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Treasure of Victorio Peak
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After doing some quick research on Padre La Rue I found this fascinating story.

The Treasure of Victorio Peak


Bonnie McGuire

New Mexico is a complex mural with mountains and desert that dominant the landscape. There are approximately seventy-three ranges, from Animas to Zuni. They include seven peaks rising above 13,000 feet, eighty-five more than two miles high, and more than three hundred notable enough to warrant names. They're all part of the Southern Rockies, and abound with strange legends and myths. Aside from UFO's, the treasure of Victorio Peak is probably the most notorious. The peak's a craggy outcropping of rock barely five hundred feet tall located in the center of a dry desert lake known as the Hembrillo Basin. Beyond the Basin is a hundred mile area of desert known as the Jornada del Muerto, that means Journey of Death, because during the early Spanish explorations, travelers took this shortcut through hostile Apache Indian territory. Many died from Indian attacks, and others from the terrible desert. Victorio Peak lies within the White Sands Missile Range in south central New Mexico. Many years ago I saw the intriguing story about the Peak's hidden treasure on the television series "Unsolved Mysteries." I'd forgotten about it until our recent trip visiting friends in Texas. Floyd and his friend Pat were getting ready to look for treasure in an area where Pat found found three old metal bars in a cave on the old Spanish trail in New Mexico. They bore the Spanish stamp. He was overcome with joy that they might be gold. He gave them to an expert to examine and was told that they were Spanish brass used for the bells in the missions. Pat was disappointed. Later he tried to find the bars, but couldn't locate them. Then he got a call from some explorers who wanted him to go treasure hunting with them, because they heard he'd found three gold bars. Later I did some research and discovered that the Spanish gold bars contained a large percentage of copper. It reminded me of the intrigue surrounding the Victoria Peak mystery.

Long before Victoria Peak was taken over and surrounded by the government, a man named Milton Ernest (Doc) Noss took time exploring Victorio Peak while he was deer hunting. Noss was born in Oklahoma, but traveled all over the Southwest seeking adventure. In 1933, he married Ova (Babe) Beckworth. They made their home in Hot Springs, New Mexico, which was later became known as Truth or Consequences, after the popular television game show of the 1950's.

November 1937, Doc, Babe, and four others left on a deer hunt into the Hembrillo Basin. Setting up camp on the desert floor at the base of Victorio Peak, the men headed into the wilderness, while their wives stayed at camp. Hunting by himself, Doc scouted the base of the mountain. When it began to rain, Doc sought shelter under a rocky overhang near the summit of the mountain. While waiting for the rain to subside he noticed a stone that looked as if it had been “worked” in some fashion. Reaching down, he was unable to budge it, but after digging around the rock, he got his hands under it. Lifting the rock, he found a hole that lead straight down into the mountain.

Peering into the darkness, Doc saw an old man-made shaft with a thick, wooden pole attached at one side. Doc thought that he had discovered an old abandoned mineshaft. When the rain finally stopped, Doc returned to camp, telling Babe of the discovery. The two decided to keep the discovery between themselves and return to the inspect the shaft later.

Within just a few days, Doc and Babe were back at the site with ropes and flashlights. Testing the old wooden pole attached to one side of the passage, Doc rejected the idea of using it dropped into the shaft with a rope instead. While Babe looked on from above, Doc inched his way down the narrow passageway into the mountain nearly sixty feet. Near the bottom, he encountered a huge boulder hanging from the ceiling, almost blocking his way.

Finally reaching the bottom, Doc stepped into a chamber the size of a small room. On the walls were drawings , some painted and others chiseled, that appeared to have been made by Indians. At one end of the chamber, the shaft continued downward. Once again, Doc began to descend, this time about 125 feet before the shaft again leveled off into a large natural cavern. Several smaller rooms had been chiseled from the rock along one wall. Stepping into the eerie darkness, Doc was alarmed when he saw a human skeleton, kneeling and securely tied to a stake driven into the ground. The skeleton’s hands were bound behind its back -- apparently, the person had been deliberately left there to die. Within moments he found more skeletons, most of them bound and secured to stakes like the first. Exploring further he found yet even more skeletons stacked in a small enclosure, much like a burial chamber. All told, he reportedly found twenty-seven human skeletons in the caverns of the mountain.

