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Psychic Dimensions Of Unidentified Flying Objects
07-26-2014, 06:08 PM #1
Ruby Wolf Member
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Quote: The Tibetans describe them as phantoms; they are “nirmita” and “nirmana” meaning, beings who were built or constructed. The term tulpa was rendered into English and is defined as “thought form.”

What does this have to do with UFOs? Maybe everything, or at least, it may be a large piece of the enigmatic puzzle, as we explore this enormous UFO phenomenon.

How many sightings and encounters with aliens, are reported to be with beings who float above the ground and glow from an internal source? How many paranormal experiences have been reported which feature a translucent form, male or female (nirmita or nirmana), levitating over the bed? How many UFOs themselves seem to glow, shimmer, change form entirely, and then just disappear?

Could an alien race have mastered the ability to create thought forms? Or perhaps they have had this ability for many eons on their planet or in their home dimension; perhaps evolution simply bestowed it on them.

After all, Buddhism has long taught that accomplished priests and holy men can create thought forms called tulpas. This phenomenon is documented better than many paranormal phenomena are documented. Is it a leap to assume aliens might have this ability?

Tibetan Tulpas and Alien Thought Forms > http://ufodigest.com/article/tibetan-tul...ught-forms


Quote: We are in no position to absolutely rule out the possibility that the earth has been or is being visited by one or more extraterrestrial humanlike races.

However, it is estimated that there may have been over a million UFO landings in the past half century a number that far exceeds the requirements for a sophisticated survey of our planet.

Moreover, a single, small probe orbiting 1000 miles above the earth would be able to capture in a few weeks most of the important facts about the planet’s geography, weather, vegetation and culture.

The majority of UFOs are unexplained lightforms that often seem to be living, conscious entities. Most of them probably emerge into visibility from the ethereal realms interpenetrating our physical world, and are able to change their shape, size and density.

There are also sightings of apparently structured craft that behave at times like solid physical objects, but are also capable of suddenly appearing, disappearing, and changing shape. The possibility that genuine extraterrestrials who have evolved on other physical planets or even on nonphysical planets are visiting earth cannot be ruled out.

However, the incredible diversity of entities and their often weird and eccentric behavior suggest that the majority are temporary manifestations of shape shifting elemental entities, moulded by pictures in the earth's thought atmosphere.

Their craft, too, may be temporary manifestations modeled on astral images rather than the product of a technology that has evolved on some other planet.

From this most fascinating and comprehensive web site about aliens and ufos >

UFOs The Psychic Dimension > http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/cienci...0.htm#menu


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