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The Fukushima Disaster
04-04-2012, 04:20 PM #856
Jed Member
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Tokyo radiation monitor spikes to 400% average after storm passes Fukushima, Japan

Them poor folks just can't
seem to get a break, and it
ain't doing a body no favors
outside of Japan.
04-05-2012, 04:08 PM #857
The Barking Dead Member
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Quote: Another strontium leak at Fukushima nuclear plant

Tokyo Electric Power Company says more radioactive wastewater has leaked from its Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. The water contained high levels of strontium.

Workers at the plant discovered the leak at around 1:00 AM on Thursday. They noticed an increase in water flowing through a pipe connected to a wastewater tank.
Read the rest: www3.nhk.or.jp

A little more here:

Quote:About 12 tonnes of water contaminated with radiation has leaked from Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear plant.

Plant operator TEPCO believes most of the water flowed into the Pacific Ocean. It says the contaminated water leaked from a treatment pipe.

The water contained radioactive strontium which tends to accumulate in bones and can cause leukaemia.

It is the second time in two weeks there has been a leak of contaminated water from the nuclear plant, prompting yet another apology from TEPCO.
Read the rest: abc.net.au

This seems to be getting worse instead of better. All that talk of a cold shutdown was bull.
I read some grim statistics about ocean impacts this morning:

Quote:Cesium levels in the Pacific had initially gone up an astonishing 45 million times above pre-accident levels. The levels then declined rapidly for a while, but after that, they unexpectedly levelled off.In July, cesium levels stopped declining and remained stuck at 10,000 times above pre-accident levels.This means the ocean isn’t diluting the radiation as expected. If it had been, cesium levels would have kept falling.The finding suggests that radiation is still being released into the ocean long after the accident in March, 2011.
Read the rest: setyoufreenews.com
04-07-2012, 06:11 PM #858
Upāsaka Member
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MSNBC on Reactor No. 2: It is beyond human capability, “problem gets worse and worse and worse” — The really bad news is this is the good news, as they can’t even determine what is going on at Reactors No. 1 and 3


Quote:You want the fuel to be covered with water to keep it cool and shield radiation
Expected 33 feet, only 2 feet of water in reactor
That’s very, very bad
A symptom that something is very wrong
It is also a cause of yet more going wrong there… There’s nothing shielding the radiation that’s coming out of that fuel
The current plan is to invent something new that doesnt exist yet
The thing that does not exist that can allow us to even try to fix this problem
The thing that we could imagine might be useful to fix this problem, we’re going to have to invent
While the problem gets worse and worse and worse
It is beyond human capability
The really bad news is this is the good news… can’t even get near
They can’t even go near No. 1 and 3 to inspect
Nuclear problems are problems we don’t know how to fix

Ambassador Murata writes to UN Secretary General: “It is no exaggeration to say that the fate of Japan and the whole world depends on No. 4 reactor” — Appeals for independent assessment team http://enenews.com/ambassador-murata-wri...sment-team

The truth id the situation is seeping out, even if its still low balled
Quote:Former UN adviser: If No. 4 pool collapses I’ve been told “during 50 years continual, you cannot contain”http://enenews.com/former-un-advisor-ive...tain-video
USGS issues announcement about polar bears with oozing sores, hair loss in Alaska — Gov’t testing for radiation — 3 of 4 captured yesterday affected — Similar symptoms as recent mystery seal deaths (PHOTO & AUDIO)http://enenews.com/usgs-issues-announcem...ery-seal-d
Quote:Transcript Excerpts

Biologists have found Polar Bears in the Beaufort Sea with hair loss and skin lesions. Those are the same symptoms that have sickened ice seals and walruses in the arctic since last summer and led the federal government to declare the incident an unusual mortality event. Scientists are just beginning an investigation into whether polar bears are suffering from the same thing. [...]

So far, the field scientists have found hair loss on nine of the 33 bears they’ve captured. The bears have skin lesions on their head, neck and ears. [...]

Dozens of seals have died from the disease, but no walrus deaths are attributed to it. Scientists don’t know yet if the walrus and seals are suffering from the same thing. Although the veterinary pathologist who has done most of the necropsies on the animals say the lesions look very similar under the microscope. [...]

