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Paranormal detector for your PC
07-02-2012, 05:19 AM #16
Kreeper Griobhtha
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No. I was just dropping a hint to our new troll.


Politicians hide themselves away
They only started the war
Why should they go out to fight?
They leave that role to poor
07-02-2012, 05:33 AM #17
Octo Mother Superior
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That's kind of funny because hint in Finnish would be hintti

but it means this:



07-02-2012, 05:56 AM #18
Kreeper Griobhtha
Posts:10,759 Threads:710 Joined:Feb 2011

Politicians hide themselves away
They only started the war
Why should they go out to fight?
They leave that role to poor
07-02-2012, 11:04 AM #19
Athenagoddess Member
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Hi everyone, I have bought this too, not a word has it spoken, hopefully it will wake up soon. Sounds like fun. wave.gif
07-02-2012, 12:40 PM #20
Octo Mother Superior
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wave.gif Mine just said 1927 January damned.gif
07-02-2012, 01:26 PM #21
JayRodney ⓐⓛⓘⓔⓝ
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Ours talks too fickin' much, I turned mine off it was growling at me all the damn time.

07-02-2012, 07:21 PM #22
Athenagoddess Member
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Yes, talking a lot now. It has just said cook. sometimes odd things come out like olive, i hate olives. Half sister i have one, really weird. I just everytime it groans though, scary or what. beercheer.gif
07-02-2012, 07:22 PM #23
Athenagoddess Member
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Glad you are yourselves again. You both look much better. lmao.gif
07-02-2012, 07:24 PM #24
JayRodney ⓐⓛⓘⓔⓝ
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chuckle.gif We feel a lot better.

07-04-2012, 11:22 PM #25
JayRodney ⓐⓛⓘⓔⓝ
Posts:30,429 Threads:1,479 Joined:Feb 2011
So to update this thought I'd post what mine has been saying to me the last few days...

