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Texas May Start Hoarding Gold…Secession Next?
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03-27-2013, 09:28 AM #1
Anonymous Kritter Incognito
We all know the cliché: ‘Don’t mess with Texas.’

Well, a new piece of legislation is being proposed to send that message to Washington, when it comes to protecting Texas’ gold.

A lawmaker has proposed a bill to create a Texas Bullion Depository, which would allow the state and its citizens to store gold bullion in its own facility in Texas, with the protection of the state.

If passed, the Texas bill would tell Washington to “shove off” under the 10th amendment power given the states, if we ever saw the kind of currency craziness we saw during the Great Depression when President Franklin D. Roosevelt mandated citizens hand over most of their gold.

Texas isn't the first state to think about hedging its monetary destiny with precious metals.

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Citing concerns over the value of the U.S. dollar, Arizona lawmakers are the latest to pursue legislation that would declare privately minted gold and silver coins legal tender. In 2011, Utah became the first state in the country to legalize these precious metal coins as currency. Lawmakers in states including Minnesota, North Carolina, Idaho, South Carolina, and Colorado have debated similar laws.
Link: http://finance.yahoo.com/blogs/daily-tic...07075.html
03-27-2013, 09:48 AM #2
JayRodney ⓐⓛⓘⓔⓝ
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Quote:A run on the Federal Reserve (Texas wants its gold, Along with Germany, Azerbaijan, The Netherlands, Switzerland)

We are seeing a slow motion run on the Federal Reserve. Around the world faith in the dollar is on the wain and sovereign governments are becoming more concerned with the whereabouts of their ultimate store of wealth, gold.
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Greenspan said it was time to end the Fed a few days ago, things are getting very interesting. coffeetime.gif


03-27-2013, 01:27 PM #3
iBryson Member
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Well Then!


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