As Doc continued to explore the side caverns, he found a hoard of treasure including coins, jewels, saddles and priceless artifacts including a gold statue of the Virgin Mary. He also found some old letters, the most recent of which was dated 1880. This treasure was only the beginning. In a deeper cavern, Doc found what he thought was a stack of worthless iron bars. He estimated there were thousands of these bars, each weighing over forty pounds stacked against a wall. He was barely able to lift one, mush less think of carrying it back to the surface. Later, the wealth in the cave would be calculated to be worth more than two billion dollars. Doc filled his pockets with gold coins, grabbed a couple of jeweled swords, and laboriously returned to Babe waiting anxiously at the surface. After telling her about what he'd seen and showing her the loot, she insisted he go back into the mine for one of the iron bars. After much searching, he found a small iron bar that he could carry back through the narrow passageway. When he reached the surface, he told Babe, "This is the last one of them babies I'm gonna bring out." Babe rolled the bar over and noticed a yellow gleam where the gravel of the hillside had scratched off centuries of black grime. What looked like a piece of iron was actually a solid gold bar.

After the discovery of the treasure, Doc and Babe spent every free moment exploring the tunnels inside the peak, living in a tent at the base of it. On each trip, Doc would retrieve two gold bars and as many artifacts as he could carry. At one time, he brought out a crown, which contained two hundred forty-three diamonds and one pigeon-blood ruby. Yet, Doc trusted no one, not even Babe, disappearing into the desert, hiding pieces of the treasure in places that he never revealed.

Among the artifacts, Doc is reported to have retrieved were documents dated 1797, which he buried in the desert in a Wells Fargo chest along with various other treasures. Although the originals have never been recovered, a copy of one of the documents was a translation from Pope Pius III:

"Seven is the holy number," the passage begins. It then continues for several lines before ending with a cryptic message: "In seven languages, seven signs, and languages in seven foreign nations, look for the Seven Cities of Gold. Seventy miles north of El Paso del Norte in the seventh peak, Soledad, these cities have seven sealed doors, three sealed toward the rising of the Sol sun, three sealed toward the setting of the Sol sun, one deep within Casa del Cueva de Oro, at high noon. Receive health, wealth, and honor.

Believers think that Doc Noss found the Casa del Cueva de Oro, Spanish for the House of the Golden Cave. "Soledad" was the former name of Victorio Peak, and Doc apparently found the seventh door located at high noon, but the promised health, wealth, and honor would evade him. Four years before his discovery, Congress had passed the Gold Act, which outlawed the private ownership of gold, so Doc would be unable to profit from his treasure on the open market. He didn't care about the historical value of the treasure's inside Victorio Peak, so he mostly ignored the pouches, packs and artifacts, while he concentrated on the gold coins and bars. Although he was unable to sell the gold bars on the open market, Noss continued to work steadily to remove the treasure.

In the spring of 1938, Doc Noss and Babe went to Santa Fe to establish legal ownership of the find, filing a lease with the State of New Mexico for the entire section of land surrounding Victorio Peak. Subsequently, he also filed several mining claims on and around Victorio Peak, as well as a treasure trove claim. With legal ownership established, Noss began to openly work the claim, but he also became increasingly paranoid, hiding the gold bars all over the desert.