Jun-30-2012-1:08 PM XPD Session cleared
Jun-30-2012-1:08 PM XPD New session started
Jun-30-2012-1:16 PM XPD Session Stopped
Jun-30-2012-7:04 PM XPD New session started
Jun-30-2012-7:14 PM XPD Session Stopped
Jun-30-2012-7:22 PM XPD New session started
Jun-30-2012-7:23 PM XPD Session Stopped
Jun-30-2012-7:25 PM XPD New session started
Jun-30-2012-7:38 PM XPD Session Stopped
Jun-30-2012-7:38 PM XPD New session started
Jun-30-2012-7:42 PM tube
Jun-30-2012-7:51 PM citizen
Jun-30-2012-8:18 PM america
Jun-30-2012-8:21 PM chocolate
Jun-30-2012-8:36 PM woman
Jun-30-2012-8:50 PM tristan
Jun-30-2012-8:55 PM stool
Jun-30-2012-9:03 PM some
Jun-30-2012-9:28 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jun-30-2012-9:28 PM game
Jun-30-2012-9:30 PM learn
Jun-30-2012-9:32 PM writer
Jun-30-2012-9:38 PM battle
Jun-30-2012-9:40 PM sunshine
Jun-30-2012-9:49 PM group
Jun-30-2012-9:50 PM *Spirit at approx. 4 yards
Jun-30-2012-9:53 PM brain
Jun-30-2012-10:08 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jun-30-2012-10:29 PM currency
Jun-30-2012-10:36 PM flight
Jun-30-2012-10:41 PM 1524
Jun-30-2012-11:01 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jun-30-2012-11:01 PM contrast
Jun-30-2012-11:23 PM *Spirit at approx. 3 yards
Jun-30-2012-11:23 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jun-30-2012-11:27 PM wagon
Jun-30-2012-11:29 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jun-30-2012-11:30 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jun-30-2012-11:30 PM cobweb
Jun-30-2012-11:39 PM 1803
Jul-01-2012-12:09 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-01-2012-12:12 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-01-2012-12:12 AM anywhere
Jul-01-2012-12:12 AM book
Jul-01-2012-12:36 AM shinning
Jul-01-2012-12:44 AM block
Jul-01-2012-1:18 AM *Spirit at approx. 7 yards
Jul-01-2012-1:18 AM file
Jul-01-2012-2:00 AM *Spirit at approx. 10 yards
Jul-01-2012-2:03 AM brother
Jul-01-2012-2:07 AM look
Jul-01-2012-2:10 AM 78
Jul-01-2012-2:12 AM athlete
Jul-01-2012-2:16 AM not
Jul-01-2012-2:18 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-01-2012-2:30 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-01-2012-2:37 AM utensil
Jul-01-2012-2:38 AM fuel
Jul-01-2012-2:44 AM *Spirit at approx. 4 yards
Jul-01-2012-2:48 AM 1653
Jul-01-2012-2:52 AM relish
Jul-01-2012-2:56 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-01-2012-3:07 AM lawyer
Jul-01-2012-3:21 AM grease
Jul-01-2012-3:23 AM team
Jul-01-2012-3:24 AM 1870
Jul-01-2012-3:27 AM new york
Jul-01-2012-3:41 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-01-2012-3:41 AM offence
Jul-01-2012-3:42 AM fast
Jul-01-2012-4:05 AM government
Jul-01-2012-4:06 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-01-2012-4:06 AM peer-to-peer
Jul-01-2012-4:07 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-01-2012-4:08 AM sets
Jul-01-2012-4:25 AM jane
Jul-01-2012-4:36 AM simplest
Jul-01-2012-4:39 AM *Spirit at approx. 6 yards
Jul-01-2012-4:40 AM catherine
Jul-01-2012-4:52 AM instrument
Jul-01-2012-5:14 AM quick
Jul-01-2012-5:41 AM mattock
Jul-01-2012-6:16 AM anybody
Jul-01-2012-6:34 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-01-2012-6:43 AM uncle
Jul-01-2012-6:47 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-01-2012-6:47 AM tulip
Jul-01-2012-7:30 AM sale
Jul-01-2012-7:33 AM statistic
Jul-01-2012-7:45 AM *Spirit at approx. 2 yards
Jul-01-2012-7:45 AM garden
Jul-01-2012-7:46 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-01-2012-7:55 AM hay
Jul-01-2012-7:56 AM *Spirit at approx. 6 yards
Jul-01-2012-7:57 AM 17
Jul-01-2012-8:03 AM feed
Jul-01-2012-8:20 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-01-2012-8:20 AM flame
Jul-01-2012-8:35 AM alberta
Jul-01-2012-8:39 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-01-2012-8:41 AM *Spirit at approx. 2 yards
Jul-01-2012-8:41 AM gabriel
Jul-01-2012-8:54 AM 1528
Jul-01-2012-9:12 AM finest
Jul-01-2012-9:47 AM *Spirit at approx. 2 yards
Jul-01-2012-9:47 AM moustache
Jul-01-2012-9:54 AM coast
Jul-01-2012-9:54 AM explanation
Jul-01-2012-9:59 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-01-2012-10:19 AM circulation
Jul-01-2012-10:31 AM *Spirit at approx. 9 yards
Jul-01-2012-10:48 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-01-2012-11:13 AM wednesday
Jul-01-2012-11:16 AM *Spirit at approx. 5 yards
Jul-01-2012-11:17 AM passage
Jul-01-2012-11:17 AM paperback
