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The Stage
09-23-2015, 10:48 PM #1
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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The Stage , :

Ok , I have to stand there , still , unmoving , and wait ,, while I watch everyone on the dance floor stare at us , damned hard
to maintain while LSD is slipping it's fingers around your memmes

Stand there and look at people looking at me , watch people as they watch me back or in my mind , I'm asking : Whose looking back , me or them , am I looking at them , and they are looking back ,,,,
or are they looking at me , and I'm the one that's looking back ?

LSD works in that fashion , the multiples just seep out of your mind , perceptions multiply ,,, no singularity can be found in the open expanse , where your mental borders have been released
and sent out the window for a long walk on their own

Stand still and confront the muse ,,, which ? whose looking back,,,

dawns on me that I'd need to know who looked first

me ? or them ?

Tink ,,,
Ting ,,,,

thrump ,,,

ROG '!!!

whisper under my breath ,,, " what ? "

TING on the symbol ,,,
drummer ?

yes , he's looking first , so I'm definitely the one looking back this
time ,,,


Key of ' E " ? I whisper ( I have no idea what song we're playing )

NO ! ,, " D " !

she's not whispering ,,, it's a shout I think ,,,
she was whispering , just that my hearing was enhanced ,,

I looked out at the dance floor ,,, Blue eye's under long dark lashes ,,, it's HER ,,, Elise ,,, SING !

" Somethings happening here ,,, what it is ain't exactly clear ,,

there's a man with a gun over there ,,,
telling me I gotta beware ,,,

It's time we STOP ,,,, children ,,, what's that sound ,,,

everybody look ,,,, what's goin' down ,,,

STOP !!!

Seven levels of thought processing was going on in my mind ,,,,

Internal processor ,,, dou core ,,,

I broke from the traditional lyrics and went into jamming
insights from an alternate view ,,,

mixed with the original lyrics ,,,,
09-23-2015, 10:58 PM #2
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:10,644 Threads:245 Joined:Feb 2011
Ting ,,, again that "Drop D Chord , again the TING ta TING ,," Buffalo Springfield banner crossed my eyes ,,, THAT's IT ! ,,, for what it's worth ,,, hey , I know that song ,,, as I stare back at the drummer from inside one layer of mind as one of the higher layers stimulates my voice ,,, I can hear me ,,, but there's that Buzz ,, Amp ? is it the ,,, ??? ( it's always that way on the trip , that incoming Buzz noise ,,, or is it outgoing ??? ) ,,, TIME ,,, we STOP ,,, children what's that BUZZ ,,, could it be,,,,,,,,, a Bust by the FUZZ ,,, laughter mixed with Elf Giggles ,,, and I don't get it ,,, because I'm concerned with the Sound ,,, and being busted for smiling too often ,,, ( well , you know how red neck cops are ,,, they do that kind of shit ),,, Bright FLASH ! ,, whoa ,, " A thousand People in the Street ,,, some one's sitting on my feet ,,,( LAUGHTER ,, ) smokin' Weed between my Toe's ,,, got your panties under my Nose ,,, " ,, I know I'm lost on the lyrics ,,, but not embarrassed ,, no one faults a Trip Man ,,, thing about us kids back then ,,, we took care of each other ,,,

" Simply put " ,,, Man there is never anything simply put , set , given or taken ,,, about an LSD TRIP ,,, Parental ingrained cultural parameters melt out of your minds way ,,, and the many people that your are , begin to each see their own mask ,,, and you are not happy with any of your mask ,, but ,,, you get happy to see what your ,,, how to put it ??? Ok ,,, you're happy to see the faults , if for no other reason then to adjust them a tweak or two ,,, and laugh at your self for being so silly and over sensitive about how others view you ,,, make sense ? well no , not if you haven't taken that trip man .
Trip , isn't it ?

" I blurt into the Mic ,,, " What are all YOU FREAKERS Staring at ? "the whole floor of people swaying ,,, all with their eyes directly on me ,,, BIG SMILES break across their too soft and gentile faces ,,, and I'm reassured by that ,,, that they are watching me with good thoughts ,,, not because I may have my fly down ,,,, or a Booger hanging off my Chin ,,,, TING ! " HEY < IT's time we STOP,,,,, Children ,,, whats that NOISE ,,,, coming from all you Girls and Boys ,,, and the Bobbing swaying Ocean of heads on the dance floor ,,, flip face up ,, wide mouths letting out laughs ,,,, " It's in your mind Rog' ,,, it's your inner siren telling you the Ships leaving the dock ,,,, Bon Voyage Mon Cheri ,,, toot's sweet the sweet treat you tweet and eat ,,, Keeps going through the open doors in my head ,,,, that stupid Candy commercial " Get "cha " slogan ,,,, and I'm trying to do a Robert Plant singing a Steven Stills ,,, and again another Mask is revealed ,,, I'm replicating Rock Stars and not being that crazy bastard that this was to be about ,,, I'm here on the stage to entertain THEM ,,, with ME ,,, not entertain them with impersonating those F-ckers on an Album cover ,,,,

