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The Fukushima Disaster
11-21-2013, 05:10 PM #1,336
UniqueStranger Art in my heart
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Video at link showing removal of a fuel rod...only 1500+ to go. damned.gif

11-22-2013, 01:27 AM #1,337
phyrefly Member
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Pubmed searches for anything linked to current reports must move beyond the moving wall of published literature. In other words, not only is Pubmed dumbed down about radiation effects post-Fuku, so too are follow-up reports on starfish and bleeding fish eyeballs. What Jaba wants is to make the prisoners anxious with fresh apocalyptae a la Alex Jones, and asking us to get amnesia because there are no follow-up reports: the scientists, even though they possess the means of producing diagnoses (even by elimination[italics]!) are not doing it. This, as the reader can see bark beetle videos, is a job-security move, as the young girl tells us what forests of the future will look like because the beetles have eaten a certain tree species all gone. We can easily crucify arrogance such as this with published documents that show early studies verifying how many bark beeltes needed to die to prevent an epidemic. She's also likely a petroleum addict. Delirious. For cutting edge, one dates Swedish bicycling women with invisible helmets.

One can start a more rigorous investigation of their own, here:

How To Translate Webpages From Japanese

11-22-2013, 05:52 AM #1,338
Softy Incognito Anonymous
The starfish deal is really strange,,,as are some others,,,

like the herring fishing yielding empty nets,,,

could be some kind of secondary radiation effect,,,

some kind of godzilla bacteria,,,instead of a direct

radiation effect...

11-24-2013, 03:44 PM #1,339
Shadow Incognito Anonymous
Anonymous Kritter Show this Post
11-24-2013, 09:25 PM #1,340
Anonymous Kritter Incognito Anonymous
Elsewhere we have already mentioned "metal mouth" in Tokyo, increased dog-bites post-Fuku, and saltpeter. In conjunction with the above report on thyroid cancers and the Rachel Carson breast cancer hypothesis, we urge the reader to investigate the chemistry postassium nitrate as well, recalling that influenza studies in Scandinavia also took spent munitions into consideration. If not mistaken, the parameters of potassium nnitrate include both the concepts "hot" and a "cold" as well as the concept of 578nm yellow light allowing two atoms of iodine to break H-H bonds. We cannot verify this at this time for lack of access to the appropriate text. We agree with Sokolova on temperature and oysters, and we add here one other study that links (only 6kDa difference) our already-mentioned 27kDa heat-shock protein in breast cancer, and resonates with fish pineal chemistry of the salmon now sequestered in Jaba's South Dakota Matrix:

Adenylate Cyclase / Rous Sarcoma / 21kDa / Permissive- Non-Permissive 33 Degees Centigrade, 39 Degrees Centigrade

In the last few days, our investigative trajectory, before we knew of the above study, was going in the direction of the thyroid, and this folowing excerpt is important for revealing the absurdity of a one-size-fits-all radiation model:

'Although one may question the reported figures fo fatal thyroid carcinoma in Japanese that are among the lowest in the world, there is no evidence that fatal thyroid carcinoma is more frequent in Japan than in the U.S. (The rates for both countries are low). The relation between the very high prevalence of occult thyroid carcinoma at autopsy and the relatively low mortality rates of thyroid carcinoma in Japan remains unexplained.'
(Journal of the American Medical Association [7 Jul 1969] 209:65)

What we invoke to reinforce the Rachel Carson cold-shock breast cancer hypothesis is 1) according to Chinese acupuncture, there are two points on the female leg that will induce abortion, 2) Rachel Carson did not give birth to offspring, and 3) Carson's chronic cold-shock to the sural occurred mostly every time (before[italics]) hepatocyte regeneration around 8:00 P.M. in the evening, noting that fish biologists have a tough time seeing any physiological link to T4, they would rather cathect T3. That is why we point out that blood cortisol is a different critter in the morning as compared to evening, for we are very suspicious of the first possible fish prions in South Dakota: Yakurimba's athetoid dance from suffering from kuru is precisely our concern here, because his heart rub could be heard three feet out from the body without the aid of a stethoscope!
11-24-2013, 10:20 PM #1,341
phyrefly Member
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We here intensify the Rachel Carson-salmon connection to occult thyroid carcinoma, bearing in mind Rachel's non-childbirth record:

