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The Alien Agenda and my life
08-29-2012, 08:26 AM #1
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All is true and I would consent to a polygraph ASAP if you don't believe me just to prove you wrong!

I was born in Albany, New York nineteen seventy six on August 3rd, the month of Leo and the Year of the Dragon. All information written will be more than gladly to accept a polygraph test to prove its truth.
It all started to make sense at some point when I began to look back at my past and what it held within it. As an infant I was put in a crib to sleep for a bit, when my mother got a telepathic message that i was in danger. She went up to romm where I was staying and checked on me in my crib. Apparently there was a hand strap on the crib that had somehow gotten wrapped around my neck, and if it wasn't for the telepathic message from an outside source, then I may have lost my life that day.
I wasn't told about this incident until about my mid-twenties, which also helped me look deeper and dig deeper to figure out just exactly what this world holds within it.
Next incident happened in 1986 the year the nintendo 8 bit video game system came out. i remeber asking my mother for a Nintendo 8 bit system a couple times over the span of a few months. it wasnt until i had an interesting dream that foretold what would happen the next day.
My dream had my mother standing in my closet holding a Nintendo 8 bit system in her hands and saying ,"I got a surprise for you!'
The next day in real life my mother came home and then says to me ," I got a surprise for you!" and I answered her with," You got me my nintendo system!!" and she said ,"YEs, how did you know?". Only recently had i told her that the dream I had the night before was what had told me.
I grew up on military bases since the age of 5 or 6 when my mother remarries to an Air Force Sargeant, when I am at the age of two. At the age of 6 or 7 at Nellis AFB in Nevada I shake the hand to George H. Bush and am asked,"Do you know why you are here?"
Years past since these incidents, but were never forgotten. They would lead me into a deeper understanding of life and a deeper love for the God that watches over us.
I went through school as any normal kid would, without much hassle or bullying, until the last few years of high school when thug activity bagan sneaking into our society. I graduated in 1994 and pursued other jobs.
One job ended up being for a company "Kirby" vacuum's. What a shit storm this company ended up causing me and a few others. It began with us going to Melbourne, Florida for a couple days for training. After the training they took us into the field to make sales for thier vacuum cleaning systems.
Me being the person I am, I am not much of a sales person. In honesty, I just tell people the truth and take it from there without any residual complications. So the first demonstartion I do is wit this one girl and we do the demo and don't make a sale. Then they split us all up, use detergent or soda to get us in the doors of people homes in the most unreasonable neighborhoods. They are taking us through the most deplorable areas where only African Americans live to search for unsuspecting people to get us in the door to make a sale.
There were five people over all with us including me, new sales girl, a new sales guy and the two managers. The girl and guy were on their demonstartion somewhere and it was me that they had to get into someone's house to try and make a sale. So they find a house and drop me off.
Me being the kind decent person I am, I tell the people thatr i will not push anything on them and that if they like the demonstartion I give then they can purchase the vacuum cleaner. So I hangout and be myslef and bullshit for a bit with the kind African American couple and finish up the demonstration. The ended up not buying the vacum, which brings me to the next chapter.
The new girl and guy were still on their demonstrations when I was picked up by the two managers. I didn't make a sale and they decided to fuck with me over it. They both were sitting in the front of their Ford Explorer cussing me out, calling me a fucking loser and that I couldnt do shit! So I stared at them as if God was staring at them with much hate in my heart towards them, saying to myself,"Don't worry, what's coming to them will happen!". This incident happened at around 3-5pm that day, and what was coming for them was truth!
So these pecker woods thought that they could treat me the way they did and get away with it. It always makes me laugh to this day knowing that that was what they thought they could get away with, but not in my God's world! I stared and knew immediately that God would retrun the favor to these two rudse pieces of shit trying to walk on his chosen.
Later that night after we picked up the new sales girl and guy from their demonstrations, they decided to call it a night and drive us back to shop so we could go home. We were driving East in a Ford Explorer on Wickham Blvd. Viera, with a truck full of used and new vacuums in the back. Then God decided to return the favor for me for the way they treated me!