When Doc’s story eventually hit the headlines, scholars began speculating on how the enormous treasure could have come to be stashed inside Victorio Peak. Some believe that Doc Noss found the Casa del Cueva de Oro. Others believe that Noss found the treasure of Don Juan de Onate, who, in 1598,

founded New Mexico as a Spanish colony. Seeking out the Seven Cities of Gold, Onate was said to have been a cruel man, brutally subjugating the Indians to do his bidding by beating and torturing them. Reportedly, he amassed a fortune of gold, silver treasure and jewels before being ordered back to Mexico City in 1607.
Others speculate that the treasure could be the missing wealth of Emperor Maxmillian, who served as Mexico’s emperor in the 1860’s. When Maxmillian heard of plot to assassinate him, he began to move his gold and treasures out of Mexico. Legend says he sent a palace full of valuables to the United States to be hidden. Maxmillian was assassinated in 1867.

And then Chief Victorio enters into the story? The most colorful legend associated with the Victorio Peak treasure concerns the great Warm Springs Apache war chief, who used the entire Hembrillo Basin as his stronghold. He absolutely refused to live on the San Carlos Reservation in Arizona where his people died from hunger and insect bites. Victorio’s land had always been in the mountains of New Mexico, and a treaty between the Federal government in Washington and his band had promised they could stay on those lands as long as the "mountains stand and the rivers flowed." With the discovery of gold in the mountains, such did not happen, and in 1878, the treaty was broken. Victorio went on the war path.

Knowing how much the white man valued gold and having little use for it himself, he amassed huge amounts of the yellow mineral any way he could get it. He and his warriors raided throughout the Jornada and the Rio Grande Valley, attacking wagon trains, churches, immigrants, mail coaches, and anything else that promised riches. He raided the stage lines all over southern New Mexico and Texas in an all-out war against the U. S. Army and the Texas Rangers. He also took prisoners back to the Basin and subjected them to elaborate torture as a test of their bravery before killing them. This could possibly explain the skeletons in the cavern. It would also explain the presence of the Wells Fargo bags, packsaddles, letters and other artifacts dating to Victorio’s time.

This part really caught my eye as I researched the mark of Padre La Rue

Another theory is that the treasure belonged to a Catholic missionary named Felipe La Rue, or La Ruz, as church documents are said to give his name. He was a native of France and was among the small group of priests who volunteered for service in Mexico. His party sailed to Florida, crossed the Gulf of Mexico to Vera Cruz, and from there, it went to Mexico City by ox cart. After a short rest, Padre La Rue left for the north, where he took up his work among the Indians and peons at a large hacienda near what is now the city of Chihuahua, reaching there in 1798. From the people at his new station, he heard stories about a fabulous source of rich minerals in the mountains to the north. If he was interested in these stories, he did not reveal it. Instead, he continued with his teachings and ministering to the sick and spiritual needs of his small parish. Among his parishioners was an old man, who had been an explorer and soldier of fortune during his youth. This man had traveled widely over the country to the north, and as Padre La Rue personally cared for this ailing old man, the two became good friends.

One day, Padre La Rue asked about the riches which lay to the north. The old man said that if the good priest wanted gold, there was a rich deposit of it located high in the mountains about two days’ travel north of El Paso del Norte, which is the present-day site of El Paso, Texas. According to the legend, the man said, "After one day’s travel from El Paso del Norte, you will come to three small peaks yet further to the north. Upon first sight of these peaks, turn to the east and cross the desert toward the mountains. In the mountains, you will find a basin where there is a spring at the foot of a solitary peak. On this peak, you will find gold." A few days later, the old man died. It was not until the crops failed that Padre La Rue thought of the solitary peak filled with gold. His little parish needed water and a better climate, and he called everyone together, asking if they would follow him north. They all agreed, and the little party set out for their new country. After crossing El Paso del Norte, they followed the course of the Rio Grande to the small village of La Mesilla near Las Cruces. North of there, they sighted the three peaks and turned east across the dreaded Jornada del Muerto, finally arriving in the San Andreas Mountains. After a couple of days of exploration, they located a basin in which there was a spring at the base of a solitary peak, just as the old man had said. Scholars all believe this basin was the Hembrillo Basin, and the solitary peak was Soledad Peak. After a fierce battle between the Army and Chief Victorio of the Apaches in 1880, the peak assumed a new name of Victorio Peak. It is not to be confused with Victoria Peak in the Black Range Mountains near Kingston, New Mexico.