'The observations correlating the increasing plasma T4 concentration with the transition from parr to smolt, and the final plasma T4 "surge" with late stages of smoltification and the onset of migratory activity have led to the fomration of a general hypothesis that proposes a synchronization of downstream migration that is initiated by the T4 "surge." On the surface, this is an attractive hypothesis, but on several counts, it is not supported by our present knowledge of the role of the thyroid hormones in salmonids. Firstly, most investigators working in the discipline accept that triiodothyronine (T3), produced by peripheral tissues such as the liver and kidney (among others), is the biologically active thyroid hormone, and that T4 forms the precursor molecule, and has little inherent biological activity of its own. If this is the case, one might expect to see significant changes in plasma T3 levels but not necessarily T4 during smoltification; in fact, there is little consistent evidence of changes of plasma T3 concentrations associated with either smoltification or downstream migration. Secondly, except for isolated reports of thyroid hormone effects on some aspects of the parr-smolt change (see the list above), there is a paucity of evidence to show direct links between thyroid hormones and the behavioural, physiological and morphological changes that are characteristic of smoltification. Thus if the T4 changes are the endocrine synchronizer of smoltification and subsequent downstream migration, they can, at best, have indirect effects, perhaps initiating the cascade of physiological changes that coordinate the parr-smolt metamorphosis; however, there is little experimental evidence to support such a view....There is unequivocal evidence of circalunar- or circasyzygic (semilunar)-related rhythms of migratory behaviour in several species of fish. In most cases, these behavioural rhythms are synchronized with the incidence of the high spring tides that occur on the new and full moon.'
(Leatherland JF, et al, Lunar and Semilunar Rhythms in Fishes, in Rhythms in Fishes, Plenum NATO Scientific Series [1992])

Since the thyroid is the sexual gland par excellence, what should be verified now if not sooner, is the increase or decrease in Hashimoto's thyroiditis cases occurring near the sea as related to those cases occurring further inland. This will give more insight into the selenium connection we propose for the stop-codon link to the iodo moiety of thyroid hormones, the ferret's thyroid hormone pulse at 6-8Hz, and the fact that Carson's physicians suggested endocrine ablation. This coming lunar cycle and its syzygy is prime time, because after this one, the days will start to get longer, just as rabiesvirus (rhabdovirus) sequences in plants are longer than those found in mammals. Furthermore, we note the first ever tumor found in chicken crystallin and implicate glycine in its assistance in forming, as we note the differences of Fukushima-obe presimmons (infected by rhabdoviruses) and their nictotinic acid content, while investigating the (crystallin and metamorphosis[italics]) parameters of the silkworm.
11-25-2013, 08:46 PM #1,342
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Fukushima SFP#4 Fuel Rod Removal Update 11/22/13

11-26-2013, 04:17 PM #1,343
UniqueStranger Art in my heart
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The Japanese are asking other countries to host their nuclear waste - so far, no takers. The Japanese are asking for technological help (why didn't they think of this when they were building and operating these plants? wtf2.gif) - this is very scary because they and other countries just don't have safe long-term solutions and land (unless they start burying it in the ocean/seas? sad2.gif) for the storage of nuclear waste. damned.gif

Quote:It has been suggested that there could be multinational or regional repositories located in a willing host country that would accept waste from several countries. They could include, for example use by others of a national repository operating within a host country, or a fully international facility owned by a private company operated by a consortium of nations or even an international organisation. However, for the time being, many countries would not accept nuclear waste from other countries under their national laws. National policies towards radioactive waste management are listed in Waste Management in the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Appendix 3: National Policies and the information page on International nuclear waste disposal concepts.

Are they are looking to Australia because of its geology?

Quote:Pangea Resources earlier identified a large area of outback Australia as having appropriate characteristics for deep geological disposal, and hence for an international repository.