" Ting ,, and I sing ,, " There's something spacial in my head , have you ever listened to the words you've said " Rounder minds are all around ,, don't allow the squares to bring you down ",,,,,,,,,,,,, ( ( Squares were a reference to adult conservatives )) Lyrics from a mind uncontrolled by menial cultural concerns

I looked down at my feet ,, Mic above my waist as though holding a guitar ,, air guitar playing to the rhythmic feeling ,,, and think to myself about the new boots I'm wearing ,,,, " Impressive , nice boots ,,, people are probably impressed with your dressed ,,, THEN,, I think to myself ,,, why the concern with other peoples judgement of you for the way you dress ? " If they Judge you for the way you dress ,,, are you impressed with the way they think ? " ,,, No ,,,, they are shallow ,,, they have the depth of a blank sheet of paper ,,,, never hang with people who only except you if you meet their dress code Judgements ,,, why dress to impress people whose thinking ,,, you are not impressed with ? "

Some 4 billion insights came just from a glance at my new boots ,,, these were always in there ,,, in the DNA of my Consciousness ,, but locked back behind the walls of Cultural Taboo's ,,,, it took ,, well ,,, LSD melts those pathetic Infantile walls away ,,

Two girls take their tops off and throw them on stage ,,, HA ! ,,, into the Mic ,,, : " Damn ,,, if I'd of known ya'all were gonna get naked ,,, I'd of been here much sooner " ,,, LAUGHS that created a blue purple sound wave above the dancers ,,, thank the Imps ,,, that the drummer could keep a beat ,,, cause the rest of us couldn't do anything to keep them dancing ,,, we're all a mess with laughing now ,,,

''' Quote the improv lyrics " Rounder Minds are all around , don't allow the squares to bring you down " The thought just came back to me ,,,, the thought I was thinking when that lyric came to mind ,,, ,, CONTROL ,,, Don't allow anyone to control your birthright to be yourself ,,, no matter how free ,,, it's alright with me ''' Dance like no one's watching ,,, love like you have no fear of being hurt ,,, Ken Kesey ,,, my man .

,,,, of the many things you can do about being ,,, you cannot be you ,,, by attempting to maintain thoughts and actions that mimic what you think others want you to be . You are busy " BEING " when you are not being only someone that you believe others will find acceptable ,,, sometimes those " Others " are just freaking NUTZ ! Like the people who thought it a good Idea to make a weed a Felon ,,,

" Stop Children what's that sound ,,,, All the bankers trip and fall ,, splatting bills across the ground " and we don't seem to care at all ",,,,,,,,,,,,,, It's a Hippie thing man ,,, we can stretch and shape anything in any way we choose ,,, if done in Grace ,,,, it's loved

The Stage ,, With LSD , warp drive sights and sounds replace ,,, well ,, Time and Space are not lineal anyway , so it's not replacing them as it were ,,, it's more as though it allows time and space a little wider range to play in . The Stage ,,, I'm singing with this band for only the second time ,,, and some damned bone head had dosed a Bota Bag of cheap ass wine with about 10 hits of ",,,,,,, " Double Barrel Orange Sunshine " The old Owsley Stanley mix ,,, " That special little Sacrin tab with enough micro-dots for two trips around the Fractal Minds of an entire tribe of Inbred Hominids ,,, He'd offered a drink out of it and,,, and my mind is misspelling every thought it ever thought in my life ,,, confused at first ,,, it just got better and better until the confusion was all there was to everything in the Universe ,,, TOTAL ,,,

'' Sweat drips across and down the ridge of my nose ,,, I watch it slowly dive for the stage floor ,,, hoping it would do a half gainer on it's way to becoming a splat ,,,, it threw me a curve and did a back flip instead ,,, not disappointing mind you , I enjoyed the flip just as much as a Gainer ,,, simply cause the sweat drip tried at least to amuse me with it's stunt ,,, THAT ,,, impressed me ,,, hard act for me to follow ,,, but I'd try .
'''The Stage : ,, Lyric popped in from out there ,, or popped out from in here ,,, went like : " I don't know , but I been told ,,,, if you dance REAL HARD ,,,, you'll never grow old ,,,, Just as often ,,, heard it said ,,, if you don't dance harder ,,, you'll find we've fled ,,,, Dance

Paul at that , Hit a Power chord " G " and the kids cranked their hips with a shuffle like faerie sneeze ,,, harder we sang and played, harder they'd dance ,, pushing power back and forth ,,, keyed and tuned as one huge movement of bodies ,,, You can't break the limit on human interactive energy man ,,,, there isn't a limit .

" Counts for nuthin' if you don't enjoy ,,, your life is more,,,,, than just your toy ,,, " So Dance real hard ,,, never grow old ,,, doors wide open and cares been sold """ and so on the lyrics came and so the dance became ,,,,,

If you were not there with us to enjoy that night together ,,, no worries ,, we enjoyed so much that your enjoyment wasn't missed "

you can bring your enjoyment to share with us ,,, next round ,,, we have some to share with you ,,, fair exchange ?

( It's The Stage , The Trip is performance , your mind the Stage ,,, the Back doors of
the mind left open ,,, )
09-23-2015, 11:44 PM #3
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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it pretty much came out like this

09-23-2015, 11:54 PM #4
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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When the original like this ,,, is what we were attempting to perform


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