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People Who Look Like Their Pets
03-19-2014, 07:29 PM #1
Ruby Wolf Member
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Mans best friend?

Yeah right okay gimme a break!

Cuz i sure need one this is really just too damn much!

Seriously like wtf now i'm wondering if its conscious or subconscious emulation?!

If i was dating one of these women (preferably the one on the right) (dream on) and i rang her front door and it opened and i saw her dog standing there would i even know the friggin difference?!

If i was going out with one of these women (preferably the one on the right) (dream on) and i walked out into her back yard and her dog came running up to me so happy to see me with its tail wagging and its drooling tongue hanging out slobbering all over while jumping up on me begging for affection would i even be able to tell who the f##k was who?!

Hey who knows like maybe its their dog whos emulating them in hopes of getting more (i'll keep acting like i like you as long you keep feeding me) yummy treats?!

What you are i was,what i am you will be,so it wont be very long before the lady on the right morphs into the lady on the left (her mother most likely) so get it while its hot...

"Dont cry,just calm down honey,its okay,see here,everythings all right now,i found another brush so we all can groom each others hair at the same time while everyones looking at us taking our pictures for the next issue of tame a wild man weekly"

Ha Haa Haaa Haaaa Haaaaa Haaaaaa Haaaaaaa Haaaaaaaa (*-*)


03-19-2014, 08:33 PM #2
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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1971,,,,,,, as it was :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

""" He was the Guy with the bags under his eyes , always staring out ,
into night time skies ,,

Her , with eyes of deep turquoise , those kind that trance you , and you fall
into them .

I , I was the teenager , shine to the smile , that could open cracks into the darkest
corners of a persons mind ,,

left to my center and below my elbow , midway between chin and lip
sat " Satire " ,,,, whom everyone loved , as I would have , if i only trusted
a little more .

Satire sang always ,,, everywhere she went ,, walked like a poem ,,, seeking it's
end .

Constant was the happiness ,, nothing brings good souls down for long .

Thoughts were exchanged for no price , just given and received politely ,,
even donned seedlings of truth here and there .

Eye of Bags , once flipped a gaze suddenly , in my direct position ,,
and , as a reply verbally , was not required ,, I simply complied to the request
and handed over another grin ,, with rainbows for garnishes .

Too deep eyes smiled back my way , and I knew we loved each other , but distantly .

I wonder now , whether we should have indulged our desires for one another ,,,

but no , some things are simply fated to predestine , and it is as it should have been .

Ms. Sexy little ass , walked with a swagger whenever she saw me around ,,
She like to Temp the pretty boys ,, just to with hold the favors and watch their reactions .

Comets fall ,,, Stars shoot ,,, and simple minds ,,, well they just muse through ,,
wondering ,,,
always wondering ,, never thinking ,,, just wondering .

Now , as then , I seldom fear that turn of the page ,, however , this one turn ,,
tossed an image , i was not prepared for ,,,

The Verse went :

" I don't know ,,,,,,,,,, but I've been told ,,,

if you dance all day ,,,, you'll never grow old ,,,,

and ,,
Just as often ,,, I've heard it said ,,,

if you don't dance at all child ,,,

you may as well be dead "

~~~~~ End ~~~~

No one complained ,, but we changed the color anyway ,,,
from a rusty primer red ,,,
to bright sky blue ,,,

we added chrome rims and fat tires ,,,
and christianed her ,,,,

" Soquillity "

She was a '56 , GMC Panel delivery ,,, waiting for Love to bring her back to
youth ,,

Souleyes added an 8 track ,, and some bootleg live shows ,,

I put the carpet in and we used recliners for seats ,, straight out of the living room ,,
the love seat was two and one half inches too long ,,

so we ,, well , no one liked those chairs anyway .

On the eve that an electrical storm swamped L.A. ,, we endeavored the first road trip
in her ,,,

and found we had forgot to check the wiper blades ,,

nothing I could see ,,, so I pulled over and waited for the storm to drop a little ,,

Cops eying us with disdain ,, but left us alone , for fear they may be coerced into
helping us ,,,

Turquoise eyes warmed my ears with her whisper and a few sweet sighs ,,,,,
love touched that small nerve in the joint between your heart and mind ,,
and the touch became a solid state grab on me .

Light bulbs began to pop out all over the sky above the Sea ,,, the waves sounded ,,
and further I lapsed into her breathing on my neck ,,,

I was done ,,, over done ,,,
and sad eyes began to find reasons for leaving the road for the night .
03-21-2014, 05:30 AM #3
Ruby Wolf Member
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