Jul-01-2012-11:23 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-01-2012-11:27 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-01-2012-11:27 AM bend
Jul-01-2012-11:28 AM already
Jul-01-2012-11:53 AM 1579
Jul-01-2012-12:11 PM kristin
Jul-01-2012-12:22 PM blow
Jul-01-2012-12:29 PM atm
Jul-01-2012-12:34 PM fence
Jul-01-2012-12:38 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-01-2012-12:40 PM *Spirit at approx. 2 yards
Jul-01-2012-12:40 PM research
Jul-01-2012-12:43 PM church
Jul-01-2012-12:44 PM *Spirit at approx. 4 yards
Jul-01-2012-12:45 PM whenever
Jul-01-2012-12:48 PM grass
Jul-01-2012-12:49 PM moon
Jul-01-2012-12:55 PM standard
Jul-01-2012-1:07 PM golf
Jul-01-2012-1:14 PM duck
Jul-01-2012-1:22 PM column
Jul-01-2012-1:34 PM deep
Jul-01-2012-1:36 PM 1637
Jul-01-2012-1:51 PM *Spirit at approx. 2 yards
Jul-01-2012-1:52 PM wound
Jul-01-2012-1:54 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-01-2012-1:57 PM 29
Jul-01-2012-2:03 PM amount
Jul-01-2012-2:04 PM raven
Jul-01-2012-2:14 PM burst
Jul-01-2012-2:16 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-01-2012-2:16 PM tenor
Jul-01-2012-2:26 PM custard
Jul-01-2012-2:30 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-01-2012-2:37 PM landmine
Jul-01-2012-2:41 PM several
Jul-01-2012-2:42 PM spruce
Jul-01-2012-2:45 PM millimeter
Jul-01-2012-2:57 PM burn
Jul-01-2012-2:58 PM lunge
Jul-01-2012-3:12 PM shade
Jul-01-2012-3:32 PM farther
Jul-01-2012-3:47 PM generally
Jul-01-2012-3:54 PM nathaniel
Jul-01-2012-3:55 PM defense
Jul-01-2012-4:05 PM *Spirit at approx. 2 yards
Jul-01-2012-4:05 PM camera
Jul-01-2012-4:06 PM attack
Jul-01-2012-4:10 PM planet
Jul-01-2012-4:25 PM meat
Jul-01-2012-4:25 PM sinaloa
Jul-01-2012-4:28 PM 1787
Jul-01-2012-4:50 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-01-2012-4:56 PM nobody
Jul-01-2012-5:05 PM 1838
Jul-01-2012-6:28 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-01-2012-6:46 PM trail
Jul-01-2012-6:53 PM came
Jul-01-2012-7:00 PM game
Jul-01-2012-7:08 PM *Spirit at approx. 6 yards
Jul-01-2012-7:08 PM 87
Jul-01-2012-7:20 PM straw
Jul-01-2012-8:09 PM board
Jul-01-2012-8:16 PM germany
Jul-01-2012-8:18 PM hand
Jul-01-2012-8:51 PM law
Jul-01-2012-8:57 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-01-2012-8:58 PM doll
Jul-01-2012-9:13 PM crop
Jul-01-2012-9:14 PM 1762
Jul-01-2012-9:29 PM *Spirit at approx. 4 yards
Jul-01-2012-9:30 PM raphaelle
Jul-01-2012-9:34 PM total
Jul-01-2012-9:41 PM *Spirit at approx. 5 yards
Jul-01-2012-9:41 PM 1826
Jul-01-2012-10:19 PM stiff
Jul-01-2012-10:29 PM 27
Jul-01-2012-10:33 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-02-2012-12:04 AM pigeon
Jul-02-2012-12:04 AM 58
Jul-02-2012-12:20 AM screen
Jul-02-2012-12:23 AM stomach
Jul-02-2012-12:35 AM *Spirit at approx. 4 yards
Jul-02-2012-12:35 AM 1749
Jul-02-2012-12:48 AM foundation
Jul-02-2012-1:09 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-02-2012-1:53 AM can
Jul-02-2012-1:54 AM *Spirit at approx. 6 yards
Jul-02-2012-1:59 AM *Spirit at approx. 9 yards
Jul-02-2012-1:59 AM shape
Jul-02-2012-2:43 AM 1823
Jul-02-2012-2:56 AM smith
Jul-02-2012-2:58 AM derek
Jul-02-2012-3:11 AM 1783
Jul-02-2012-3:21 AM mirror
Jul-02-2012-4:00 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-02-2012-4:00 AM thin
Jul-02-2012-4:02 AM margin
Jul-02-2012-4:03 AM corn
Jul-02-2012-4:05 AM 1633
Jul-02-2012-4:08 AM *Spirit at approx. 5 yards
Jul-02-2012-4:18 AM slave
Jul-02-2012-4:26 AM *Spirit at approx. 9 yards
Jul-02-2012-4:42 AM market
Jul-02-2012-5:01 AM environment
Jul-02-2012-5:33 AM two
Jul-02-2012-5:38 AM underwear
Jul-02-2012-5:45 AM *Spirit at approx. 3 yards
Jul-02-2012-5:45 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-02-2012-5:45 AM drink
Jul-02-2012-5:47 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-02-2012-5:47 AM ear
Jul-02-2012-5:50 AM *Spirit at approx. 8 yards
Jul-02-2012-5:51 AM possibility
Jul-02-2012-6:00 AM mix
Jul-02-2012-6:00 AM weren't
Jul-02-2012-6:04 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-02-2012-6:05 AM kangaroo
Jul-02-2012-9:04 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-02-2012-9:08 AM XPD Session Stopped
Jul-03-2012-10:56 PM XPD New session started
Jul-03-2012-11:05 PM single
Jul-03-2012-11:17 PM build
Jul-03-2012-11:38 PM *Spirit at approx. 5 yards
Jul-03-2012-11:38 PM steel
Jul-03-2012-11:43 PM louisiana
Jul-04-2012-12:12 AM toad
Jul-04-2012-12:26 AM all
Jul-04-2012-12:29 AM *Spirit at approx. 5 yards
Jul-04-2012-12:29 AM vegetarian
Jul-04-2012-12:31 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-1:00 AM circunstancia