Both managers were sitting up front in the Ford Explorer and driving ten miles over the existing speed limit of 45, so we were doing 55 down Wickham when the intersection light ahead decided to turn yellow. The idiot manager, being the idiot he is and I hoped he was, decided not to stop for the street light. While choosing not to stop for the street light, the poor grandmother in the oncoming turning lane thought we were going to stop for the light and she decided to take her left hand turn in front of us before the light turned red. In doing so she put her new Mazd Millenia in the path of the managers speeding Ford Explorer causing us to rip through the front of her Mazda millenia and coming bouncing back down onto the pavement with our bouncy beach ball like tires bouncing a few times before coming to a dead stop by hitting head on into a concrete telephone pole in front of the Publix plaza on Wickham Blvd.
The new girl and guy both open their doors of the Explorer and both fall immediately to the ground in pain of something somewhere. The two managers never mover from their front seats the whole tme I was there until my ride arrived to pick me up. The two managers were groaning in pain the whole time in the front two seats. Me, i pleasantly got up and out of the vehicle as if nothing happened to me. As if I wasn't even in a wreck, except for the broken pinky tip meta carpal that ended up getting brokre and uprooted my pinky nail out of the nailbed. That and a little whiplash was all i received in this crash compared to everyone else going to the hospital. You see, the airbags blew only once, when we hit the Mazda, but they couldn't deploy again when we hit the telephone pole, which probably gave the two managers up front most of their injuries on second impact! Guess they deserved that for taliking shit to me and my God!
Next i will talk about the four times i should of been hit by lightning living here in Florida.
the first time my parents were at work and I was hanging out on the back patio, all during the beginning of a storm. Thern all the hairs on my arm rose up and I decided to run inside real quick, as I made it inside, lightning hit just as quick as I got out off the back patio. This was just as we moved down here during my 9th grade year of high school.
The second time was during a hood cleaning incident out at Kennedy Space Center. There was a storm warning issued the day we were at KSC, so it was a little difficult to get on the roof of a 4 or 5 story building a few building over from the VAB. All of a suddent hey came over the walkie talkie and said that the storm warning was called off and that we cold get onto the roof. So I was the one sent to go up on the roof. An older gemtleman in his 50's or 60's brought me up to the roof so i could throw down a rope to lift up the pressure spraying gun. As i was looking down lowering the rope and beginning to lift the pressure gun up, everything all around me lit up bright blue, there was no sound, boom or anything, just a bright blue, so I dropped to my stomach knowing that it was lightning, and as I was laying on the roof, I looked to my right to see that old guy hauling ass running to the door on the center of the roof. Come to find out minutes later, they said that the storm warning was never called off. How odd, were they risking our lives by pretending to say the storm was over so we could get the work done that we were there for, yet it almost cost one of us our lives, or maybe it did, in another dimension!
The third time of almost getting struck by lightning. it was during the year when we ahd three hurricanes almosr back to back in the same summer. And it was the third hurricane that was leaving when it happened and My Girlfriend Collen O'conner was almosr hit too, i had just recently found out by her.
The thrid hurricane was on it way out of our county when it seemed like it was subsiding. So I was standing on the back patio that I had built for her, and she told me she was in the front yard smoking a cigarette, when a bolt of lightning cam down striking a tree in the front left hand side of the yard and igniti ng it on fire. We ahd to call 911 to report the fire also the the fire station, which they gladly put out.
The fourth time was about three years ago while working for Dish Network. They were runningus ragged. Our hourly pay was only avergaing 5-6 dollars an hour at times because the problems that would arise. All while working 16 hours a day and only getting 4-5 hours of sleep.
