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Picture This : A Counter-Culture Life
02-06-2019, 08:33 PM #1
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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I'm Riding the Motorcycle down a Major Blvd.

Odd , but the Bike seems to be sitting still ,, and the Road seems to be revolving beneath the Tires
as though it's the Earth spinning beneath , rather than the Bike Wheels spinning over the Road .

There's a Faint distant Voice calling out my Name as I look around at the Passenger Cars and the Occupants
surrounding me in this crowded Traffic ,, Rooooggggggeeeeeerrrrrrr ,,,,,,

My Name ? The Thought invades , that an examination of the meaning to attaching Names to everything ,,

Why Roger ? I think ,, and why does this weird word create a self Delusional Identity , when all it is , is a Word ,
a Noise , a Sound ,, not an Actual Physical Persona , unless I create an Identity for the Word .

You see , The Id is being set before the Panel of the Minds various perceptions ,,, a Jury , of the pockets within the Mind ,
that seldom are called forth for a Trial of the Soul .

I instantly realize that I am connected to all those other Faces around me , I am a Fractal Unit of the " Whole " just
as they are .
We are all the Same , each a Molecule , if blended properly ,, we have the ability to " Grow " and " Become "
the Energy of Positiveness ,,,

Humanity ,
it's a word , but at that instance , I could see the Ball of Light that it should be , a Light that would Light up
our Universe , displacing the Shadows of Darkness , allowing us to see " What " we are , rather than " Who " we think
we are .

As I smile at the Folks in their Cars around me , there are a few that do not Smile Back , they instead , scowl ,,,
and I think : " Ah Ha , You don't see the Connection do you ? "
That we're all a Unit of the Same Ball of Energy and we can connect , and create a Heaven on Earth if we
would just allow ourselves to >>>>>-----> " See "

That's the " Divide and Conquer " System , Implemented for thousands of years , probably the " Satan Factor "
of those among us that must control more than themselves .

The Worms and Pigs of Humanity , the Theatrics employed by them , creates a Wall between us All .

The Traffic Light turns Green , I let out the Clutch and the Earth rolls itself under the Wheels again ,,,
More of this Movie is now back to unfolding before my staid eyes , I'm motionless ,,, it's the World that's Moving under and
around me .

The Street is not inanimate ,,, it's alive and Breathing , Happy to assist in my viewing of scenes that roll
across my vision .

At an instant again ,,, I realize that my Body is not me , not me , anymore than that Name " Roger "

The Body , is a Container , a simple " Jar ' To reside in and Travel with , in a Physical World in constant Flux ,
yet sitting very still while the Film that is the " Real It " rolls along before me .

The Name is a False Identity , as in , a Handle by which to perceive myself apart from all other Energy ,
as an Individual energy with no connection to any other source of energy .

Bad Juju , I wonder who thought it up , this disconnect syndrome , this " Us against Them " Fallacy .

This Our Team against Your Team , Tribal Warfare Script we are Brainwashed into believing to be
a " True Reality " .

I became ashamed at that , I could see the Fallacy , and I had stooped to being controlled enough to
support the " Theatrical Exploit of Humanity " .

The Shame ,,, and then it became clear , " If I felt ashamed " then I wasn't " Darkness " I was actually " The Light " that
we all are as long as we maintain our being and deflect the assaults against us .

The Sun Sets in the West ,, until the Poles Shift 90* ,,, but until that transpires , The Sun setting in the West , is perhaps
the one thing we can depend on as " Real " in this Theatrical , Scripted so called " Normal World "

The Mushrooms Proved that the Reality was actually a Cloak and Dagger Operation .