Padre La Rue established a crude camp and sent the men out to search for the gold the old man had promised was there. On one side of the peak, they located a rich vein, ultimately working the mine for years. They tunneled into the mountain and followed the vein downward. The deeper they went, the richer the ore became. The little priest assigned dozens of monks and Indians to mine the gold, form it into ingots and, except for whatever was needed for supplies, stack it along one wall of a natural cavern inside the mountain. Word eventually reached church officials in Mexico City that the hacienda had been abandoned, and Padre La Rue’s tiny colony was missing. A search party went to investigate. When they returned and reported that the entire population had left for the mountains to the north, soldiers were dispatched with orders to locate the priest and demand an explanation. It was when a small group was in La Mesilla purchasing supplies that they learned the Mexican Army was on the horizon. Hurrying to camp, they spread the alarm. It was one thing for Padre La Rue to leave his post without permission of church officials in Mexico City, but it was quite another not to deliver the Royal Fifth (or Quinta) of the gold for shipment to Spain. Padre La Rue was in a lot of trouble. Padre La Rue immediately set about concealing all traces of the mine. Working day and night, knowing the soldiers were drawing ever closer, he had his little group labor to conceal the entrance. When the soldiers finally arrived and demanded to know where the gold came from which was used to purchase the supplies in La Mesilla, Padre La Rue refused to answer. He died under torture, as did many of his followers, and although the soldiers looked all over for evidence of a mine, they were forced to return to Mexico City with nothing to show for their long journey. The Lost Padre Mine, as it has been called ever since, went into the history pages as a beloved legend.

A truly fascinating story that you can continue reading at The Treasure of Victorio Peak

The story continues up until the claim was given up dubiously by the military. In a special act of Congress passed in 1989, the Hembrillo Basin was “unlocked” for Terry Delonas and the Noss heirs; however nothing has been found.

Worth a read of the whole story, just didn't want to post it all here. Because it was dug up my the military and moved to Fort knox.
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Ok this is going to get real good, this is one of the deepest rabbit holes I know of and probably in some respects the deepest.

I'm so busy at the moment but heres a primer.


Happy reading P, Rog can fill in some blanks here that will simply blow your mind. Back to this database for me... back in a bit.


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Those Aztec codices are completely new to me, this should be very interesting.

Of course I'm aware of some of the rest, suffice to say what little I do know makes this some of the most mind boggling historical fact and cover up that has ever gone down.

Looking forward to it Rog!


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Quote:I am going to release the info received from a couple of people that KNEW why JFK
was Murdered.

I'm going to post in sections as my connection won't allow me to post in full.

The JFK assassination to me is a pretty clear cut case that has been covered extensively with the documentary evidence that is available.

Below is a quote from an incredible speech that shows the lengths to which JFK was trying to make aware the machinations of the NWO/elites. This speech along with what he wanted to do sealed his fate.

Quote:"For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence--on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed." - John F. Kennedy's secret society speech on April 27, 1961

Part 2 that includes the quote from above

I recommend listening to this profound speech in full.
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FK underestimated his enemies and should have remember that "keep your friends close but your enemies even closer"

Firing CIA chief Allen Dulles (Dulles was also a Knight of Malta and his cronies, was the last straw.

Dulles was the chief architect of the assassination. He had the means and motive and power with even more powerful allies to cover it up. Even though it was a nearly botched op.

Did Allen Dulles draft Kennedy assassination directive in a covert MJ-12 coup?

Info on MJ 12 Really don't know what to make of project MJ 12, that stuff is really down the rabbit hole.damned.gif

Allen Dulles/JFK/MJ-12 Lots of good PDF links at the article.