Thsi one day My friend Jeff that was working with me had a full day load of four installs, until a fellow employees car broke down making it 5 installs that we had to finish before thedays end. So we grabbed his extra materials and headed to the job that he was going to. We get ther and find out it is a four room install, that takes at least 3-4 hours. Plus the sky is dark in the West and it is moving fats towards us. Then the rain begins as i am getting the Dish installed on the roof. It is torrential downpour and thunder and lightning all around, and I am pissed as fuck because we have othe rjobs to get done and it is pouring like hell. So i finish getting the dish installed in the rain and begin installing the ground and wiring on the exterior wall of the house. Jeff is doing a lot of the inside work. Then as i am screwing a wire into the groundline, lightning hits the ground about 50 yards behind me, I even get ajolt through the groundline that I am holding. It didn't seem like too much of a jolt, but I did get zapped. It felt like maybe 240 volts surge through the line that I was screwing in that got me. luckily that was all. My friend Jeff said he thought I had gotten hit and was dead outside, until I came back in. Honstly i was so pissed about wanting to get the job done, that i didn't care if i was hit by lightning, I was ready to go anyways! But it wasn't time for me.
Next I will talk about the experiences I had delivering pizza's. I found a job at a local pizza shop, that was comfortable and most opf the people were decent enough to be around for the time being. The incidents are all true and happened exactly as they are spoken about.
there was one night iwas playing my flight simulator and was pulling a high spped loop low to the ground in the game as i was reaching the top of the loop i rwalized that if i didn't throttle down my engines then it would launch me right into the grpound at full speed without being able to pull out of the maneuver. SDo i throttlede down and airbraked and then as i began to level the plane off, i began to throttle the afterburners up to pull up and out of the low ground loop that I was doing. i know this means nothing now, but it will mean something the next day.
The next day, I wake up and on the way walking out my front door, isee a Japanese WW2 zero prop plane in the distance about 500-1000 feet above the ground with the throttle low, almosr bogging out, so i tell myself, if his engines stall out, then he is going to nose dive right into the ground. He didn't nose dive down, he just headed on his way to the Tyco air show a few miles North up the roadway.
So I head to work thinking nothing about what had been brought to my table. Then at 2pm that day, i hear that there was a crash at the airshow and that a russian jet doing a low ground loop maneuver wasn't able to pull out of the loop quick enough and crashed into the ground, killing thepilot on impact.
What a minute, so what i was just doing the night before and finishing the low loop and almost crashing myself, but didn't. Then the next day it actually happened to soemone in real life locally. It disturbs me to this day, knowing that if the pilot could have managed to get out of the loop had he throttled back and airbraked as i did, but it cost this pilot his life by not doing so.
So i heard over the radio about the crash at the Tyco airport during one of my deliveries and went back to the pizza shop to let them know about the crash. As I get done telling them about the crash and about the Japanese Zero that morning that seemed like it could crash, they laughed at me and made jokes at me, them the phone rings. I answer it and it is Tyoc aiport wanting us to deliver them some pizza's. We always deliver to Tyco airport, but this day my boss decided not to deliver to them. How odd. I could have taken the delivery on the way home, just like all the other times, but not this time!
Next incident, delivering pizzas, I had to got to the groves, then into the Cocoa. I had to go by route og Grisson Parkway, one of the most dangerous roads I've known because of this one accident that I foretold on the curve it happened. It was about 8pm at night and I had to drive on Grisson Pkwy into Cocoa. People werehauling ass down the road. Doing 65+ mph in a 55 mph road. As I was taking this one turn on Grissom and people were speeding, I told myself outlout,"Man, someone's going to get killed on this road!" About an hour or two later while still delivering pizzas, I noticed that the police had blocked off both ends of Grissom Pkwy at Industrial and Canaveral Groves BLvd. due to an accident that ooccured on the same curve that I had said that someone could die on. I could see the medivac chopper landing and later learned that someone did die on that curve that night!
The next one will talk about how something telepathically told me to wait one second before leaving the house, which saved my life, when i saw a 4x4 truck enter my lane while driving down Grissom Pkwy.
I was in a rush to go somewhere one day and could feel that something wasn't right. Something told me to wait one second, just one second before leaving hom ehat day. i was in quite a rush. grabbing my keys and what not, then I could feel the impending doom close by, as if the end of the world was near, so i listend to the message that was put into my mind and waited just one second before walking out the door. i waited counted to ne and left. I was driving down Grissom pkwy, when in the oncoming lane a 4x4 truck about 50-100 yards up jumps completely into my lane, maybe he was trying to pass and didn't know what was ahead, but when I think about it, I realize that something told me to wait one second, which i did and to see a 4x4 truck jump into my lane oncoming ahead of me and then jumps back into his lanemade me realize that tthat one second actually saved me from getting into a head on collision at the same curve that the one incident i spoke about earlier someone had died on.
