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The Meme of Psy-Ops, such as: "Qanon" and "The Nobody"
04-08-2021, 08:08 PM #1
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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This page is not mine, I found it during a Start Page Search.

This person sure has put a lot of work into analyzing Spy Op Front Forums and the Memes of Brainwashing.

Click the Link, Some of you may know this Blogger from other Forums we used to visit.

04-08-2021, 09:10 PM #2
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Owing to my Life Experience with MK Ultra Trauma Based Brainwashing/Mind Control.

It's very easy for me to spot Psy-Ops in the Works.

Recently ( last decade and a Half )

I've watched and followed to an extant, a few, that were interesting to watch the Effects on People.

One was an old GLP thread entitled: Destiny, will she awaken.

The most powerful Brainwash Meme I've witnessed this past few years, was the "Qanon" Formulated Disinformation Threads.

Indeed, that Meme took hold deep and hard on so many people, even I was impressed.

I read 3 post of the Qanon releases , read all three one after the other, and only those three, when it was Obvious to me,
that it was Total Theatrics, and pure Meme Generated Psy-Ops. In exact MK Ultra Style.

The other amazing Psy-Op generated Brainwashing Theatrics is this : Covid-19 Trauma Based Fear inducing Hoax.

THAT, that right there, had the strongest effect on the the highest percentage of Humanity,
Since the "Red Scare" of the 50's through the 80's of last century.

Amazed I was to witness people with abject fear in their eyes, engage in insane activities .

No, I did not feel sorry for those people whom were so deeply effected, not in the least Iota.

Most are weak of Mind and Spine, and are Phobic from Birth, almost all of them, are Selfish Pigs, and care not a bit
about other members of Humanity.

( and they Hoarded Toilet Paper, and that fucking Blew my Mind, who the fuck Hoards shit wipes? fuck 'em)

I'll make it very clear, for a fact, my critical thinking, views all forums, social media platforms, et al on the Internet,
as Platforms for Intelligence Agent's Front Operations.

For a Fact, there is a Training Program for Troll Squads, funded by the "Black-Ops" allotment in the Budget of the
Intelligence Community.

Do I trust?

Baaaa Waaa Ha Ha!

I can Trust this: If it breaths, it can as well deceive

Do I care?

Nope, not gonna happen.

Covid is a Global Trauma Weapon, A Tool against Humanity, a Crime Weapon in one of the Largest Crimes against Humanity
in Centuries.

Can The Common Citizen Prove it exist?

Not no,,, but Fuck NO!

It's the perfect Ghost, you cannot prove it exist, you cannot prove it doesn't exist,

and ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, even without solid hard personal evidence, Most People believe the Covid Ghost is Rock Solid Real.

Try this thought

a person sitting next to you, suddenly drops dead at your feet.

Are you Knowledgeable enough to state for a Fact that you know exactly what caused their Death?

Not unless you witnessed and external source for the cause of Death, like a Bullet, but even then, was it the Bullet
or the shock of shitting their pants that stopped their Heart?

Ok, see what I'm relating?

Simply, Human Minds are so easily Manipulated.

Enjoy the Link I posted.

see ya's
04-09-2021, 05:55 PM #3
ARCH Incognito
I do miss the early days when there was angels and there believers in a forum now they turned into echo chambers to control and focus its sad .
04-10-2021, 08:50 PM #4
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Hi Arch

Arch Linux perhaps? tee hee

Our own Nobody should stop by ,

Ok copy pasted from above link, ( and yes, I am one of the "Stalked Target Individuals"


"As I mentioned in The Nobody Meme: some facts/sources, the nobody meme is not a story that has ever gone viral, saturating broad domains of culture. Rather the meme has only really seen transmission within the ‘Conspiracy Theory forum’ community – where it piggybacked off the migrations of members from boards like GLP to LOP to ATS to CT Cantina and beyond. But The Nobody meme was poorly understood at first in its role as a carrier of the cryptic “TI” syndrome – the feeling that one was being watched, fucked with, and otherwise stalked by a mysterious and unnerving group of shadowy foes.
Incidentally the descriptions by the victims of such encounters match exactly the profile of a paranoid schizophrenic, and it is very difficult as a well-conditioned member of our society to listen to accounts of gangstalking without believing the person we are talking to is crazy. Even worse, those who begun to notice these symptoms in themselves grappled with their own faith in being sane.
Also interesting to consider: I recently learned that ‘nobody’ is a moniker that is often adopted by members of the intelligence community when trying to pass along a message." End copy/paste "

I've found on the Forums over the decades, that almost every poster/Avatar, that claims to a T.I. ( Targeted Individual )

Has eluded to being used by the C.I.A. & N.S.A. as Toys for their Brainwash/Mind Control Experiments from Childhood to Adulthood.

For us T.I.'s,
At some point in our Lives, each of us, will receive the "Call", "The Trigger" that will ignite our pre-programmed "Command"

Does the World look to you, a lot Crazier than ever before in your Life?

Pfft, save your Wind, The answer is known. thanks anyway.

