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Top Secret Brain Surgery
02-20-2013, 12:27 AM #1
frankburrdick Member
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There is a brain surgery that is a huge deal among the rich and powerful but they keep it a secret because everyone wants it. It is a brain computer interface. I know very little of how it works but ive had it and they've demonstrated their abilities to me.

1. The use it to do may different things. they can use it to share brains. apparently once the sensory data has been encoded, your brain can process it very quickly. They are able to hook people up to a network where thousands of people all share brains. each one knows who the others are, and what each of the others are thinking. They use this for spy networks. and Hollywood uses it to help produce effective propaganda. The also use it for government scientists. The people who are hooked up to a network are very intelligent because whenever one person learns something, they all learn it. So if they need an expert in an area. They put him on the network and instantly they are all experts in that area.

2. They can load a persons whole life to another brain in a few hours. They use it to train spies. They take a 5 year old and load the brains of 5 or so brain images taken from intelligence agents and all of a sudden they are master spies, with hundreds of years of espionage experience.(i dont know how many I know they give them, but I know they give them the minds of Allen Dulles and Robert Macnamara, and I know it is several hundred years of life experience from very successful people. (i know some people who have had the surgery and are spies)). They can make super doctors out of any 5 year old. They always give them the brain of a spy who was a master at impressions so they can continue to act like a normal five year old without arousing suspicion. anything that one mind can do they can give to everyone. In a few hours. If they want to learn what you know. They have your dentist knock you out. They give you the brain surgery and either get a live feed, or take an image and load it to their brains. They can learn to speak any language like a native speaker in a few hours.

3. They can use it to control someone remotely. The movie gamer was about this. (they put out half-baked versions of the truth in movies so if anyone tries to say something about it, people will just think they got the idea from a movie. The Matrix was about the surgery too.) The September 11th hijacker all had the surgery. Their government controllers had all loaded the brains of commercial airline pilots so, in effect, the hijacker were behaving as very skilled pilots, and intelligence agents too. but they didn't know it because the part of the brain that controls consciousness was left undisturbed. They think the ideas they are having came from them. No matter how alien they are. I guess all brains handle types of information similarly. When they are controlling you. It is impossible to tell, unless they get you to do something really out of character. The feed you motivations for your actions and everything. They are basically doing an impression of you doing something that they want, or saying something that they want you to say.

4. They can erase memories and load them again later to make it seem like you just remembered them.

5. They can mimic any state that they can produce in one brain. They can put a person in opiate withdrawal, take an image. Process it to remove the information they don't want, and then project the image onto another brain to make the second person feel as if they are going through opiate withdrawal. The use it as an appetite suppressant too. Notice how many people in the Obama administration look like Hollywood people. They've all had the surgery. They use it to torture me.

6. They can make movies of a persons experiences and watch them. Thats partly why they did September the 11th. Alot of the people in the buildings had the surgery. If you had the surgery you can live the experience just like it happened to you. You will know the names of the loved ones they were thinking of. Ive experienced it. Its amazing. They showed me one of the jumpers, One of the pilots, and a man on one of the floors that the first plane hit. he was talking to a woman and notice the plane far off. he froze and was like 'what the'. There was probably a network that watched all the brains involved. none of them knew they'd had the surgery though. To my knowledge at least.

7. They can give someone a new body when they die. To do this they must overwrite the part of the brain that controls consciousness, effectively killing the original owner. Basically people could live indefinitely. This is the reason for the Kennedy curse and the rock and roll suicides. The government wants people to commit suicide when they cant work anymore so they have all these best and brightest type people die young as propaganda. JFK, RFK, Robert Macnamara, Kurt Cobain, Ian Curtis are all still alive. They are just in new bodies. The second occupant will have all the memories from the first person but since this doesn't take any room it doesn't matter. They can also reduce the brain to the state it was at when the original owner first had the surgery. Any memories from before that cannot be erased but they could have a brain there constantly monitoring you and then distracting you whenever you try to access something they don't want. You would just feel like you lost your train of thought.

They must want me to tell people or they wouldn't let me be doing this. they will probably torture me for telling you this though. They do that. They remotely control you to do something and then punish you for it. Its really Unfair. That scene in Pulp Fiction where marcellus Wallace has a bandage on the back of his head is about the surgery too. a lot of people in holly wood know about it.
I hope Im just crazy
02-20-2013, 12:38 AM #2
オタマジャクシ Member
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This was the plot of several TV shows.

Given that signal traffic in the brain is 220 fps (about 300 bps for a typical neuron) and modern electronics has gigabit+ data rates there are some formatting and speed issues. Installing an interface with a broad enough interface to be useful (thousands of neurons) would take some tricky and fragile surgery.

Don't believe data downloading is practical yet.

Wouldn't be surprised to see an installable cell phone interface in the next 20 years.
02-20-2013, 12:43 AM #3
frankburrdick Member
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they have all kinds of technology that they dont put out there because people dont need it. They have all the best scientists. If they can imagine it they can do it. I hope its not real though.
02-20-2013, 01:17 AM #4
Octo Mother Superior
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(02-20-2013, 12:38 AM)オタマジャクシ Wrote:  This was the plot of several TV shows.

Johnny Mnemonic for instance. I think there was a dolphin involved in that data transfer as well.

Welcome frankburrdick cheers.gif



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