A cryptic assassination directive found in a leaked document allegedly drafted by the Director of the CIA (DCI) was in response to President Kennedy’s inquiries into covert activities of the MJ-12 Special Studies Project. The document reveals that the DCI, at the time of its drafting, was also the head (MJ-1) of a covert group in charge of the highly classified MJ-12 Project. The document contained eight directives describing future MJ-12 policies. The first directive prevented access by the President, his National Security Council staff and Joint Chiefs of Staff to information concerning UFOs. The alleged assassination directive was the eighth directive and appeared to be a cryptic order to eliminate uncooperative U.S. federal officials. Though the document is undated and unsigned, forensic analysis on the original carbon version dates it to the 1960s. The political context dates it to the first year of President Kennedy’s term. This means that just before he retired on November 29, 1961, outgoing DCI Allen Dulles drafted a document that would deny his superior, President Kennedy, information that had been legitimately requested concerning MJ-12 activities. More importantly, the assassination directive constituted pre-authorization for the violent removal of a sitting President from office in a covert coup d'etat.

Dr Bob and Ryan Wood have conducted extensive forensic analysis of the burned document which was received in its original carbon version. It was on government issued watermarked paper and dated to the 1960s. Though the paper has still not been definitively traced to any government agency, it uses similar watermarks to other government documents. The text of the burned document clearly points to President Kennedy’s inquiries concerning MJ-12 Special Studies Project activities as the catalyst for it being drafted. In a cover letter by the Director of the CIA (DCI) to six other members of group response for the MJ-12 Project, the DCI said: “As you must know Lancer [Kennedy] has made some inquiries regarding our activities which we cannot allow. Please submit your views no later than October.” More significantly, the document says that “continuance of the group” was at stake.

While Dulles name does not appear on the burned document other leaked documents reveal that he drafted it. On June 28, 1961, President Kennedy wrote the following to Dulles:

National Security Memorandum
To: The Director, Central Intelligence Agency
Subject: Review of MJ-12 Intelligence Operations as they relate to Cold War Psychological Warfare Plans
I would like a brief summary from you at your earliest convenience

This leaked National Security Memorandum clearly shows that Kennedy in June of 1961, wanted to learn about MJ-12 activities and the relationship with psychological warfare. While the leaked June Memorandum has not been acknowledged by the CIA (it was classified TOP SECRET), other documents from the period support its authenticity. Early in his administration, President Kennedy showed that he desired to restructure the National Security Council and bring all intelligence and psychological warfare activities under direct Executive control. On February 19, 1961, President Kennedy issued Executive Order 10920 which abolished the Operations Coordinating Board. The Operations Coordinating Board was the primary interagency organization responsible for Cold War psychological warfare activities. Its responsibilities were handed over to Kennedy’s national security advisor, McGeorge Bundy and the Department of State.

President Kennedy’s EO 10920 showed that he desired to gain control over all intelligence activities related to psychological warfare. Abolishing the Operations Coordinating Board shows he was willing to dismantle any government entity in order to bring its psychological warfare operations under the direct control of his national security team. EO 10920 helps substantiate his later June 28, 1961 National Security Memorandum concerning a review of MJ-12 activities that Kennedy had learned involved psychological warfare. EO 10920 also helps substantiate the very real concern expressed by the drafter of the burned document that the future of MJ-12 was at stake.

The authenticity of the June 28 Memorandum is also supported by a declassified set of three National Security Action Memorandums (NSAM) issued on the same day to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and also forwarded to Dulles. NSAM 55-57 placed Cold War operations firmly under the control of the Joint Chiefs. According to Col Fletcher Prouty, they were Kennedy’s main means of gaining control over covert CIA operations. This supports the content of the June 28 CIA Memorandum which involved Cold War operations by MJ-12. Furthermore, the three NSAMs help explain why the Joint Chiefs were included among the entities in the burned document’s first directive that would be excluded from UFO information.

Finally, three 1952 Top Secret memos titled: "Joint Logistic Plan for MAJESTIC" from the Joint Chiefs of Staff were declassified in 1976. One states: "The following plans in support of MAJESTIC are now under preparation: A psychological warfare plan.” Once again, this shows the relationship between MJ-12 (Majestic) operations and psychological warfare. Kennedy therefore had good reason to issue his June 28 1961 memorandum to Dulles asking him for a review of MJ-12 psychological warefare operations.