Lot's of Mass Shootings?


seems to me that some MK Ultra Labrats are receiving the "Call"

Just as Sirhan Sirhan received his "Call" and the Subsequent Triggers. ( for young readers, refer to Bobby Kennedy Murder )

ok, gonna run along now.
04-10-2021, 09:20 PM #5
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Mentions our old Haunt:" GLP "

Copy/Paste Material


Trauma Bond Programming – Framework of a Psyop

Sensitivity – empathetic abilities – are the basis of ‘psyche’ based skills and talents – whether or not you believe in the ‘supernatural’, merely the ability to ‘win friends and influence people’ could be called a ‘psyche’ ability. Postmodern ‘psy’ arenas combine behemoths in working out an affective approach to behavior modification. The power of generative metaphor and fiction are lesser known aspects of applied psychology that tie heavily into the mythic rites. While everybody is aware that GLP is interested in behavioral modification and group dynamics, few are awuadare that trauma programming which mirrors cult conditioning is a frequent practice.

~~~~~~~~~~~ End Quoted Material ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ok, and perhaps by chance or covert manipulation, during a search engine of my internet handle,

I came across a forum: ProxyWhoreRefuge

the members all posted on GLP and were bragging about their Psy_Ops Antics and their various Avatars used at GLP
in their "Psy-Games against certain individuals who also posted at GodlikeProductions.

ProxyWhoreRefuge was obviously a Watering Hole for the Intelligence Community "Troll Squads" to gather together after Hours
and swap their stories .

I myself was baited to GLP from another forum run by the UFO Researcher "Jim Marrs " when Jim's Wife suddenly decided
to shut down Jim's Page.

I believe members here will recall the individual that set the Bait with an email to me, however, The Avatar they used is but one out of many
and we all are mostly already aware of status.

Interesting how every "Child" used in the MK Ultra Trauma Based Brainwashing/Mind Control Experiments, would later in Life,
end up a Member on CT Forums,

How is that Possible,

Easy answer is, all of us at some point, were baited or directed to those Forums.

more later, it's "Smoke a Cig" Time
04-10-2021, 09:24 PM #6
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Continue GLP outline


"Trauma programming ‘runs in the background’ of the Godlikeproductions Forum, and sets the overall tone and atmosphere to evoke basic excitation in biometrics; in other words to stress you out a little, stimulate you, maybe scare you a tad , all of which will elevate your vital signs and put you in an ‘alert mode’. The stories on the front page will be brutal, graphic, scathing, or maybe kinda gross. The flame posters are recognizable by their hostility, reactiveness, exaggeration, and frequent/irreverent profanity while they lash out at any user who is the direct or proxy target of that time. The idea is to make you defensive, as we are social creatures whom tend to become physiologically excited when insults and hostility are directed at us unjustly. Your blood pumps faster and your breathing becomes more shallow, and frequent."

end quote

Pretty Spot on analysis, is it not?

04-10-2021, 09:46 PM #7
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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For the Other T.I.'s, as stated by the Author, posted here in hopes to Help other T.I.'s


"The presentation of targeting is not consistent with true paranoid schizophrenia for a few reasons
1) paranoid schizophrenia is not a temporary break from reality, and although it may be triggered by environmental stressors the patient is not expected to recovered from delusions or hallucinations after environmental stability has been normalized. T.I’s on the other hand, even if they do experience psychotic symptoms, experience them transiently generally as a result of severe environmental triggers such as exhaustion and psychological torture
2) because transient paranoid schizophrenia has been experimentally replicated – as a military tactic of psychological destabilization – in patients with no history of mental illness.
3) T.I are aware that what they are experiencing may not be real – they maintain the ability to discern that their mental state is not natural nor is it likely what others in the immediate environment are experiencing
Navigating the paranoia that will inevitably be created as you learn about The Nobody is a careful balancing act that really ought to require the forethought of sane and rational folk who will not rush in headlong and expose their minds to all sorts more frightful ghoolies then it can take in one day.
Conditioning, however, tends to work in the opposite way. As a character on the forum, you are interacting with a massive analytics system every time you communicate with the server. It is foolish to believe that you are not donating to psyop machine by posting online – especially posting on GLP, seeing as it is a place where information is mined pushed and stored in a massive archive for the pleasure of Intel Ops.
That being said, it is not much of a stretch to suppose that each unique user ID has an associated repository data dump that can be accessed at any time. Sometimes, this is a little frightening. Do not let it scare you, it is all just smoke and mirrors, unless you forget that your mind is always your and do something silly, like getting yourself committed to a mental institution which unfortunately happens to a large percentage of folks who get caught up in in the spook fest.
It is understandable. When I was targeted for the first time, what happened to me was terrifying. There was a phrase that appeared all over the forum like ‘majik’ before it disappeared. Like a trigger. Shortly thereafter shit went weird. There was a desynchronization between the two hemispheres of my brain and I felt a strange sensation in my perception of my head. And then I saw my first Archon….
…there are some things that ought to be learned for oneself. I have written this for those who are yet still at a crossroads and for those who may find this appended document interesting or informative. For those who cannot quite find it in themselves to believe the things described here are possible, I would perhaps suggest that so much more then this is possible. is true.

END COPY/Pasted Material.

Make sense?


Keep forefront in your awareness, that all and everything in the Cyber World, is a Formulated Theatric.

Doing so, helps deflect the Psychological Effects as desired by the Agents.

or, say it as I do: " Nothing Matters, but,,,,,,, it doesn't Matter"

On the Web, it's text, video, Photos.

none of it should run your Psyche and Emotions.

it's all Fake

Why would you let it bother you?

Mmm Hmmm, see what I mean?
04-10-2021, 09:47 PM #8
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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04-14-2021, 11:42 PM #9
nolomolistari Member
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(04-10-2021, 02:47 PM)Cynicalabsurdance Wrote:  For the rest

read it here:


reminds me of the old days of the aviary  .:.
Yesterday, 08:15 AM #10
UniqueStranger Art in my heart
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The nobody says it all.


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