Jul-04-2012-1:08 AM *Spirit at approx. 8 yards
Jul-04-2012-1:09 AM character
Jul-04-2012-1:29 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-1:30 AM way
Jul-04-2012-1:47 AM anyone
Jul-04-2012-1:48 AM them
Jul-04-2012-2:21 AM comfort
Jul-04-2012-2:26 AM sentence
Jul-04-2012-2:43 AM washington
Jul-04-2012-2:47 AM alexandre
Jul-04-2012-2:53 AM birth
Jul-04-2012-3:04 AM committee
Jul-04-2012-3:14 AM dream
Jul-04-2012-6:39 AM bare
Jul-04-2012-6:40 AM triangle
Jul-04-2012-6:51 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-6:52 AM pheasant
Jul-04-2012-7:16 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-7:35 AM *Spirit at approx. 4 yards
Jul-04-2012-7:35 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-7:43 AM slipper
Jul-04-2012-7:46 AM granddaughter
Jul-04-2012-7:56 AM 1714
Jul-04-2012-8:05 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-8:06 AM eyeliner
Jul-04-2012-8:16 AM *Spirit at approx. 6 yards
Jul-04-2012-8:19 AM 1513
Jul-04-2012-8:49 AM bead
Jul-04-2012-8:51 AM 1510
Jul-04-2012-9:02 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-9:02 AM 1981
Jul-04-2012-9:19 AM public
Jul-04-2012-9:24 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-9:24 AM itself
Jul-04-2012-9:25 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-9:25 AM yard
Jul-04-2012-9:30 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-9:30 AM eat
Jul-04-2012-9:37 AM half
Jul-04-2012-9:38 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-9:40 AM special
Jul-04-2012-9:56 AM joshua
Jul-04-2012-10:04 AM *Spirit at approx. 7 yards
Jul-04-2012-10:04 AM can
Jul-04-2012-10:15 AM tabasco
Jul-04-2012-10:18 AM willow
Jul-04-2012-10:23 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-10:23 AM meant
Jul-04-2012-10:35 AM corn
Jul-04-2012-10:45 AM *Spirit at approx. 4 yards
Jul-04-2012-10:50 AM pike
Jul-04-2012-11:20 AM poem
Jul-04-2012-11:42 AM umbrella
Jul-04-2012-12:03 PM acoustic
Jul-04-2012-12:17 PM 1950
Jul-04-2012-12:22 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-12:22 PM giant
Jul-04-2012-12:30 PM wind
Jul-04-2012-12:57 PM collision
Jul-04-2012-1:09 PM *Spirit at approx. 5 yards
Jul-04-2012-1:09 PM sad
Jul-04-2012-1:13 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-1:13 PM hate
Jul-04-2012-1:33 PM michoacan
Jul-04-2012-1:38 PM *Spirit at approx. 4 yards
Jul-04-2012-1:39 PM postage
Jul-04-2012-2:17 PM *Spirit at approx. 4 yards
Jul-04-2012-2:18 PM cut
Jul-04-2012-2:54 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-3:04 PM logan
Jul-04-2012-3:04 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-3:24 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-3:30 PM *Spirit at approx. 7 yards
Jul-04-2012-3:51 PM grasshopper
Jul-04-2012-3:52 PM 101
Jul-04-2012-4:04 PM george
Jul-04-2012-5:10 PM fair
Jul-04-2012-5:11 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-5:17 PM *Spirit at approx. 9 yards
Jul-04-2012-5:17 PM restaurant
Jul-04-2012-5:18 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-5:18 PM satisfied
Jul-04-2012-5:21 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-5:21 PM no
Jul-04-2012-5:25 PM stone
Jul-04-2012-5:33 PM *Spirit at approx. 8 yards
Jul-04-2012-5:34 PM disease
Jul-04-2012-5:46 PM *Spirit at approx. 10 yards
Jul-04-2012-5:46 PM mercury
Jul-04-2012-5:54 PM cracker
Jul-04-2012-6:01 PM instant
Jul-04-2012-6:44 PM year
Jul-04-2012-6:47 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-6:48 PM edouard
Jul-04-2012-6:56 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-7:44 PM labor
Jul-04-2012-8:09 PM perhaps
Jul-04-2012-8:12 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-8:12 PM grain
Jul-04-2012-8:28 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-8:28 PM year
Jul-04-2012-8:47 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-8:47 PM tablecloth
Jul-04-2012-8:49 PM important
Jul-04-2012-8:51 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-8:51 PM opinion
Jul-04-2012-8:56 PM beside
Jul-04-2012-9:04 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-9:05 PM whom
Jul-04-2012-9:14 PM drive
Jul-04-2012-9:47 PM take
Jul-04-2012-9:54 PM eye
Jul-04-2012-10:10 PM gallon
Jul-04-2012-10:33 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-10:33 PM add
Jul-04-2012-10:37 PM breath
Jul-04-2012-10:44 PM adult
Jul-04-2012-10:48 PM drink
Jul-04-2012-10:53 PM china
Jul-04-2012-11:03 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-11:03 PM which
Jul-04-2012-11:09 PM heat