I was now " Free ! "

~~~~ Intermission ~~~~

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02-06-2019, 09:08 PM #2
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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It was the Time of Experimenting with Altered Thought Possessing , The Days of the Beatniks , Bohemians , Hippies .

I reaad the Counter Culture Books ,,,

" The Doors of Perception "
" The Crack in the Cosmic Egg "
" The Teachings of Don Juan "
" The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test "
"On the Road "
" Be here Now "
" The Pursuit of Loneliness "

Through all there was to learn ,,, Time and Duty , had to step aside , I was on a Quest to find a Key to the
Mystery ,,,

You see , as a Child , at the beginning of my understanding words and ,,,

well , it was from that moment , that I was just Blown away with the conditions and the way it was all set up .

The Reality I was Born into ,,, didn't have ,,, it didn't f_cking make a bit of Logical Sense Man , it was a Crazy Ass World "
and I was somehow going to find out what made it that ,,,

It just didn't make sense that people should pay for an Abode to reside in , that ,,, that ,,, you had to have this
thing called Money ,,,
F_CK ! you couldn't even eat without it ,,, everything COST something , and the Other Units around me ,
stole from each other , and cackled about it ,,,

the big WTF Sign was sticking out of my Head ,

at 3 years of Age , I was so blown away , I made a Comment that would stick with me the rest of my life ,,,

" F-ck it Man ,, let's give it back to the Dinosaurs "

I mean , look , we may think of them as lower that us on the " Consciousness Elemental Chart "
But are we kidding ?
They at the least didn't attempt to take control of everything on the Planet ,

Everything and Everybody ,,,

and what we cannot Control , we Destroy .

where did that " Power over Others " bullsh_t come from anyway "

Ok , then there's this Religion Stuff that was presented .

" You'll Burn in Hell forever and ever "

I was 5 , my older Sister had a Bible in Hand and slammed me with that " FEAR " Puppet .

Dude , I was scared sh_tless by her stunt ,,, Talk about Trauma Man , and later in Life ,
I could understand how that " Tool " was used to Manipulate the People in the Past , how it was ,
that they could Condone Burning People at the Stake ,,,

but I never could get free of that " scared " pocket she set inside me as a child ,,,

not until that is ,,,

I took the Ride .

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02-06-2019, 09:46 PM #3
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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You see ?

At that young age , the mind is developing an absorption of Data about it's environment ,
it's like a clean hard drive being filled with a new Software Man .

I was finding out from the influences of the Inviroment , and the " False Reality " of the older people
around me ,,,
" That you can enjoy life , but it has Borders to trap you within . "

" The Box "

stay within the lines , or we punish you .

The Bible Thump at age 5 , triggered " Fear "

I would later , through experimenting , come to realize that it was that tool " FEAR " was the basic control
that caused us to remain in the " Control Borders " as a Slave to the " Power Over Others " Team of Worms .

But before the Ride , I was so f_cking controlled and confused , that my self awareness became a " False Identity "
that desired a cure .

Rebellion would have to wait until I was big enough to fight back at the " Bully " Techniques of a Society
that was more a " Spiritual Death Camp " than a Pleasant Beautiful World of Happiness .

All the Books , self help and others , could never cure anyone , you see , those are by writers whose
" Perceptions " are not exactly anymore valid than any single other persons .

This is an Inner Journey , Inner View I call it , that finds the " Truth " on it's own and in it's own experiences
as conveyance .

" Who Wrote this f_cked up Script anyway , and why are we going along with this Acting ? "

FEAR , was a partial answer ,

the possibility of losing " Personal Comfort " was another reason .

Ah , the Selfishness of the False Self Identity ,,, sure ,,, who'd want to step out of that Position ?