Next I will talk about how i wanted this one woman who was a snitch at the pizza shop ended up causing her car to break. This new girl thought she was God's gift to our pizza shop. As i was working I ended up breaking a small red parry knife and told the owners about it as it happened. Well this new girl decided to be against me and had snitched me out to the owners about breaking a parry knife, which i had already told the owners about. So she was on my shit list after that. I couldn't bare to be around this woman. So one night I focuse my energies and wanted her car to break, so that I wouldn;t have to be around here anymore.
The next mornign as i get to the pizza shop for work, i reaqlize that her car is there and that I don't want to be there now. So i enter the shop and tell the boss,"Man, she's here working, so can I go home?" Thre boss replies,"She is not here, her car broke last night!" he answers with his Spanis dialect.
"Wow!", I say to myself. It really does work!
Next i will discuss how a bird helped me find my house keys in the morning before work. Apparently i had left my house key in the lock of the fron t door of my cottage that I was renting and didn't know it. So I had to do some CSI investigation to figure out where my house key went to. i searched all over my house all morning trying to find my key, until I figured that maybe I left it in the door lock. So i went out to check the door lock! nothing was there, then i figured out that I slam my door pretty hard when I get home, so maybe it shot out of the lock and onto the sandy pathway that leads to my cottage. So as I am wondering where my house key shot out to while facing my cottrage, a little bird from behind on the fence whistles, so as i turn to see this little bird, the reflection of the sun shines off the key on the ground at my feet. so apparently God was speaking throught the bird to let me know my key was at my feet by having the sun reflect off it. Thank you God and little bird.
The next real life incident is one of the greates that will always stick out in my mind. It helps bring an over all view on what i have been up against my whole life.
My parents and i were off to visit my grandfather for the weekend on the West Coast of Florida. it was a strange day from what i could remember. it was cold, around 40 degrees out side and pouring rain all day and night. everyone was fast asleep and I was watching a movie that was called,"The Sixteenth Angel". The movie portrayed a young woman who's mother is killed by some satanic druids and then the druids coerce the father into going to Spain to help his daughter become a model, but the druids are actually trying to instill the gril with satan's spirit. For some reason i could relate to this movie because i feel that the same has been trying to happen to me my whole life.
I sat there comparing and relating certain things in my life ti this movie. Then i put my mind with God and decided to have a simple conversation with him and by pointing out certain things in my life that stood out of the Norm. So I decided to aski him a question. I asked,"Am I the chosen one?" then immediately lightning flashed and thunder roared across the ground. I was instantly amazed, but also thought that it could just be coincidence, so I decided to ask God again. I said,"Am I the chosen one?", then just as perfectly timed before in the most frigid of weather where I have never seen lightning in such frigid temperatures before, lightning flashed and then thunder roared across the ground. That was when I learned of the protection I had with the Lord!
I could tell that one a hundred tims over and over, but highly doubt anyone will ever believe me in these things I discuss. So I will tell all this. Iwould take a plygraph test in a heartbeat to prove that every bit of what I am saying is fact, truth to the fullest of what has happened in my life. Thank God for God! It's amazing at how much the world will try to tell you that you are worng and won't believe, but they are only cheating themselves from what God wants to show them. I guess it proves that the Devil has already plagued this world with its inequities, by making so many try to tell me I am making this shit up. No wonder I have felt suicidal ever since I was a kid.
So then i start to question at times, what is giving me these insights? Is it God, is it an alien agenda that has the same abilities as i and many like me that have a evolved so much that they know exactly whatht eoutcome wil be and are trying to save us all from ourselves? The game definately is a foot, as Sherlock holmes would say! Maybe it is both, maybe the aliens are dendants of God's higher evolved races all around the univers. I suspect that our universe could be one huge Godly crreature that we are just mearely living within. Since everything in the universe is matter or anti-matter, it's filled with energy, life, organisms and plants. then we could just be inside another being!
