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Rubio campaigned for biometrics in immigration bill today
04-19-2013, 03:25 AM #1
PeeDee Incognito
I was just driving home from work and heard Rubio and the rush.

So Rubio, a member of the gang of eight, tells rush that e-verify is going to me mandatory. I have been screaming from the roofs tops that this bill is going to have mandatory biometrics. show us your papers!

Then Rubio goes on to talk about a sports analogy

"in baseball when a pitcher throws 98 mph you keep him and in bball if someone is 6'8 can dunk and shoot you use him. why would we not use science and techonology to help with immigration."

rush replies

"will that doesn't really apply to immigration"

that was the end of the topic...

we are being played Rubio is a rhino ramming biometric database big brother bullshit.

I believe this is the reason for the false flag in boston. You tell the public that the bombers wouldn't have been able get bombs b/c they couldn't get jobs without using biometrics. they were here illegally and biometrics would have stopped the attack.

this is why the false flag had to happen. this is how they plan on selling biometrics...


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