Tony Degange, with USGS

“The first day we observed it was on March 21st and we had three captures and two of them had Alopecia, which is the skin loss and so it was like, ‘oh that’s interesting.’ Then we started picking it up on other animals in later March so it was like, this is more than normal.”
“The bears appear to be healthy otherwise. We haven’t seen any dead bears, so its not a mortality event as far as we know. But the fact that its occurring at the same time as this unexplained mortality event with seals certainly raises the interest level.”
Out of four polar bears biologists captured yesterday, three had skin lesions and hair loss

Julie Speegle, spokesperson for the National Marine Fisheries Service

“We still don’t know what is causing the disease. But our scientists have ruled out a number of bacteria and viruses that are known to affect marine mammals.”
“So just a couple more possible causes of illness that we have ruled out and we continue to go forward with studying samples and trying to find out what is causing this disease.”

tissueguy.giftissueguy.giftissueguy.giftissueguy.gif I feel sick to the pit of my stomach after reading those horror stories. Going to get gloriously drunk tonight to deal with the uncontrollable nightmare. I refuse to keep my head in the sand. Just occasionally drown it with alcohol.
04-07-2012, 06:32 PM #859
Octo Mother Superior
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ğck ! It's literally sickening tissueguy.gif
04-08-2012, 02:57 PM #860
Shadow Incognito Anonymous
sad2.gif Woke up this morning with a bad feeling about today.
04-08-2012, 08:04 PM #861
Upāsaka Member
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Quote:Fukushima will start burning radioactive waste — 100,000 Bq/kg to be incinerated — 1 billion pounds of debris in exclusion zone -Mainichihttp://enenews.com/just-in-fukushima-wil...e-mainichi

If they do this,gaah.gif beyond totally ƒükkêd up! Sending the worse of the worse into the atmosphere spreading worldwide. I know they've been burning waste elsewhere in Japan. It doesn't do anything but spread it! Where's the condemnation! Iran is building a nuke plant and could get bombed for it. But Japan can happily spread its own nuclear waste weaponry worldwide. Please someone wake me up out of this nightmare.
04-09-2012, 11:21 AM #862
Octo Mother Superior
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(04-08-2012, 02:57 PM)Shadow Wrote:  sad2.gif Woke up this morning with a bad feeling about today.

I did that this morning sad2.gif

04-11-2012, 09:26 AM #863
Shadow Incognito Anonymous
The cells of the stamen hairs of some Tradescantia are colored blue, but when exposed to sources of ionizing radiation such as gamma rays, the cells mutate and change color to pink; they are one of the few tissues known to serve as an effective bioassay for ambient radiation levels


It detects radiation


04-11-2012, 03:04 PM #864
Octo Mother Superior
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Great find Shadow! hi5.gif

Army Stockpiles Anti-Radiation Pills To Protect Against Fukushima Fallout

According to a solicitation on the FedBizOpps.gov website, the DLA is looking to finalize the purchase of almost $400,000 dollars worth of potassium iodide pills, which work by helping the the body’s thyroid gland block cancer-causing radioiodines.

The posting states that the DLA requires 75,000 blister packs of pills, each of which contain 14 potassium iodide tablets, enough to last 2 weeks for one adult. The solicitation specifies the need to “ensure that critical operational forces are protected in the event of nuclear fallout,” as the reason behind the purchase, adding that, “The recent earthquake in Japan in March of 2011 and the resultant nuclear crisis has renewed interest in this item.”

04-11-2012, 05:21 PM #865
Upāsaka Member
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Quote:Nuclear Expert: Spent Fuel Pool No. 4 likely to shatter or collapse onto its side in a M7.0 quake

Gundersen: No. 3 fuel pool worse off than No. 4 — Mechanically it’s rubble, the pool is rubble — Nobody has even gotten near it yet (AUDIO, 30 min.)http://enenews.com/gundersen-3-fuel-pool...tten-audio

gaah.gif Need to get to the southern hemisphere! UK right in the way of the Jet Stream.
04-11-2012, 05:27 PM #866
Shadow Incognito Anonymous
Octo and I badly want to buy this place gaah.gif

04-11-2012, 05:51 PM #867
Octo Mother Superior
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Oh yes!!! sad2.gif
04-11-2012, 06:05 PM #868
Upāsaka Member
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Looks great!

I've currently learning Spanish to help with my move. Audio learning set arrived at the library for me to pick up today.

...I know the main language is Portuguese in Brasil.
04-11-2012, 07:57 PM #869
Upāsaka Member
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Quote:BSRRW president Roland von Malmborg and ECRR scientific secretary Pr. Chris Busby. October 2011

The book Pr Busby recommends: "Defending the Environment: Civil Society Strategies to Enforce International Environmental Law". By Linda A. Malone & Scott Pasternack. 2004, New York.

other link on the subject

04-12-2012, 07:29 PM #870
Upāsaka Member
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