Just an FYI, the words are supposedly what the "spirits" are saying. The other stuff is EM fields and supposedly spirits detected. Pretty interesting, some more than others. At least it's entertaining.
Was thinking maybe Athena, Octo and Kreeper could share to see if there are similarities.

07-04-2012, 11:28 PM #26
smart-ass Member
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(07-01-2012, 08:03 PM)Kreeper Wrote:  Mine just keeps laughing at me.

walking around nekid again were we?chuckle.gif

but seriously i 've seen this avaiable as an iphone app and also for android very cool

Beware of the booger eater he'snot full uhoh.gif
07-04-2012, 11:28 PM #27
Kreeper Griobhtha
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Mine said HOT DAMN HOT and then turned itself off.


I'll turn mine on and see. Mine wasn't picking up near that many words and most of them were at night.

Politicians hide themselves away
They only started the war
Why should they go out to fight?
They leave that role to poor
07-04-2012, 11:29 PM #28
Octo Mother Superior
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Yeah the growling is creepy damned.gif

Here's my ghost log:

Jun-30-2012-7:56 PM XPD New session started
Jun-30-2012-8:17 PM development
Jun-30-2012-8:47 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jun-30-2012-8:47 PM cheque
Jun-30-2012-8:48 PM *Spirit at approx. 5 yards
Jun-30-2012-8:48 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jun-30-2012-8:49 PM frame
Jun-30-2012-9:02 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jun-30-2012-9:25 PM coast
Jun-30-2012-9:29 PM watchmaker
Jun-30-2012-9:31 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jun-30-2012-9:46 PM flavor
Jun-30-2012-10:34 PM slide
Jun-30-2012-11:09 PM mexico
Jun-30-2012-11:10 PM note
Jun-30-2012-11:13 PM needle
Jun-30-2012-11:25 PM lucas
Jun-30-2012-11:30 PM *Spirit at approx. 2 yards
Jun-30-2012-11:30 PM education
Jun-30-2012-11:31 PM wonderful
Jun-30-2012-11:37 PM anyone
Jul-01-2012-12:18 AM perfectly
Jul-01-2012-12:21 AM pile
Jul-01-2012-12:39 AM 1830
Jul-01-2012-12:43 AM armenian
Jul-01-2012-12:57 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-01-2012-12:57 AM outer
Jul-01-2012-1:07 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-01-2012-1:07 AM 1757
Jul-01-2012-1:15 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-01-2012-1:24 AM mall
Jul-01-2012-1:30 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-01-2012-1:30 AM bubble
Jul-01-2012-1:30 AM lose
Jul-01-2012-1:46 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-01-2012-2:22 AM order
Jul-01-2012-2:59 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-01-2012-2:59 AM 1685
Jul-01-2012-3:03 AM keyboard
Jul-01-2012-3:14 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-01-2012-3:14 AM riddle
Jul-01-2012-3:17 AM *Spirit at approx. 8 yards
Jul-01-2012-3:17 AM robert
Jul-01-2012-3:35 AM field
Jul-01-2012-3:51 AM geese
Jul-01-2012-3:58 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-01-2012-4:03 AM number
Jul-01-2012-4:47 AM 1530
Jul-01-2012-4:51 AM apology
Jul-01-2012-4:55 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-01-2012-4:55 AM changing
Jul-01-2012-5:18 AM exchange
Jul-01-2012-5:24 AM eddy
Jul-01-2012-2:44 PM satin
Jul-01-2012-2:45 PM *Spirit at approx. 10 yards
Jul-01-2012-2:45 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-01-2012-2:56 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-01-2012-2:58 PM wish
Jul-01-2012-3:49 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-01-2012-4:52 PM multi-hop
Jul-01-2012-5:04 PM birds
Jul-01-2012-5:09 PM *Spirit at approx. 2 yards
Jul-01-2012-5:44 PM calm
Jul-01-2012-5:46 PM *Spirit at approx. 6 yards
Jul-01-2012-5:46 PM part
Jul-01-2012-6:02 PM manitoba
Jul-01-2012-6:05 PM slip