why be anything but self enhancing ,,, even if it makes your life sad , it's secure ,,, right ?

The Picture was losing it's shroud of Darkness ,,,, I was reverting back into my true essence , after all
the Hammering and abuse with the " Fake " parameters ,,,,

no doubt in doing so , I was attracting Hostile attention .

It was the Time of Revolution ,,, we were breaking the Hate Code .

It was a Ride , and Experiment , and the results were positive .

Sadly , Disco and the Personal Silver Coke Spoon , came along to change my compatriots back into Slaves .

But that's way down the time line ,
for now ,,,
I'll attempt to outline the " Tools " of Escape .

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02-06-2019, 10:29 PM #4
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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In the Exchange from the Red Head to the Brunette ,,,
I met this Older Woman in her late Twenties , she was from the Bay Area , and " TRIPPY "

I lived at The Beach , it was down on the Sand like Bumps on a Log , that she Pulled for her Bag , this cool
looking Book ,,
She Handed it to me , saying : " Sweetie , you're a seeker ,, this is a Good Book for you ,,, "

I read the Title : " Brave new World "

Hmmm , cool , I'll gawk it over Girl "

Merridee was like this type that loved to explore intellectually , everything .

Philosophy , not the Classics , the Alternate , the Personal of the Folks she would meet , she had no Borders Man .

and she was SEXY ,,, YUM !

so everyday , we spent all our time together , discussing , stretching the Bubble ,, bursting it ,
Inner View was tapped into as we explored Meaning and Nature of ,,, well ,,, existence of everything .

Problem arose when she began to become too attached to me ,,, romantically I mean .

That Song Lyric of that period : Hold on Loosely ,,, but don't let go ,,, if you cling too tightly , you're going to
loose Control "

A Note on that is : " Love , is the Child of Freedom "

Defined ?

Well , Love is Born out of a Person , for another Person , if they are not made to feel Trapped and controlled by them "

Eh ?
Losing Control , well , that's another affliction , isn't it ?

So anyway ,,, we were perfect together , as Friends with sex . we stimulated each others Intellects , molded
Perceptions together , gave and received " Thought " , shared the Ride Together as we may think .

Her Book , Brave New World , hit me in the Pituitary Like a Wave washing clean a dirty Lens .

This Dude can Verbalize what I know , but cannot quite describe in Words ,,, Man ,, thank you Merr ,,,

That Book was Prophesy Man ,, if you read it back then , read it now , you'll see it man .

All the Elements that Turn a Society into a " Slave Cave " are outlined in the Book , and has become our Living
Standard today .

Eh ?

So , there reveals in every point of light , a small sparkle , that just hits and takes you into the " All " when they are
blessed by you , to be molded together and set in your Perceptions .

You become what you were , not what you tried to be .
02-08-2019, 10:10 AM #5
UniqueStranger Art in my heart
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Quote:Love is born into every human being; it calls back the halves of our original nature together; it tries to make one out of two and heal the wound of human nature.
02-08-2019, 06:38 PM #6
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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~~~ Song ~~~

Bunch of Sweaty Betty's moving so slow
they almost come to a Stop

Bunch of " TOO Old Griping Buzzards
all on Geritol ,,,
all about to Drop ,,,

Too Fat to Dance
Too Old for Romance

Old Dogs that Can't shake their Fleas

Crippled up with New Plastic Knees ,,,,
riding Electric Carts through a Store
Tell me Man ,, just WTF are you living for ?

Afraid to miss another Day of your Pain ?

Are you afraid of your Next World ?

Tell me Man ,,
why hang onto That Dead old Carcass you're dying in ?

Let it Drop , let it go ,,, get out of it
Don't keep replacing your inner parts

just let go Man

Drop Dead already ,
you damned scared Old Farts ,,,,

I see you stopped and Drooling on yourself
what the " F " ?
Waiting for a New Body ?
Do they make 'em , keep 'em stored on a Shelf ?

Sh_t ,, you'd just bloat it up " FAT " with Comfort Food