Next one was a weird circumstance that happened and I didn't even knoe what day or time it was. i was at a friends party that lasted a couple days. It was dark out side and I walked outside to hangout with a few people, when I looked at someone and asked,"Is it October yet?" the person looked at his watch and says,"Man, it just turned midnight October 1st!" Wow! I thought to myself, how the fuck did My mind now that one? And for it to be that preciseis just simply amazing!
Next one will happen at the Sears town mall in Tiusville while going to service a fire system at a cafe inside. As I arrive, power to the whole mall goes out completely, no backups or anything. So i walk up to the lady of the cafe and ask if I can do recertify her fire supresion system. She says sure go ahead becasue4 the power just went out and she can't cook! So i check the system out and do the paperwork and change the thermal links and get it all back together and write up an invoice. As i give her her invoice I tell her,"Watch, right as i walk out your door, your powers going to come back on". So i hand her her invoice and start to walk out to my truck, right as i walk out her door, i hear go,"Ahhww!" I turn around and see that right as I walked out of her door all the power turns back on! How the fuck did my mind know that her power was going to come bak on? As i said the game is a foot!
The next thing i decided to work on was right out of the movie "Bruce Almighty". I was up late watching the Jay Leno show one night, when I got a strange thought to try out. I was going to focus my energy and power to see if I could take Robert DeNiro's words from him on the Tonight Show. Just as Jim Carrey did in "Bruce Almighty" to Dave Carrell. So i sat and stared at Robert De Niro and focused on stesaling his words from him so that he would jumble and not be able to speak, proving that I have ceratin abilities. So That's what I did. As I focused he sat there for about 5-6 seconds unable to get out exactly what he was wanting to say. He couldn't get it out! Then He turned to the camera and says,"You took my words from me!" That was another incident that proves my abilities and that tim eis irrelevant when it comes to these powers i hold. I wish I could talk to and apologie to Robert DeNiro or doing this on national television.
Next i will discuss another important agenda that has been at the heart of my life. "The Alien Agenda" .
There was one day I was delivering pizza at around 7pm in the afternoon. There were no clouds out in the sky what so ever. The sky was pink as the sun was setting. Then something appeared in the sky as I was heading West on Canaveral Groves Blvd. I looked up out the front window and up at the object just sitting in the sky. It wasn't moving and didn't have any con or chemtrails behind it. It was elliptical in shape. I was amazed at what I was looking at. i watched it for about 5-7 seconds then I looked at the road for a second to make sure I didn't crash and looked back up and it was gone.
how could something just disappear from the cloudless sky? I searched and searched the sky the whole way until i got to my destination 10 minutes later. Gave the people their pizza and looked at the sky one last time. As i looked up, I then noticed a commercial jetliner reac hing the same area that the UFO was in, As it entered the area, I was avble to compare sizes from the UFO to the jetliner passing by. The UFO was clearly two times the size of the jetliner and it was stationary in the sky over the St. John's river.
I grew up on Air force bases most of my life and have seen about every type of plane that our Government has ever created. I know my jets lik the back of my hand. I know what the SR-71 Blackbird looks like, the B-1, F-4 Phantom, F-14 Tomcat, F-15 Strike Eagle, F-16 Falcon, YF-22, YF-23, A-10 Warthog, B-2, A-37, T-37, KC-135 Stratotanker, C-5 Galaxy, C-130, Blackhawk UH 60, Apache AH 64, CH 47 Chinook, etc. and more and what I saw back in 2005 or 2006 was definately not a design we have ever used before. Fot it to also disappear in the blink of an eye is also simply amazing. I figured that since a jetliner was only 10 minutes from reaching the air space that it was in, it had cloaked itself to keep from being seen by the pilots of the jetliner that passed the same airspace it was in.
So from that moment on I knew there was more to be learned on this planet that many just do not know, understand or believe! A month after reporting this incident on the UFO reporting site called MUFON, a show called invasion also came out on television that took place around the St. Johns river and also dealt with an alien incursion onthe show. the aliens would clone peoples bodies when they went swimming alone in the water where the embryo would attach itself to the human and clone them leaving a left over shell of a human behind in the ocean.
