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07-24-2013, 01:06 AM #16
ZENMASTER Incognito Anonymous

The subterranean chamber positioned under the great pyramid had access to the waters of the Nile connected to an underground canal system from the sphinx temple building, the water would ideally be filtered and at the time of the operation of the pyramid machine the Nile river would have flowed closer to the giza plateau.
The subterranean chamber acts as a non return valve for this water.
Water from the subterranean chamber flows both out the main entrance door of the pyramid via the descending passageway and also up what has been termed the well shaft grotto to the queens chamber then down the ascending passageway also out the entrance doorway.
Therefore the water from the subterranean chamber circulated water through the lower section of the pyramid to the queens chamber while the main entrance door was open.
This explains the grotto well shaft, which was not designed as a passageway but a well shaft, it would have been full of water from the subterranean chamber and the addition of another non return valve at the grotto would maintain water within the shaft.
The water flow to the great pyramid was continuous from the subterranean chamber achieving several objectives, filling the grotto passageway flowing into the queens chamber which primed the queens chamber generator, it also primed the void space of the passageways with water and as it continuously flowed out the entrance door into the exterior moat it kept the spillway and causeway full of water.
With the entrance doorway open the water level remained in the lower section of the great pyramid up to the queens chamber.
Water was pumped from the sphinx temple building drawing water from the Nile river, then pumped into the subterranean canals to all three of the pyramids.
The escaping water from the entrance doorway of the great pyramid floods the surrounding moat, cascades through the spillway, travels into the causeway to the Nile river.
With the great pyramids main entrance doorway closed the queens chamber would flood with water, the associated air shafts and an area of the ceiling would retain an air pocket. Water would then begin to fill the grand gallery and also the kings chamber.
The grand gallery had a large hydrogen fuel cell which was electrically powered from the generator within the queens chamber.
The queen's chambers two air shafts differ greatly to the air shafts positioned in the kings chamber. The two air shafts of the queens chamber do not penetrate to the exterior of the pyramid and neither did they need to.
In 1993 a robotic camera was inserted into these air shafts which travelled 65 metres to a block of tura limestone, what has been called a portcullis[gate]. These tura limestone blocks have two copper fittings attached which have been covered in an unknown sealant. Tura limestone has piezoelectric qualities and if these limestone blocks are moved up and down these air shafts they will actually create electrical energy.
These two tura limestone blocks positioned in the air shafts of the queens chamber were connected [wired]to the base of the hydrogen fuel cell of the grand gallery causing the electrification of the hydrogen fuel cell while they were in motion.
The cross section of these air shafts from the queens chamber are domed to begin with then an oval section which is plastered[possibly electrically resistant] and then the main length is rectangular.
The queens chamber generator operated by water pressure driving the tura limestone blocks within the air shafts, which when driven up and down their shafts create piezoelectric power for the fuel cell in the grand gallery.
The pressure actuated generator in the queens chamber operates in a seesawing manner
working from one side to the other driving the limestone piezoelectric slides up and down the
air shafts.
The air shafts are designed to capture air within their space and do not continue to the outside of the pyramid.
When the grand gallery and kings chamber are filled with water, pressure to activate the generator in the queens chamber is reached, this electrifies the hydrogen fuel cell of the grand gallery which was constructed of opposing sheets of metal all the way to the ceiling. The holes in the walls of the grand gallery are witness marks to their positioning.
The king and queens chambers would also be areas of material concentrate collection, as water would leave a residue of particulate material within these areas from the activity of the hydrogen fuel cell.
The grand gallery housed the hydrogen fuel cell which would require regular cleaning maintenance, the fuel cell would of allowed access through it to the kings chamber where the anode and cathode would be positioned to the base of each air shaft.
Hydrogen gas{HHO} escaped via the air shaft to the far side of the kings chamber and pure oxygen via the air shaft adjacent to the grand gallery. Both gases would of been able to be collected at the top of the pyramid, it never did have a top on it.
The kings chamber has relieving compartments which are made from granite, the kings chamber is where you would be able to collect plutonium enriched material from inside the granite coffer, to be processed further in the other two pyramids.
The granite floor, walls, ceilings and relieving compartments along with the water saturation of the kings chamber allowed for a uranium oxide enrichment process to take place displacing heat and shielding for plutonium breeding.
The relieving chambers above the coffer would act as temperature regulators for the enrichment process.
By placing uranium oxide and the necessary ingredients to create plutonium within the kings chamber coffer, the process of enrichment would begin. The flooding of this chamber would shield the uranium and therefore cause enrichment to occur.
We can analogize this by saying it was similar to cooking a cake.
The time to achieve enrichment could be calculated and when cooked the entrance door could be opened which would stop the queens chamber generator from operating and empty the water from the kings chamber, grand gallery and ascending passageway.
The grotto and well shaft did not need to be accessed very regularly for maintenance as the passages purpose was for water intake only to the queens chamber.
The descending passage was used for regular maintenance of the non return valve in the subterranean chamber and access to the ascending passage.
The ascending passage was used for regular maintenance of the generator in the queens chamber, cleaning the hydrogen fuel cell of the grand gallery and servicing the plutonium enrichment in the coffer of the kings chamber.
The Great Pyramid pumped water continuously, it manufactured hydrogen, oxygen, plutonium along with a concentrated material soup{water contains all soluble elements}, this soup could be used for the uranium/plutonium enrichment process and also just about any form of plastic/elemental material production.
One of the main purposes for the causeways between the pyramids and temples was for the movement of radioactive material.
The pyramid from a close external view while it was active would of made noise from the tura limestone blocks sliding up and down.
When we look at the queens chamber it is quite obvious that a pressure actuated machine was positioned centrally in this room. As all parts to this machine have been removed and any known facts concerning this technology have not been revealed to the public we can therefore only surmise the method of operation and the most likely scenario.
The king's chamber has two air shafts which travel all the way to the exterior. The two gas products
produced from the electrification of the missing hydrogen fuel cell which was positioned in the
grand gallery are hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen fuel cell has two separate metallic parts to its make up, one section of this metallic structure is the cathode the other opposing section is the anode.
To allow hydrogen gas which is actually called HHO gas [two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen]to escape via one air shaft the hydrogen fuel cells anode is positioned at the base of one of these air shafts. The cathode is positioned at the base of the other air shaft where pure oxygen escapes from the electrified fluid.
A caste iron plate was removed from the base of one of these air shafts in the kings chamber in the eighteen hundreds and examined by Petrie who confirmed that this metal plate was an original part of the structure of the great pyramid. This iron plate was gold plated which would have prevented it from oxidising causing disintegration in the electrified fluid. The metal plate was also believed to be a section of a barrel type piece of metal.
The remains of this piece of metal plate is kept in the British museum and we would assume that this piece of metal was either overlooked by the removers or the thieves who made use of the metal parts within the pyramid.
Even if we consider that this could not possibly be part of a hydrogen generator we must acknowledge that the date of construction of the great pyramid commonly estimated as 2450 BC is still 2000 years earlier than the first recognized manufacturing of iron by mankind.
The southern air shaft had the positioning of the anode at its base releasing HHO gas, this air shaft is approximately eight inches by twelve inches by one hundred and seventy five feet in length.
The northern air shaft had the cathode positioned at its base which released pure oxygen, this air shaft is approximately five inches by seven inches by two hundred and thirty five feet in length The northern shaft runs horizontally for approximately ten feet in length before it turns upward at thirty one degrees to the exterior of the pyramid.