Dulles response to Kennedy’s June 28 Memorandum was an alleged letter marked TOP SECRET that was issued on November 5, 1961. Dulles’ letter gives an overview of the MJ-12 activities with regard to psychological activities. It describes UFOs as part of “Soviet propaganda” designed “to spread distrust of the government.” Dulles’ letter acknowledged that while it was possible some “UFO cases are of non-terrestrial origin,” these did not “constitute a physical threat to national defense.” Most significantly, the letter said: “For reasons of security, I cannot divulge pertinent data on some of the more sensitive aspects of MJ-12 activities” If genuine, Dulles’ letter was giving President Kennedy only minimal information in response to his June 1961 NSAM request for a brief summary of MJ-12 activities.

Consequently, the leaked June 28, 1961 Memorandum, EO 10920 and NSAM’s 55-57 reveal that a power struggle was occurring over Executive control of Cold War psychological warfare programs and the covert activities of MJ-12. This struggle is reflected in the Burned Document which requests others involved in running MJ-12 to respond by October. The response of other MJ-12 members presumably led to Dulles November 5 letter to Kennedy. The letter firmly suggests that MJ-12 had decided not to cooperate with Kennedy and authorized the set of directives drafted by Dulles. Thus Kennedy’s efforts to incorporate MJ-12 psychological warfare activities under the direct control of his National Security Advisor were dismissed.

In conclusion, documents reveal that in 1961 President Kennedy was attempting to gain control over intelligence activities related to Cold War psychological warfare operations. This is confirmed in Executive Order 10920 that placed interagency psychological warfare plans under the control of McGeorge Bundy. It is further supported by declassified 1952 memos from the Joint Chiefs of Staff to provide logistic support for MAJESTIC (MJ-12) psychological warfare programs, and three NSAM’s issued on June 28, 1961 to place covert Cold War activities under the control of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. On the same day, June 28, Kennedy contacted Allen Dulles to request a summary about MJ-12’s psychological warfare activities. Dulles November 5 response highlighted that these activities involved the UFO issue but declined to release sensitive information. These events are consistent with the content of the burned document comprising eight directives restricting access to UFO information from the President, his National Security Council Staff, including Bundy, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. It can therefore be concluded that Allen Dulles was the official who drafted the document including the cryptic assassination directive. Some [/size]12.[size=large]

Obviously I'm no expert, I haven't done the leg work or had access to the files and evidence I can only go on one is presented to me. Some of it stacks up quite well, other parts leave more questions than answers.

IMHO JFK is the best President America could have had if it were not for his demise.

This 'lovely' picture hangs in the Vatican. Isn't the pope and his buddies adorable.

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Quote:"For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence--on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. Its preparations are concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed." - John F. Kennedy's secret society speech on April 27, 1961"

Truer words were never spoken by any president Prometheus. No secret is revealed. November 22, 1963 just 2½ years later he was silenced for good. As a result, look at what the "enlightened" ones who would kill for control have done with things, and then they spew more lies like the average person is to blame for this piss poor state of affairs.


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Rog' I really wish you well.

Been doing some more reading on the MJ -12 project and its history. What is know is sketchy as best. If you've had first hand experience. I be glad to hear of your involvement.
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JayRodney ⓐⓛⓘⓔⓝ
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P, Rog and I both talked on a few occasions with Marcia McDowell who is said to be in the organization you've mentioned. She was and is handler to Dan Burisch with whom we also also spoke with frequently.

Google those names and terms, that rabbit hole goes pretty deep as well, as a matter of fact, the biggest part of me wanted to scream psyops at the top of my lungs.

On the other hand, the scenario Burisch and McDowell were either crafting or relaying was and is certainly a great read.

I'm not saying unequivocally any of that is either true or false, I will say weigh it all for yourself and it makes for some excellent reading. While your at it google James Vincent Forrestall as well.

When your done with that try William Cooper.