go drop dead already

stop being so Rude
you selfish old dead Souls ,,,

the World Needs the Space for Youngsters
Gawd Dammit ,,,
give it up ,,, you selfish ass Trolls ,,,

Always in need of Med's and Care

ya Can't get out of Bed
nor even wash your own Hair

Your Body is Dead , your Mind too

get out of it ,,

ah f_ck , there ya go with another Drool ,,,

Sh_t your Pants ?

Oh , Adult Diaper ya say ,

well Die asswipe ,, maybe you'll get a Baby Body
in your next Run
and have a cause to ,,,
wear those Diapers ,, wouldn't that be FUN ?!!!!,,

Bunch of Sweaty Betty's moving so slow
they almost come to a Stop

Give it up Man ,, would you just go on ahead and DROP ???!!!

I can't get around you in a Store

you're so old and slow ,,,

and That FAT , takes up all the space
on the Floor ,,

you STOP in Doorways ,, gawd knows why
your Fat ass even Blocks out the Sky

I can't get in , and Can't get out

Big Fat Dumb OLD CROW ,,
what do you believe your life's about ?

To live so long you shrink , forgetting every thing you know ?

Ya so old ya Fart Dust
and your Tit's give Evaporated Milk

Ya Sneeze a Cobweb with every step ya take
Ya go Bald , and then wear a Hat

what the hell do you believe will cover your Fat ?

A Mumu big as Tent ?

Get OUT dammit , your times already been spent ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Never live so long , that it's hard to pick you out in a Room full of PRUNES !

hee hee ,,,
02-08-2019, 07:44 PM #7
UniqueStranger Art in my heart
Posts:15,718 Threads:473 Joined:Jun 2012
As long as I can keep enjoying my life and taking the good stuff (painkillers and legal marijuana), I won't be giving it up any time soon.
02-08-2019, 07:57 PM #8
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Ya see ,,,

it was the Time of a Vile War

Draft was an Abduction of Young People ,

Force through Extortion and Threat
to put on a Uniform ,, grab a Gun

go 8,000 miles away , Kill and Die ,,, for the Industrialist to earn Profits .

We were being enslaved for Elitist and Dictators to Make more Money .

The " Military Gray Consciousness " That arose with the Winning of World Wars ,,,

had to be demolished , we had to fight that Heinous Thought Process and Move ourselves
into a World ,,,
where Love and Peace was Valued more than Profits .

We were Kicking Ass too .

We Countered the Military / Industrial / Congressional Cartel , with spreading the Word
that is was alright to love each other .

To Share , enjoy Peace and Love , to NOT Fear .

Brave .

but called Cowards ,

Ahem , we risked our lives on Home Soil Man ,,, our freedom , and we're Cowards ?

We wouldn't bend Man , we didn't allow the Elite to use us , we'd rather go into their Jails , then
to be afraid and just follow the Death Squad Program .

That , is BRAVE .
02-08-2019, 08:08 PM #9
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Picture This :

We had Trust , Generosity , Love , Open Minds , and Soft Hearts .

We could Hitch Hike with very little problem .

We understood , that we didn't have to hate or fear .

we were Becoming , and it was working .

We somehow , in some dysfunctional way ,,, caused change in the World ,, and we didn't even know
how or what to do , to make it work .

We didn't take classes in it , ya see , we just had to rationalize it out some way , and then do it .

It wasn't a Trend to Pretend , we got on people who tried that , saying : " Get Real Man , or get out of the Way "

Few of us are Survivors that never sold out to the ,,,,

" War is good for Business " heinous C.I.A. flood of Cocaine and Disco Plot to bring us back into the Fold .

Personally , though I may have change a little for a few years ,,
I threw that change away and Returned to the Magic we were .

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02-08-2019, 08:35 PM #10
UniqueStranger Art in my heart
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Selling out is a totally individual perspective.

Also, the only way you will find prunes in my room will be if you bite into one of my homemade bran muffins; a nice surprise in the middle.

And, mumu's allow naked freedom under a thin veil. Freedom is also an individual perspective.
02-08-2019, 10:00 PM #11