Jul-01-2012-6:12 PM tongue
Jul-01-2012-6:18 PM sphynx
Jul-01-2012-6:23 PM washer
Jul-01-2012-6:25 PM zoo
Jul-01-2012-6:30 PM format
Jul-01-2012-7:09 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-01-2012-7:48 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-01-2012-7:54 PM foundation
Jul-01-2012-8:52 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-01-2012-9:20 PM *Spirit at approx. 8 yards
Jul-01-2012-9:33 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-01-2012-9:34 PM swung
Jul-01-2012-10:28 PM belief
Jul-01-2012-10:28 PM side
Jul-01-2012-10:35 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-01-2012-11:46 PM *Spirit at approx. 4 yards
Jul-01-2012-11:46 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-01-2012-11:55 PM seaplane
Jul-01-2012-11:58 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-02-2012-12:27 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-02-2012-12:28 AM employer
Jul-02-2012-1:10 AM simply
Jul-02-2012-1:17 AM ophthalmologist
Jul-02-2012-1:19 AM 1598
Jul-02-2012-1:27 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-02-2012-1:27 AM rise
Jul-02-2012-1:36 AM chess
Jul-02-2012-1:43 AM brush
Jul-02-2012-1:53 AM mysterious
Jul-02-2012-1:55 AM patch
Jul-02-2012-1:56 AM manager
Jul-02-2012-2:30 AM charge
Jul-02-2012-2:37 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-02-2012-2:37 AM fireman
Jul-02-2012-2:47 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-02-2012-3:00 AM certainly
Jul-02-2012-3:16 AM season
Jul-02-2012-3:23 AM *Spirit at approx. 6 yards
Jul-02-2012-3:23 AM business
Jul-02-2012-3:38 AM cinema
Jul-02-2012-3:43 AM no
Jul-02-2012-3:45 AM james
Jul-02-2012-4:10 AM driver
Jul-02-2012-4:17 AM screw
Jul-02-2012-4:20 AM value
Jul-02-2012-4:26 AM ash
Jul-02-2012-4:30 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-02-2012-4:41 AM egypt
Jul-02-2012-4:49 AM kale
Jul-02-2012-4:50 AM football
Jul-02-2012-5:29 AM spleen
Jul-02-2012-12:28 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-02-2012-12:34 PM *Spirit at approx. 5 yards
Jul-02-2012-12:34 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-02-2012-12:34 PM 1927
Jul-02-2012-12:37 PM january
Jul-02-2012-12:44 PM destruction
Jul-02-2012-1:00 PM ex-husband
Jul-02-2012-1:02 PM language
Jul-02-2012-1:06 PM airbus
Jul-02-2012-1:22 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-02-2012-1:23 PM 1743
Jul-02-2012-1:30 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-02-2012-1:31 PM pride
Jul-02-2012-2:18 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-02-2012-2:32 PM fewer
Jul-02-2012-2:43 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-02-2012-2:49 PM ruth
Jul-02-2012-2:54 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-02-2012-2:57 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-02-2012-2:57 PM vowel
Jul-02-2012-2:58 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-02-2012-3:03 PM quiver
Jul-02-2012-3:38 PM arch
Jul-02-2012-3:46 PM wednesday
Jul-02-2012-4:14 PM den
Jul-02-2012-4:23 PM 1586
Jul-02-2012-4:49 PM *Spirit at approx. 9 yards
Jul-02-2012-4:50 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-02-2012-4:50 PM film
Jul-02-2012-4:52 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-02-2012-4:55 PM palm
Jul-02-2012-5:01 PM anybody
Jul-02-2012-5:16 PM *Spirit at approx. 5 yards
Jul-02-2012-5:16 PM thumb
Jul-02-2012-5:23 PM kevin
Jul-02-2012-5:38 PM character
Jul-02-2012-5:47 PM making
Jul-02-2012-5:49 PM juliette
Jul-02-2012-6:01 PM 46
Jul-02-2012-6:18 PM *Spirit at approx. 4 yards
Jul-02-2012-6:18 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-02-2012-6:19 PM 1877
Jul-02-2012-6:49 PM 31
Jul-02-2012-7:08 PM pimple
Jul-02-2012-7:09 PM occur
Jul-02-2012-7:19 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-02-2012-7:19 PM seldom
