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Tarot Readings
02-27-2014, 08:17 PM #31
silverleaf Member
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good reading works for me so far!! thank you
02-27-2014, 09:01 PM #32
Octo Mother Superior
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Everyone seem to be pretty happy with their reading so far. Interesting to see what WR thinks of his cards.

(02-27-2014, 09:02 AM)the white ribbon Wrote:  im not sure if there is a problem with the pms but they are coming up blank? i can only read them if i hit reply and then they are visible..

Freaked me out a little first time it happened to me. There's an error in the bb-code in the post, such as 2 closing tags, for instance:

[quote ][/quote][/quote]

It's a glitch in the matrix.
02-27-2014, 09:56 PM #33
The Survivor Truthtard
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Life is like a penny, you can spend it on what you like, but you can ONLY spend it once.


02-28-2014, 07:54 AM #34
White Ribbon call me
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(02-27-2014, 07:04 PM)UniqueStranger Wrote:  To White Ribbon: Upon recalculation your key card is (11 = 1+1 = 2) #2 The High Priestess, this card represents who you are.


The High Priestess:
You have the ability to know or feel things. You the kind of person who can trust your gut feelings, hunches, inner voices, and dreams. When in doubt you wo with your instincts. You have an uncanny sense of direction. You may be psychic. In general, you will feel your way through life as if you were navigating a familiar stream. The past, present, and future can click together for you, but you may need to strike a balance between body and mind (conscious and subconscious) in order to achieve your full potential.

The Lovers:
Your 'where are you now' card is #6 The Lovers...in addition to the reading above...you are the sort of person who feels hopelessly attracted to someone else. This could mean that infatuations are common, or it could mean that you have great fortune in finding true love, or 'love at first sight', but true love may not be another person, it may be a deep passion for some sort of work, which you will pursue relentlessly. To achieve your full potential, you must pick something that will love you (reward) back.

Please let me know if this reading fits you in any way.

thanks for your time.. there are some truths for me in 2, i guess it is a shadow aspect for my 11, the 11th card in the tarot is "justice".. and that really sums up who i am and what my whole life is this life.. i pick it out of the deck more times than most..


Quote:Justice is ruled by Libra and the card number is 11. The figure of Justice sits in her chair, cloaked in red and holding a sword in her right hand and scales in her left. She wears a crown with a small square on it representing well-ordered thoughts. Notice the clasp holding the cloak together. The square is the law protecting the circle and the eternal state of oneness within us all. The sword is double-edged, cutting both ways, signifying impartiality. It is point-up, signifying victory. The sword in her right hand demonstrates the logical, well-ordered mindset necessary to dispense fair justice. The scales are in her left, intuitive hand, showing that logic must be balanced by the intuition. A little white shoe pops out from beneath her cloak, reminding us of the spiritual consequences of our actions. The purple cloth draped behind her signifies compassion and the grey pillars represent the constraints of the physical world.

the lovers card for where i am, makes sense for me.. thanks.. i pick that one out as often as justice.. i am sensing and feeling union with another coming in this year at some point, its pretty clear for me.. thanks..
JollyRoger Show this Post
02-28-2014, 09:46 AM #35
JollyRoger Incognito Anonymous
(02-26-2014, 09:53 PM)UniqueStranger Wrote:  I am approaching tarot readings for myself a little differently at this time. I only do one, two or three card readings for myself using the first 10 trump cards. If you want a reading (#1 & #2), you can either post your year/month/day of birth here, or PM me - otherwise readings #3 & #4 do not require your birth information.

Keep in mind that the three card reading #4 (time-dependent) can be vague, so if it does not make sense to you, I can certainly repeat the three card reading a few times for, perhaps, a more complete meaning.

Using numerology for Reading #1, I took my year/month/day of birth and calculated my key number, then found my key tarot card. This card signifies me, this card is my mascot in life. Reading #1, my card is #6: The Lovers. "Lovers have the ability to care deeply about things".

For Reading #2, I took my last birthday year/month/day and calculated my 'Where am I now' key card - this card represents a particular year (last birthday being still in this year). Reading #2: my card is #9: The Hierophant. "This is a time for living up to things".

Reading #3 is a 'What's Next' reading using two cards from the 10 trump cards. You can ask "What do I need to do next?" "What should I do about _____?" - after shuffling the deck I will draw the first card (represents who you are today), then the second card (represents the situation you face).

Reading #4 is a "When Will I Know" (time-dependent) reading using three cards from the 10 trump cards. The cards are shuffled asking your question "When will I know about ________?" - then three cards are drawn and the reading is dependent upon which card is in which position.

Bad luck to read your own cards.
02-28-2014, 10:47 AM #36
White Ribbon call me
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(02-28-2014, 09:46 AM)JollyRoger Wrote:  Bad luck to read your own cards.

says who? Jesus? ive always been encouraged by tarot readers to get my own deck and read for myself.. and they were well respected readers too.. soooo??? 13.gif
JollyRoger Show this Post
02-28-2014, 11:29 AM #37
JollyRoger Incognito Anonymous
(02-28-2014, 10:47 AM)the white ribbon Wrote:  
(02-28-2014, 09:46 AM)JollyRoger Wrote:  Bad luck to read your own cards.

says who? Jesus? ive always been encouraged by tarot readers to get my own deck and read for myself.. and they were well respected readers too.. soooo??? 13.gif

One of the first things I learned when I was taught the cards when I was 10 years old. It's just bad luck. That's all.
JollyRoger Show this Post
02-28-2014, 11:32 AM #38
JollyRoger Incognito Anonymous
And Jesus has nothing to do with it. Why would you even say that? Do you think I am Christian and you are trying to insult me?


02-28-2014, 03:27 PM #39
White Ribbon call me
Posts:9,779 Threads:371 Joined:Apr 2013
(02-28-2014, 11:32 AM)JollyRoger Wrote:  And Jesus has nothing to do with it. Why would you even say that? Do you think I am Christian and you are trying to insult me?



it was a joke.. the jesus comment.. 37.gif

thats intersting that they told you not to read for yourself? so you have never read for yourself in all these years?
02-28-2014, 04:15 PM #40
UniqueStranger Art in my heart
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I've been reading my own cards for myself for years and my luck is good, so far, knock on wood (uses head). But, Jolly, does bring up a good issue about self-reading and I have been guilty of more than one of the mistakes in the link below. That is why I keep self readings to one or two card readings only and the tarot readings (without numerological birthdate factors) are two- and three-card readings only, and even then, I post the tarot card image for the person asking for a reading to do their own interpretation or to open the door to self-understanding. I am only a tool (no pun intended).

I just did my two-card 'What's Next' reading and didn't like the message, but hey, I will just move on.

Quote:Yet if we deny ourselves the pleasure of reading for ourselves, we deny ourselves the opportunity for soulful introspection, personal development, self-understanding and an intensely personal relationship with the Tarot.


If anyone is ready for a two-card "What's Next?" reading, you just have to ask. In this reading, I will shuffle the 10 trump cards until the shuffling is done or one or two cards leap out of the deck. The first card will represent who you are today, the second card will cover the first card and represent the situation you face.



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