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Thank You CyAb!
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05-23-2013, 10:38 AM #46
Anonymous Kritter Incognito Anonymous
...what if one could do something about it? What if one does have the knowledge when properly applied could affect the needed changes?

Someone has to don't they?

I have never accepted that I don't of control over my environment... that is not true everyone has the capability to affect change. It is the specific matter that may be out of direct control. No point in fighting a brick wall eh? You got to get behind it ...you got to use another approach and to do so ...to be successful often means forgetting the "target" ...means bidding your time.

...what if one cannot change themselves because adapting to this environment means corruption? What then? ...you change the environment instead.

I have so much locked up inside and nothing to do with it. There is a reason for it and I can not simply forget it and go sailing. I realize the lessons that life has taught you... I realize the purpose that was imbued in you at an early age and what a monumental task that was. I still think that it is not over but the approach must be different now. I think perhaps it can not be so much through challenging them and their power position but rather through reasoning and enlightenment... they have held the population hostage for way too long and there must be an agreeable solution. Reasonable solutions need to be presented to them... and if they see no reason and deny the inevitable then the inevitable will find them in destruction.

REason you or the other 9 could not take them down was because they have already taken themselves down by their own hand they just don't realize it yet or are in denial of it and it takes time to play out. If they can come to terms with the repercussions of their actions they will go down lightly to rise as something new... if not they will fall hard and be forever buried and left behind.

They are also overconfident in their position ...the Anunnaki are partly to blame for this. They let them get away with far too much. I have a few unusual contacts that while I am not certain of where they are now in time I know that they will be or are already here. These contacts follow their own rules of engagement. They do not abide by any galactic guidelines or agreements and those that are part of such pose no threat to them.

...as part of my "experiences" I was pushed so far and wide that I attracted some attention. These contacts I speak of a relatively unknown to the locals. One of them is a very special engineered hybrid race immune neural manipulation technologies and blank slate has no effect on them because of their origin. They would love to see some "action" as that is what is in their DNA. I have seen a very clear image of a portion of the head and neck of one of their ships and combined with my technical knowledge regarding certain features and my zero point position at the time I "receive" such things I know that it is the real deal ...I know it was a clean channel. Not something meant to delude ...and it is was also corroborated by a time trail I followed. I know exactly what they are and where they came from and something of their life form template structure.

Anyways my point being is that there are those willing to do something if they continue on their ways ...and they will find no safe haven in their underground bunkers. If the destruction of two of their underground facilities through the overloading of the nuclear reactors that powered them by a directed resonance pumped ground penetrating plasma charge causing their cooling systems to fail is not indication enough ...then maybe they need to see it up more close and personal? Maybe if the subterranean array uplink that was destroyed not long before that incident wasn't tracked as being used for area mind manipulation that wouldn't have happened? ...then again maybe my awareness of these things was just a part of my imagination?

Sometimes it takes a strong hand to force reason. Their ignorance will not be allowed to doom us all.

...so is it really out of your control? or is it just that you don't currently have the ball? Maybe you are meant to be a support player now?
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05-23-2013, 10:53 AM #47
Anonymous Kritter Incognito Anonymous
I refer to my sneakers
and make a joke of his shït

Ya! you mentioned your shoe faked it's own death! I guess you must have found it later? Did the dog have it?

I see your way... you push to the ridiculous to exemplify the lack of interest! ;)
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05-23-2013, 10:54 AM #48
Anonymous Kritter Incognito Anonymous
oops LOL

wrong thread
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05-23-2013, 11:32 AM #49
Anonymous Kritter Incognito Anonymous
I have seen a very clear image of a portion of the head and neck of one of their ships and combined with my technical knowledge regarding certain features.

...that is to say I saw the function in the design and it is not something to be messed with.

It is a warship built around a "gun" which doubles as a multipurpose emitter array ...with a slit on it's head much like the visor of some armored helms. This is so they can physically see when in powered down state. The skin of which was a dull rusty red color with a particular pattern shape on it that I will not go into detail here.

...an image of the whole ship was not provided for a very good reason as the rest of it's design would give away too much information.
05-23-2013, 08:29 PM #50
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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(05-23-2013, 10:54 AM)Anonymous Kritter Wrote:  oops LOL

wrong thread

not too bad compared to me driving off and leaving me behind that winter

damn was i pissed at me
05-23-2013, 08:52 PM #51
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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wars scenes and machines are defunct consciousness

keep in mind this , Military was the intended target of the Aliens
agenda with me

Military intel saw it as war with me as a soldier

they think beat and win

get over that consciousness

There was nothing to win or gain the entire time

they expended hella energy fighting a war that cannot
be won because there is nothing to gain

it is all loss for them

in the end
they reaped wind

empty air

get it now

all i had to do the whole entire time was enjoy my life

while they had to plan and game

I lived while they sweated it out

Military thinks everything is a " Win or Lose " situation

in my case

there was no winning or losing anything

it was a SPOOF

a fake game that kept resources of the Military tied up and wasted

The rules to this Alien Game were made up by the Aliens ( time travelers )



at 21 I was busy boiking with Hot Chicks that picked me up
in Bars and entertaining myself with Concerts, surfing , sailing
hiking and camping

and they had to have men on my ass the whole time

I never ever remembered the treasure shït because Military
intel hypnotized me to forget it .

