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The U.S. Government Is Not The Only One Suffering From Treasonous Rot
Hoffman Lenscrafter Show this Post
09-09-2015, 12:57 AM #1
Hoffman Lenscrafter Incognito
Clearly, America has a problem with treason at the highest levels of government. However, the American government is not the only one. Several other western governments are suffering from the exact same problem, and the facilitation of the deliberate refugee crisis should help the people in Europe see how badly they have been infected by this same national disease.

This "migrant crisis" was most likely cooked up in the Kremlin, and has been launched at about the same time that they are putting military resources into place in Syria. I believe the idea is to use the crisis not only to destabilize to soften up certain areas for future military action, i.e. invasion of southeastern Europe, but also to put pressure on western governments to get them to back down in ousting Assad, because Syria is of critical strategic importance for both Russia and the West.

By flooding Europe with refugees, the idea is to get the public to pressure their governments to withdraw support, so that Russia can continue to prop up Assad and maintain its strategic alliances in the Middle East.

What's interesting is how there are people in top level positions in European governments who are helping to facilitate this plan, which very well could mean that there is coordination between the Kremlin and people like Andrea Merkl. Yes, it appears that Europe is suffering from the same treasonous rot that is currently threatening the United States.

Only by coming together as people who are interested in the promise of liberty and self-rule, and against the New World Order, can it be defeated. The New World Order is global communism and it is no accident that there appears to be coordination between those in the Kremlin and high level government officials in the west, despite what the media is telling us concerning Cold War II. This is largely for show, while they shift the map because of back room deals, and to prevent people from recognizing the treasonous coordination that is taking place at high levels.


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