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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and all the while ,,, there's that Tiny Voice in my head , screaming out : " Rrrrrrrooooggggeeeerrr ! "

The Next Red Light , The Bike's Vibration gave a companion feel to the Octaves of that tiny Voice ,,

it became song ,, Wind past my ear lobes , gave a Flute Like addition to the Jam .

The Voice added a couple more lyrics : " Rrrrrooogggeeerrr ,,,, come back !!!! "

it took on a Beat of :::::

" Come Back
Rogere Come Back
Come back Roger come back ,,,

Roger won't you please come back ,,,

come back
come back
Roger Come Back ,,,

we can't stand to lose you Roger ,,,,,

Alas , too late for that Old has been Military Gray voice that was installed through
the F_cked up Culture I was a Victim of ,,,

I would not be coming back ,, and it could scream itself to death ,,,,

I was now dancing to that Different Drummer for life and beyond .

as I left the Intersection , I stood up on the Pegs ,,, and then the Seat with hands on the Bars ,,

I let go ,,,

amazed , but I knew I could Surf the Bike just as I did my Board ,,,

FREEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee WEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Horns joined in the Band ,,,, Honk ,,,, HOOOONNNNNNNKKKKK !!!!

I laughed harder and kept swirving the Bike with my Hips ,,, AWESOME OTTO THE GREAT ,,,

I screamed it with Mad Laughter in my inflections ,,,,

Felt a Blessing to break the " Normal " confines Man ,,, felt Bitchen and I was gonna Maintain that High for life
if I could .

" F_ck the Law " I screamed as I passed a Cop and the driver he had pulled over ,,

I watched as he ran to get into his Cruiser ,,,

I laughed as I watched ,,, then said : " Catch this Bird mudder facker , and grabbed my Crotch and shook it "

No , he didn't catch me , I took a Pedestrian Bridge across the River ,,,,

he'd have to circle almost half a Mile to a Road that crossed , by that time ,,,

I was 4 miles away riding the Motorcycle on the Boardwalk ,,, Mocking other Cops .

They didn't even try to chase me ,, too many People on the Boardwalk .

There's a Ring of shades that come about 30 minutes into a Mushy Ride ,,
and everything takes on enhanced Hues during that period in the Ride .

" I tot I taw a puddy Tat ,,, I did,,, I really did "

That damn Cartoon for some reason popped into my head when those Hues came on ,,,

Laughed and Laughed ,,, and I just stopped and laid the Bike down ,,

hit the Kill switch and went to Mush with Laughter .

In Order to Change ,,,, you MUST DESTROY !!!!!

I was so busy destroying that " False Id " I never noticed when it was totally gone , and then I thought ::::

" What did I do to get it to die ? "

How'd I do it ????

Ya know , I could never tell people how it was done or how to do it , nor how to recall what
they were like before they Killed that Phony Person they were conditioned to be .

Maybe the Mind felt it a self defense to not know how it was done , it may one day try and reverse
the Process ,,, and that wouldn't be good ya know .

Sometimes we forget , so we can protect ourselves , sometimes we remember to forget other things ,,,

just so we have an excuse to ease our mind of self guilt .

and other times ,,,

we just be .

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02-08-2019, 10:24 PM #12
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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I was never into those " Protest and Rally's " people who collected together with signs and speeches
down at City Hall and the College Campuses ,

you see , to me , that was the same consciousness as those they were trying to overthrow .

That " Us against them Military Tribal Warfare bullsh_t that I despised .

My Gig was to " Be " counter and " Give " by personal example in a True Being of Peace and Love to
friends family and strangers .

Just " Be " and give words on a personal contact situation .

share love , was easy when the Fear was broken .

I didn't need to Hoist and sign and scream Moto's , I could be Naturally loving , live it rather than " Speech it "
in an Organized Group .

a word on that , there were places we always loved because those seemed so Magical to us .

Today , when I visit those sites , that Magic is gone from them .

you see , we were the Magic that made those sites Magical Man .