11-26-2013, 07:46 PM #1,344
phyrefly Member
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It will, by default, become more difficult to categorize these threads as time goes on. Yahoo Groups ctrl came up with the notion that Mossad was somehow involved with security at Fukushima before and during the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. This is an intriguing concept, for when we re-rock Sandy Hook, we find that the Lanza house could not be seen from the street and that Mossad is traditionally known as adepts at residential hits. Apart from smuggling into the shcool the dead, light body of an autist, is the birth of another name Lanza, precisely at the location and during the time of Europe's most violent earthquake ever recorded, Messina, 28 Dec 1908. Furthermore, Paul Klebinikov in his Godfather of the Kremlin, traces a huge shipment of aluminum to the U.S. from Russia, losing the trail precisely in California's Ernst and Young accounting firm, precisely where Adam Lanza's older brother worked on the East Coast. Yet, would Mossad be dumb enough to perpetrate Sandy Hook, after one of their recruits checks out in an Australian prison? It does suggest a stigmatization operation, at the very least. Then too, a resident of earlier Sandy Hook was apparently involved in the forgery of the Bat Creek Stone, supposedly of either Uchee or Jewish origin. If the Uchee (Yuchi) ethnographer, Tuggle, said that fluent-spoken Yuchi sounds just like Japanese, what are we to think of the paleo whale fossils found at the Yuchi Formation off the coast of Hokkaido? Judging from the evidence on the Georgia coast, the Japanese-like shell mounds found there do suggest that the Japanese were in North America long before White Eyes came.

Linking geographically closer to our current radiation traumas is the recent report from the Bourne Courier about the replenishment of potassium iodide pills in health installation on the Cape. That would likely be Cape Cod, then noting the transport of waste from Chalk Creek nuclear facility to South Carolina, as the psychopath, Lindsay Graham, cries out in agony that a nuclear attack could be immanent. These are the reasons we perked when "metal mouth" was reported in Tokyo. "No, Dummy, to make a junkyard dog mean, you don't feed it Russian aluminum, you feed it saltpeter." Not only does potassium nitrate chemistry link a "hot" and "cold" concept with which to apply a breast cancer hypothesis in Rachel Carson's case as well as dysgeusia, it links the documented increase in rabid dog bites in Washington, D.C. precisely during the several years that include the Messina earthquake. Actually, we did take Sharon Stone's Chinese earthquake karma theory seriously.
11-26-2013, 08:14 PM #1,345
phyrefly Member
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We add that the government report on large cesium signature in Alaska does link to Jaba's report about grizzly bears eating moths before hibernation, which came after our report, when James Bond went back in the time machine to ask Joe-Pye the Massaoit about bears and berries. The Alaska grizzly is indeed going for the fat bodies of moths, but we still think Joe-Pye's observation is groovier. If Alaskan biologists think they are hot, then what can one do but to go with their momentum: we have found the link to mulberries and silkmoths from a published Japanese genetics study, noting that entomopox viruses of insects are very similar to poxviruses in mammals: these viruses behave homogenously in Cesium chloride gradients, which should be interesting further on: deoxynojirimycine from the food tree of the silkworm, Morus (mulberry) prevents the maturation of the hepatitis B virus, because tree is intelligent enough to synthesize anti-pathogenic compounds after the first frost, when it is alerted that it is now time to go into dormancy and not be molested by funky things. Since U.S. soldiers in California and elsewhere were coming down with hepatitis B infections after a vaccination campaign precisely during the month that included Pearl Harbor, it seemed worth mentioning. Sorbus berries are from the Rowan tree of the witches. "And it hurt not another, berry as thy will."
11-28-2013, 02:54 AM #1,346
Shadow Incognito Anonymous
Really interesting phyrefly reading.gif thanks
11-29-2013, 08:09 PM #1,347
phyrefly Member
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Thanks for your reply, Shadow. The reference to hepatitis B vaccinatrions during the month of the attack on Pearl Harbor mentioned an installation in New York as the source of the contamination. We will double check today, that the name "International" was also in the name of the institution. If so, then the reader is invited to review the RFE RL report on the Austrian Blood Scandal, which was also an international company, in the threads at pbc. Now its hep C in Kazakhstan. The interesting thing is that when we apply a double-christ model, which also includes a third entity, the Udihe word jiso 'soap,' we come up with all kinds of resonance: the Japanese Fisherfolk who indeed appeared to be walking on the water when the Sea of Japan was shallow enogh to cross to Japan from the Chinese mainland, the island of Yezo now Hokkaido, and the Yuchi Formation off that coast, fluently-spoken Yuchi supposedly sounding just like Japanese. Deliriously enough, at the water's edge of these places there is the foam of the seashore, thus Manchu pekun 'foam.'