Jul-02-2012-7:27 PM timbale
Jul-02-2012-7:32 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-02-2012-7:46 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-02-2012-7:46 PM mini-skirt
Jul-02-2012-7:52 PM ludovic
Jul-02-2012-8:15 PM eventually
Jul-02-2012-8:16 PM eye
Jul-02-2012-8:32 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-02-2012-8:33 PM receipt
Jul-02-2012-9:12 PM offer
Jul-02-2012-9:14 PM *Spirit at approx. 4 yards
Jul-02-2012-9:14 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-02-2012-9:14 PM happy
Jul-02-2012-9:17 PM triangle
Jul-02-2012-9:18 PM began
Jul-02-2012-9:26 PM 7
Jul-02-2012-9:28 PM panda
Jul-02-2012-10:02 PM victor
Jul-02-2012-10:47 PM profit
Jul-02-2012-11:23 PM machine
Jul-02-2012-11:37 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-02-2012-11:37 PM 1706
Jul-02-2012-11:55 PM 16
Jul-02-2012-11:56 PM 1702
Jul-03-2012-12:12 AM equipment
Jul-03-2012-12:12 AM zephyr
Jul-03-2012-11:08 AM mill
Jul-03-2012-11:10 AM 1683
Jul-03-2012-11:15 AM *Spirit at approx. 8 yards
Jul-03-2012-11:26 AM school
Jul-03-2012-11:34 AM grasshopper
Jul-03-2012-11:35 AM novel
Jul-03-2012-12:17 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-03-2012-12:27 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-03-2012-12:28 PM lunge
Jul-03-2012-12:30 PM turkey
Jul-03-2012-2:40 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-03-2012-2:53 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-03-2012-2:53 PM protocol
Jul-03-2012-3:05 PM alaska
Jul-03-2012-3:22 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-03-2012-3:22 PM shirt
Jul-03-2012-3:53 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-03-2012-4:01 PM sponge
Jul-03-2012-4:03 PM wax
Jul-03-2012-4:17 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-03-2012-4:19 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-03-2012-4:20 PM capricorn
Jul-03-2012-4:24 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-03-2012-4:24 PM maxime
Jul-03-2012-4:35 PM throughout
Jul-03-2012-4:35 PM dinghy
Jul-03-2012-4:54 PM shoulder
Jul-03-2012-5:14 PM health
Jul-03-2012-5:17 PM fortnight
Jul-03-2012-5:21 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-03-2012-5:21 PM surfboard
Jul-03-2012-5:38 PM slept
Jul-03-2012-5:42 PM stomach
Jul-03-2012-6:09 PM *Spirit at approx. 4 yards
Jul-03-2012-6:09 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-03-2012-6:40 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-03-2012-6:45 PM brian
Jul-03-2012-6:50 PM bone
Jul-03-2012-6:51 PM XPD Session Stopped
Jul-03-2012-10:52 PM XPD New session started
Jul-03-2012-10:56 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-03-2012-10:58 PM cuerpo
Jul-03-2012-11:03 PM tune
Jul-03-2012-11:14 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-03-2012-11:47 PM boat
Jul-04-2012-12:08 AM *Spirit at approx. 6 yards
Jul-04-2012-12:08 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-12:15 AM town
Jul-04-2012-1:16 AM smile
Jul-04-2012-1:17 AM *Spirit at approx. 3 yards
Jul-04-2012-1:22 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-7:10 AM *Spirit at approx. 5 yards
Jul-04-2012-7:10 AM criminal
Jul-04-2012-7:24 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-7:35 AM *Spirit at approx. 3 yards
Jul-04-2012-7:36 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-7:45 AM korean
Jul-04-2012-8:21 AM selection
Jul-04-2012-8:22 AM party
Jul-04-2012-9:11 AM king
Jul-04-2012-9:43 AM jellyfish
Jul-04-2012-9:44 AM 1603
Jul-04-2012-9:46 AM scissors
Jul-04-2012-9:47 AM acrylic
Jul-04-2012-10:19 AM palm
Jul-04-2012-10:21 AM trowel
Jul-04-2012-10:39 AM dried
Jul-04-2012-10:54 AM almanac
Jul-04-2012-10:56 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-10:57 AM *Spirit at approx. 9 yards
