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The Collaborative Care Model - The Rising Face of Medical/Psychiatric Tyranny
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12-30-2015, 12:22 PM #1
Hoffman Lenscrafter Incognito
There is a lie that is surfacing, a lie that suggests that mental illness is far more predominant in a target population, a population that is being bombarded with state sponsored terrorism and a growing threat to their life, liberty, and happiness, than what one could reasonably assume might actually occur in reality, and it just does not jive with past observations of other societies. One might even conclude that this lie is being propagated in order to mitigate the people's response to this terrorism and tyranny, to remove those from view, or at least drug them into submission, who might actively speak out against such abuses of power and the desire by madmen to control the whole of the human domain, including the mind, not only the mass consciousness, but also any unknown individuals who might dare challenge the way in which they have chosen to rule. One might say that this is part of a sinister effort to further terrorize the population, chill speech, and control the people's penchant for expressing their complaints with the way things seem to be heading.

What you might not know is that this lie is being propagated not only to justify the labeling of dissidents, but also to explain the need to expand the very programs that will allow them to make good on the threat, to essentially use the psychiatric system to bypass those pesky due process requirements that tend to get in the way of traitors and tyrants who wish to strip you of your rights and rape your human dignity.

They complain that there is not enough psychiatric care for those in need, so that they can lessen the training and the qualifications of those who can hand out diagnoses for them. They want their loyal minions, whom they have bought off with power, prestige, and positions of authority, agents of the collective, if you will, to be able to do this much easier, without having to go through the trouble of tapping the precious resources of the "overworked and underpaid psychiatric experts."

Their solution is to use something called the "collaborative care model" in conjunction with technological solutions to diagnose people at a distance in order to expand their ability to target and destroy the lives of those that they have deemed a threat to their tyranny, by virtue of their willingness to lodge complaints about the current abuse that is directed at them by the state.

The collaborative care model will allow them to give loose training to people and machines to make diagnoses that could effect the outcome of your life, and will very much be used as a method to attack enemies and for petty social revenge by bootlickers who would have felt at home under either the Nazi Gestapo or the East German Stasi.

Therefore, I encourage everyone to look into this collaborative care model and the technological "solutions" that the are now trying to advance and imagine just how much worse things could get under such proposed "solutions" and how this model falls into line with many of the other things that they are seeing take shape in the United States currently.

There is no doubt in my mind that the collaborative care model is an attempt to expand the current medical tyranny that is being built in America under Obamacare.


This is a direct threat to your life, liberty, property, and most definitely happiness.


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