When we consider the Sphinx it is obvious that somebody has defiled the original structure with the tail and legs of a lion or the body of anubis and a human pharaonic head. Nobody even the religious and cultural believers would deny that it is not the original structure.
The methodology of the building of the pyramids defines the original intentions of the builders and anything that is idolatry was not included originally. The lions/anubis body and head where shaped to the sphinx after the original structure was made and later in time the lions/anubis head was replaced by a pharoahs image.
The original shape of the head was most likely a pyramid shape and altered to a lions/anubis head then a pharoahs. As this can not be proven we have to leave it as the most likely scenario. The water erosion around the sphinx is obvious and even many archeologists would not argue the point that the sphinx is much older than the date given as 2450 BC for the construction of the great pyramid.
If we consider the precession of the equinoxes and refer specifically to the time of the constellation of leo being in the sky above the giza plateau this is the most likely time that the original structure was changed to the shape of a lion and then later in time again a religious egyptian ruler has taken advantage of the structure defiling it a second time to portray himself as a god like figure head.
This does raise questions of what was the shape of the structure of the sphinx originally ?, what was its purpose ?
The sphinx structure will become more clarified when we put it in context with the spire that stood before it, also the connected causeways, buildings, spillways, pyramids, Nile river and the overall purpose of the entire complex.
The whole complex works as a whole, was built in approx 10,400 BC and operated for 4,400 years.
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07-24-2013, 11:07 AM #17
Anonymous Kritter Incognito Anonymous
That would be an extremely complex system.



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