when we lost our Magic , those sites lost the people who brought Magic there .

I go there to those sites , a smile from the Memories , in some , it's all tourist now , and Policed
like a Secured Market Place .

grumps everywhere Man ,, but when I walk through them with that smile , the faces begin to change to smiles .

We have Magic Man , where'd ya store yours ?

Pull it out , dust it off ,, the World deserves you and needs you man .

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Octo nli Show this Post
02-08-2019, 10:48 PM #13
Octo nli Incognito
(02-08-2019, 10:10 AM)UniqueStranger Wrote:  
Quote:Love is born into every human being; it calls back the halves of our original nature together; it tries to make one out of two and heal the wound of human nature.

I agree with Plato, but feel it's more complex than that. I think the great unification theory is going to unresolved until you factor in love.
02-08-2019, 11:13 PM #14
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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" F_ck the Law "

" I screamed as I passed a Cop and the Driver he had pulled over " lmao.gif

Screamed it at Him , while standing on the Seat of my Motorcycle and Surfing past them .

Sad part , I'd of loved to have seen me while I did it Man .

but , all I got to see of me was that Bluish Hue of a Shadow of mine .

There's that bright yet heavy burden of Being a " Funny kinda Guy " among your friends man .

it is a Burden man , but the kind you just love to Bare ,,,

I was Always a Fashion Felon , and Always a Crazy Type of Freaking Funny ,,

A Man with a Carnival in his Mind at all times .

No Telling what I'd say at any situation , but ya always knew , it'd bust ya up laughing .

As a Person ,

ya don't always get to be what ya want to be ,,,,

But you will always turn out to be what you deserve to be .

Nope , I didn't like The Protestors that Organized together and made " Speeches "

Know what that looks like ?

it looks like " Ego " screaming look at me .

Know what a Prank of yelling " F-ck the Law " at a Cop , while riding by on a Motorcycle , standing
on it's seat looks like ?well , judging from my Shadow as I did it ,,,

It looks pretty Funny ,

judging by the Faces of people who watched me ,,, they agree .

Judging by the look on that Cop's Face ,,,,

well there's that Different Perspective that Unique Mentioned rofl.gif
02-08-2019, 11:44 PM #15
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:10,569 Threads:240 Joined:Feb 2011
Juxtaposed :

What yesteryear was as for Politicians , was all of them were on the exact same agenda man .

Make Themselves and the Military/Industrial Complex , lots of Money .

Today , it's a Divide , a huge Gap between Dems and re-pubes , they are fighting each other
in that age old Human Fault of " Us against Them " tribal warfare bullsh_t that Brought about the Fall
of all Civilizations ,,, like Rome , we're Burning as Nero Fiddles away Man .

Take the people now

75% are apathetic and have their Psyche meds to numb themselves with .

then there's those so called Justice Warriors who are busy in a very Hateful way , of calling everyone else a Hater .

Divide and Conquer has some really easy to see elements in it .

and , it always works man .

The U.S. is in a Total Clusterfrick Man .

if we were cohesive with each other , as we were beginning to become back in the day of Counter Culture ,,,
we'd probably make it .

We ain't got a F_cking Prayer now though .

The American Culture is now too selfish , I , me , mine , snivel , complain , call each other names ,
everybody's a Fat Sad Cow , and stuck in the Bag of " Bitch , Moan , Gripe and Complain "

about their Entitled Lives that no other People on the Planet have .

" Give me a Wall "


" Give us Socialism "


Huh ?

I mean , who is it that's asking : " Give us LOVE " ?

The " Haves " and the " Have Nots " have a much Larger Gap between them than back in the Day .

Homeless is now the Norm , due to Greed as never seen in the U.S. before . ,,,,,,

Juxtaposed ,,,,

See the results of having everybody at each others throats ?

see ?

F_cking Pharmes and desperation is now the Mind Control of America .

I can't help you if all you can do is call me a Hater with that Hate of me in your Eyes .


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