Jul-04-2012-10:58 AM steel
Jul-04-2012-10:58 AM mount
Jul-04-2012-11:12 AM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-11:22 AM farm
Jul-04-2012-11:43 AM saddle
Jul-04-2012-11:52 AM coke
Jul-04-2012-12:10 PM indiana
Jul-04-2012-12:11 PM exact
Jul-04-2012-12:13 PM experience
Jul-04-2012-12:23 PM continued
Jul-04-2012-12:35 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-12:38 PM coach
Jul-04-2012-12:38 PM coil
Jul-04-2012-12:46 PM 1929
Jul-04-2012-1:34 PM 1596
Jul-04-2012-1:38 PM rich
Jul-04-2012-1:53 PM locket
Jul-04-2012-1:55 PM *Spirit at approx. 4 yards
Jul-04-2012-1:56 PM penalty
Jul-04-2012-2:03 PM eight
Jul-04-2012-2:07 PM ryan
Jul-04-2012-2:14 PM ourselves
Jul-04-2012-2:29 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-2:34 PM hardcover
Jul-04-2012-2:45 PM is
Jul-04-2012-2:48 PM jeremy
Jul-04-2012-2:51 PM *Spirit at approx. 9 yards
Jul-04-2012-2:55 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-3:24 PM company
Jul-04-2012-3:27 PM next
Jul-04-2012-3:29 PM cloth
Jul-04-2012-3:34 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-3:42 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-3:44 PM asleep
Jul-04-2012-3:57 PM clover
Jul-04-2012-4:15 PM evening
Jul-04-2012-4:18 PM *Spirit at approx. 2 yards
Jul-04-2012-4:31 PM scene
Jul-04-2012-4:32 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-4:47 PM straw
Jul-04-2012-4:54 PM cymbal
Jul-04-2012-5:00 PM ex-husband
Jul-04-2012-5:26 PM radio
Jul-04-2012-5:32 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-5:38 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-5:54 PM *Spirit at approx. 4 yards
Jul-04-2012-5:54 PM zone
Jul-04-2012-6:03 PM room
Jul-04-2012-6:36 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-6:50 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-6:50 PM dime
Jul-04-2012-6:55 PM *Spirit at approx. 4 yards
Jul-04-2012-6:55 PM group
Jul-04-2012-7:01 PM cartoon
Jul-04-2012-7:02 PM sense
Jul-04-2012-7:05 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-7:05 PM aloud
Jul-04-2012-7:09 PM bagpipe
Jul-04-2012-7:37 PM number
Jul-04-2012-7:38 PM bridge
Jul-04-2012-7:55 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-7:55 PM very
Jul-04-2012-8:06 PM julien
Jul-04-2012-8:20 PM promotion
Jul-04-2012-8:21 PM 1802
Jul-04-2012-8:26 PM victoria
Jul-04-2012-8:49 PM noun
Jul-04-2012-8:59 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-9:09 PM *Spirit at approx. 3 yards
Jul-04-2012-9:25 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-9:25 PM point
Jul-04-2012-9:36 PM *Spirit at approx. 3 yards
Jul-04-2012-9:37 PM goal
Jul-04-2012-9:37 PM grain
Jul-04-2012-10:05 PM thus
Jul-04-2012-10:06 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-10:09 PM eggplant
Jul-04-2012-10:48 PM *High R-Flux detected
Jul-04-2012-11:05 PM frederique

07-04-2012, 11:37 PM #29
Kreeper Griobhtha
Posts:10,759 Threads:710 Joined:Feb 2011
How close together are your computers? Close enough they should be picking up the same words?

Politicians hide themselves away
They only started the war
Why should they go out to fight?
They leave that role to poor
07-04-2012, 11:39 PM #30
Kreeper Griobhtha
Posts:10,759 Threads:710 Joined:Feb 2011
(07-04-2012, 11:28 PM)smart-ass Wrote:  
(07-01-2012, 08:03 PM)Kreeper Wrote:  Mine just keeps laughing at me.

walking around nekid again were we?chuckle.gif

but seriously i 've seen this avaiable as an iphone app and also for android very cool

Hell no.


The angel Gabriel came to me and told me I was no longer allowed to be nude unless I am taking a shower. It seems several angels fell off their clouds laughing...


Politicians hide themselves away
They only started the war
Why should they go out to fight?
They leave that role to poor



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