
dreams coming True

and Love depends
on us keeping
all our Skies Sultry Blue ,,,

Gotta Keep on Rollin'
Space between
where I'm headed
and where I've just beeen ,,,,,,,

Crazy ,,, ?
Alright , Handle fit tight on me
Can't deny ,,,
Different and not gonna change
Nothin' this kid can prove ,,,
to change the way people think of me
Granted ,,
I ride in a self made Groove ,,,
and ,,just Maybe
One day I'll come around
and Maybe
that'll take me covering ,
whole lot more Ground

Child ,,
Like a Child set free too soon
without Guidance ,,,
'cept that from the beams shown
Shown down on Full Moon

Gotta Keep on Rollin'
Space between
where I'm headed
and where ever
I've just beeen ,,,,,,,

~~~ Never quite Weaned , Never fully Heeled , the Child rolls easy , wild and Free ~~~


you're between where you're headed and where you've been .

As one door sign : Entrance

next door sign : exit

one World comes
one World dissolves

all Worlds are best experienced when it's REALIZED , they are Temporary Planes to experience .

Nothing Matters
but ,,,,
it doesn't Matter


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