This wasn't the only time I haver seen a UFO, there was one other time during the day while working with a friend Rob, while driving to a job while working for Dish Network. I noticed a circular object in the distance about 2-3 miles away well below the pwer lines and seemed to actually be following our moving speed in the vehicle we were in. Then I saw it cloak itself from a complete circle and then disappear right before my eyes. This incident happend while driving in titusville.
the next didn't deal with ant\y Ufo's it only dealt with unfortunate timing. there was a shuttle launch a while ago that took place at KSC. Just prior to this, I had spoken to a friend saying that we have never had a problem with the shuttle on re-entry. This was the shuttle launch that took place where the wing was damaged by falling debris, which in turn caused the Shuttle to Burn up in the Earth's atmosphere on re-entry. It bugs me because I had talked about it, and then it really happende in real life. These premonitions can be really bothersome to me, because of the constant loss of life I have to see and can't do anything about. It's as if something ha sbeen cinstantly telling me these things and so I try to also tell other, but sometimes there is just too much to keep an eye on, that I foget or lose focus from.
It's as if here are two parts of my mind. The part that gets the images drawn before it, and then there is the awake part of me that has to try and catch it when the other part of my mind knows or figures out something that is about to happen. It's very odd, but it can be more refined in its mannerif I can focus enough to see it and not let it pass by without not second guessing it.
Next I will talk about what visited me one night . It was after doing a lot of research for a couple years trying to figure out what I saw in the sky a coiple years earlier. When I stayed in my cottage I have to keep it completely dark to be able to fall asleep. Sometimes I would leave the front door unlocked in case a friend may stop by unsuspectedly. I would also sleep with earplugs to get a better nights rest without having to sleep for 7-8 hours. I noticed with earplugs that i only need 5-6 hours of rest, because ther eis no outside distraction to wake me up.
Well one night something strange happened. My romm was completely dark except for the light form the A/C unit on the wall. I keep nothing around my futon bed, so therefore nothing in my room could have been in the way to cause what I am about to tell you. I was rocking my right foot back and forth to burn off energy to be able to fall alseep. As doing so, something enters my mind and telepathically tells me," Swing your foot real far!" So I do it and my mind registers that my foot just tapped something while swingign it. If I were asleep then I wouldn't have felt anything and my foot wouldn't be moving back and forth. Yet, something just told me to swing my foot further and it tapped something at the end of my bed, and yet again I keep nothing around my bed especially around my feet. so then I figure that since soemthing telepathically told me to do this, and I have proven telepathy before by having friends tell me to stop reading their minds because it drives them crazy, i figutre that there is a being of some sort, whether it be extraterrestrial or maybe it was Jesus or God. I do not know yet! But as it happened i decided to tell myself and it, if it can use telepathy then it can also hear what our minds say to ourselves, so I calmly told myself," Something just told me to swing my foot further while swinging it and my foot touched something at the end of my bed, so i will wait a couple minutes so i don't frighten it or myself and let it leave and then I will get up and start turning on lights to check to see if anything is in my house!
So I waited a minute or two then got up and began turningon lights and checking things out. This wasn't the first time something like this has happened to me in my cottage. There were a couple other times also. Soemtimes as I was falling asleep it would feel as if the sheets were getting tighter at times over me. But what do I care, if there is an alien species that put us here and are studying us then I will have no rejection as to what there desires are.
There was another time I felt the sheets gets tighter and then I felt what felt like little feet stepping on my chest very lightly each step getting closerf to my face, then i felt like it was breathing in my face, So i figured it might be something evil at the time and so I growled real mean at it to make it disappear! It was amazing to just growl like a wolf at whatever was on top of my schest in my face!
Next i will discuss other telepathic premonitions that have come true in the news right before my eyes after having great insight.
I feel that if there is another species studying us, then they must want internal information on the world that i can give them from the inernet. If they can remote view into our minds and see what we see as I have proven from the remote viewing I have tested. It can be a very precise tool way to get certain information. i proved remote viewing worked as two friends left Colleen and I's trailer once. I pictured myself in these two guys truck after they had left to see if I could pickup what they were saying. I heard one of them ask the other about getting Colleens telephone number.