In Kistemaker et al's The Chinese Sky During The Han, which this writer has examined, the B.C. star charts in the back of the book depict in the constellation Lupus, the asterism jizu 'a group of soldiers.' Thus, when the Chinese, as a modus operandi of expansion shoot up and stigmatize the Uighurs with an hepadnavirus evolved from duck and fish ponds, we are going to pay attention to the fish ponds the Chinese proposed in Chechnya, funded via a Russian bank, which reports about that bank went silent for entire year of 2006. If not mistaken, this was the year of death for both Politkovskaya (killed by a Chinese invention) and Litvinenko (killed by polonium). What is very strange is that at one time, the price at Amazon.com for The Chinese Sky During The Han was precisely $108. This is the number of hours allowed for the inspection of some nuclear facilities, and seems to be some type of standard. If indeed Mossad was involved in security at Fuku, it would be bordering on the bizarre: Chinese jizu's 'group of soldiers' shoot up the Uighurs with HBV, and the flip side is U.S. 'christian' soldiers being shot up with HBV during the month of Pearl Harbor. According to a Manchu, Mongolian, and Central Asian expert with whom this writer personally communicated, the Ughurs were originally already in the valley the Han Chinese claim as theirs.
12-01-2013, 11:37 PM #1,348
phyrefly Member
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A Russian report links both the hep B-contaminated yellow fever vaccine and the mafia-dumping ground for radioactive waste in the Mediterranean:

Ten Most Radioactive Places On Earth

And it is precisely the Italians who most easily recover from a bout of sandfly-vectored pappataci fever:

'A report of great importance covers the experience of Russian workers in immunization against pappataci fever. Althought this report was actually published in 1940, unfortunately it did not come to the notice of scientists in the U.S. especially interested in yellow fever prevention until the summer of 1942 when a copy of an English translation was very kindly furnished to the investigative team by Col. Bayne-Jones who received it from Lt. Col. Lucke. The article appeared in the Terapevticheski Arkhiv, but it was subsequently discovered that the number of the journal containing this particular report had not been received by any of the New York medical libraries, apparently because of war conditions. This report by Sergiev et al (1940) describes an outbreak of jaundice which followed immunization against pappataci fever. In certain seasons of the year this fever is common in parts of southern Russia along the Black Sea coast....The inoculation consisted of human serum obtained from a person at the onset of experimental pappataci fever 3.5 days after the injection of a strain known as " A. Poliakova."...To obtain further proof, 0.1ml of the virus-containing serum was injected into each of 4 mental patients in the Moscow Rural Psychiatric Hospital. One of these developed jaundice 4 months later. Fourteen other patients in the same institution inoculated similarly but with different samples of serum developed no jaundice.'
(Sawyer et al Jaundice In Army Personnel In The Western Region Of The United States And Its Relation To Vaccination Against Yellow Fever, Am. J. Hyg. [1944])
12-08-2013, 06:10 PM #1,349
Shadow Incognito Anonymous
Highest Radiation Level Ever, Lethal In 20 Minutes

NHK reported today that TEPCO said radiation levels are extremely high in an area near a ventilation pipe at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. TEPCO found radiation of 25 sieverts an hour on a duct, which connects reactor buildings and the 120-meter-tall ventilation pipe.

Putting this number in context the estimated radiation level is the highest ever detected outside reactor buildings. People exposed to this level of radiation would die within 20 minutes.


Getting way out of hand there. As if it hasn't been for nearly 3 years sad2.gif
12-13-2013, 09:10 PM #1,350
NODOOM Truthtard
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