when I was 27 , my dad told me about treasure

funny as shït , he did not tell me i was the inheritor
because he either did not know the scam or he wanted it for himself .

he looked 30 years for it
got small portions from some caches

keep in mind that it was all a spoof and NOT real .

the shït i recovered was never tested by me to make sure
it was gold .

they took those bars before i could test it .

were they brass ?

no way to know for sure

there was certainly brass bars in the cavern

get it ?

it was a stage prop like Indiana Jones movie


so whats this WAR you speak of ?

is it real
or a spoof

see what i mean ?

here is an adage of Intel : " Create an Illusion ,,, to feed the Delusion "

Keep that forefront in your mind

that is what i applied to figure out the spoof abduction

I thought through the event and all pieces of it this way


Well hell yes

then i thought about the UFO of the Bugs

could that be done ?

well hell yes , lazar projected 3d holograms

real easy it was to piece it together

the intel agents created an Illusion to feed me for delusion

the Delusion was broken before it took full effect
by out thinking them and what and how it was done

and then

thinking out WHY they did it was next

real simple
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05-24-2013, 05:59 AM #52
Anonymous Kritter Incognito Anonymous
so whats this WAR you speak of ?

...it takes both sides to make a war. However one side may be ignorant of the others motivations/intent and think it hostile because they only know why they do and can't fathom why others might do. So you end up with a one sided war because the other side isn't fighting and isn't warring.

What i see mostly now is thievery ...not necessarily by the act of taking but by taking and keeping just for self instead of sharing it with the world ...with us.

It's a process and I wasn't suggesting war... but rather the playing of hand to make clear positions... to teach vulnerability and repercussion lesson where the natural repercussions are far to costly and detrimental to the body whole.

...like I said they have been holding the population hostage and there are lessons they need to learn and perhaps if war is the only language they understand then war is the language that is needed to communicate to them. So like a chess game they need to be made aware of their position and that will help motivate their reasoning process. War does serve purpose... it is part of evolution but what we have only this planet hardly qualifies. There is no honor... non-combatants are targeted. The weak are trampled where it is strength that should be challenged ...war here is for taking not matching of wits or skill or strength. There are different kinds of war some good and some bad what we have in modern time is not the good kind. One should have respect for one's enemy and honor them... here we have the exact opposite. It is ugly and disgusting and angers those watching who speak the true language of war... if this is the route they choose to take then perhaps there are those who will give them a sample of what the real thing is and if it instills nothing but fear in them then no more need to be done as their own fear will undue them ...will cause far more damage then any bomb ever could. Maybe they need to confront this fear that has been guiding their actions thus far? ...like I said before. They use fear as a tactic because that is all they know ...that is all they have in their hearts. If love and kindness is something they only take greedily and want for more without ever giving back ...then there are other ways to teach. You have to help create a pathway out of this hell of their own making and sometimes to do that you have to enter that hell and speak that language they use there.

...you try love and patience first but patience can not last forever and they can only be allowed to inflict so much pain and suffering on others for so long.

Keep in mind you are also dealing with a reptilian mentality... they have a different value set and it helps to understand the ways of the serpent. A serpent being true to their nature can appear evil by our standards but with understanding that evil becomes something else... something that is no longer evil but another way of life organization. If you can speak their language... if you can show them strength we may just earn their respect. They have no respect for the weak and think they deserve the suffering they impose because we allow it... but there is a problem here because much of what they see as weakness is something else... is human mammalian nature and has nothing to do with weakness. It can get a bit complicated and I can see it clearly at times. If my mind was better on this track right now i could detail it more thoroughly in words.

Suffice it to say they are actually helping us to wake up... helping us to evolve out of necessity for our lives... if we take it in the ass like a sheep then do we not deserve to be used and abused and sheared of all that we grow and slaughtered for out meats? Humanity the way we were are now can not survive the long term... humanity as some in ignorance wish to make us to be also can not survive the long term ...but by pushing us we will change out of necessity and perhaps what is left of us when it is over will be grown up as a species... or at least out of the diapers we are wearing now.
05-24-2013, 08:20 AM #53
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:10,340 Threads:231 Joined:Feb 2011

that's complicated

look , i have an Intellect and perception a little extreme for this

all the conflict
rather global or one on one

is guttural to me

want to see a full lethal revolution in America ?

outlaw professional sports

the I win you lose shït is guttural thinking




all add to separating each other and setting each other against one another

Video Games continue this shït

so our current advanced tech here is maintaining the pattern

do you believe waking anyone up will change this world ?

Keep in mind my handle

nothing happens at the snap of the fingers

Like the Rapture waited on for 2000 years

that shït is delusional as ƒück .

Dead bones returning to Change the World ?

Aliens of the Good Witch of the east helping Earthlings wake up to

create an Utopia ?


better that you wait for the Sky to fall on your head

All the bullshit about Paradigm shift i heard years ago

of for fucks ğkking sake man

power up the Chrystal's and lets get going

Jumping Dead Jewish Jesus's man



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