The next day or so when one guy returned, he spoke about what I had remoter viewed in their vehicle when they had left. He brought up word for word what I had heard during my remote viewing instance. He told Colleen that his friend was interested in her and was wanting her Telephone number. That's also when I learned that remote viewing works.
Next iwil talk about how I was able to transmit a ceratin thought into another person while they were sleeping. The subject was Colleen O'conner and she to this day doesn't know that I did it, but when she woke up, the night I tested this idea, she spoke of exactly what I was transmitting the whole night into her mind.
Here's the basis of the study. Colleen fell asleep and our relationship was on the rocks. So i was trying to spice things up by constantly tinking about one main subjectthat had to deal with her while she was asleep. All this was done after she was asleep, so she had no foretelling knowledge of the test that I was about to test on her. As she slept I sat next to her thinging the same thing over and over and over, while sitting next to her. I did this for about an hour or two or three.
The next morning when she awoke, she told me about her dream she had. She told me exactly what I was transmitting out most of the night to her! So this also proves that humans can also transmit as well as receive on a telepathic level. I think the subconscious picks up on it more than anything else with us humans as to keep our conscious or some peoples conscious from knowing what is going on!
These telepathic voices also spoke to me back in 2008 telling me there wouldn't be any sunspots on the sun for three years. then in 2011, I ran across an article that proved it was true. The article here:http://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2008/11jul_solarcycleupdate/
and here:http://www.astrophysicsspectator.com/commentary/2008/Commentary20080903.html
Like I said, what would exactly tell me that the sun was not going to have any sunspots on it for three years and then I ran across these articles in 2011 telling about the sun not having any sunspots on it for three years?
The last major telepathic message i received was about a month ago. It told me that the next day former VP Cheney was going to die. I only paid attention to the message for just a little bit, and then thought nothing more of it until i read this the next day.
CNN:Former Vice President Dick Cheney was recovering Saturday evening after undergoing heart transplant surgery, his office said.
Cheney, 71, had surgery at Inova Fairfax Hospital in Falls Church, Virginia.
He had been on the cardiac transplant list for more than 20 months, a statement from his office said.
"Although the former vice president and his family do not know the identity of the donor, they will be forever grateful for this lifesaving gift," it said.
Cheney has a history of heart trouble, suffering at least five heart attacks since 1978. His first occurred when he was 37.
i have been doing tests and theories for years on what the mind can really do. I have cussed at my JVC 709 series dolby prologic home stereo system, a 500 dollar stereo system anbd after cussing at it, it never worked again! i can look at ceratin light or things and cause them to go out at times. There is definately something more to this planet that most don't know, refuse to know or will never understand in their lifetime. I have been breaking down those mental barriers to figure out some of what hasn't been learned or understood in this world!

Thanks for your time, I hope it helped you as it has always been helping me! Just believe...
08-29-2012, 08:51 AM #2
UniqueStranger Art in my heart
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Quote: It wasn't moving and didn't have any con or chemtrails behind it. It was elliptical in shape. I was amazed at what I was looking at. i watched it for about 5-7 seconds then I looked at the road for a second to make sure I didn't crash and looked back up and it was gone.
how could something just disappear from the cloudless sky?

Hi. I just wanted to let you know that is how they appeared to me as well (not recently though). I think they have now finished with me and that's OK by me because I have my own agenda in life.
The crafts just hover motionless and soundless and then disappear in the blink of an eye. I sometimes wonder if one has to have a stronger psychic or intuitive inclination for these sightings to occur.

You should research what they are doing with mindreading technology now, it validates telepathy on the physical and scientific levels.

I may have read somewhere that those lie detector tests really aren't reliable. (Much attention has been paid in recent years to functional magnetic resonance imaging, or fMRI. In its simplest form, fMRI lie detection works by scanning your brain to find out which areas are most active while you're being grilled; supposedly lying and truth-telling cause different areas to light up...) ...

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Shadow Incognito Anonymous
Quote:So from that moment on I knew there was more to be learned on this planet that many just do not know, understand or believe!




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