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Quote:According to Freedom’s sources, hundreds — perhaps thousands — of tons of gold were secretly and illegally removed from Victorio Peak on White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico between 1964 and 1977.
You are about to read a story that strains the imagination. It is about the disappearance of a fortune of up to $30 billion in gold bullion. When it was first presented as a “tip” to a Freedom Magazine reporter in El Paso, Texas, in 1981, it was discounted as beyond belief. However, when dozens of unrelated, independent sources began to corroborate the story, it could no longer be disregarded, no matter how bizarre. The following story, constructed from personal interviews, documents and confidential reports, is the result of a five-year investigation.

By Thomas G. Whittle

In one of the most closely guarded crimes of recent history, hundreds, perhaps thousands, of tons of gold bullion were secretly and illegally removed from caverns on White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico, the beneficiaries allegedly including former President Lyndon Johnson and individuals connected with the U.S. Army, the Central Intelligence Agency and organized crime...


I found a fantastic article above perhaps it should be saved for future reference.


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JR You have mentioned James Vincent Forrestall, before think I have watched vids and talked about him with you.

Read about Will Cooper, its always those who tell the truth that are taken away.
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(03-02-2011, 05:31 PM)Prometheus Wrote:  JR You have mentioned James Vincent Forrestall, before think I have watched vids and talked about him with you.

Read about Will Cooper, its always those who tell the truth that are taken away.



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(03-02-2011, 07:41 PM)Cynicalabsurdance Wrote:  HEY?????

JR,, where the hell did you find Tom Whittles article
i scroogled it and could not find it.

Yes, copy that, or email me the url if you will please.

Best damned investigation ever done on that Peak and it's treasure.

BTW, can you tell that HLS has been in the house?

Heh heh,, they have been all over this thread like snot in a red-heads nose.

anyway, last night my last 2 post never made it into the thread.
in fact, this page was missing a couple good post.
at least on my PC.


Holy Crap! If you have them, repost them. We had a couple of unexplained data base freak outs over the last couple of days, I was up at 5:30am day before last, had to repair tables then again yesterday, everyone on this server had their databases turned off.
Always save your posts, we can always re upload them.

It took me a long time to find Tom Whittles article Rog, google seems to have buried it pretty deep in the results.

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JayRodney ⓐⓛⓘⓔⓝ
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(03-02-2011, 09:58 PM)Cynicalabsurdance Wrote:  JR

Dr. Robert Welch is the one that Hypnotized Fiegie

Thayer Snipes, and my dad knew each other. and Thayer, though he was always after any info he could get, KNEW a shitload.

Welch used the same hypno shit on Fiegie, as was done to me.

Cool Huh?
heh heh

hang on, the Pentagon needs more of my money,,, i better go pay my taxes.

Madhof was correct when he stated: THE WHOLE U.S. GOVERNMENT IS A PONZI SCHEEM.

shocked.gif Good god, I had no clue your Dad and Snipes were friends. I believe I read this article several years ago, as I recall you had had given me a link to it... I had forgotten some of it myself. I was trying to recall the other article I found that featured your dad, I cant find it anywhere now... but I recall when I broke it out at Gee el Pee people got a dose of shut the fuck up over it.

I recall this lackluster poster decked out in a Liberace sparkle coat... called themselves Illuminated one. (as if) What a shill... disappeared shortly after that. Amazing to watch em crawl away when confronted with evidence.


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The extraordinary measures they have taken to keep an eye on you, to track you at all times, incredible amounts of man hours, money and resources. Not to mention the theatrics end of it, I tell you I've never seen anything like it.

It's akin to a thief coming in your house, taking what was rightfully yours and then fucking with you all the time to attempt to make you not tell anyone they broke in and took the your gold. gaah.gif


03-04-2011, 12:28 PM #15
JayRodney ⓐⓛⓘⓔⓝ
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Ubuntu is a great free OS with no alphabet agency back doors. It can solve a lot of bugs like that. Its great for surfing the web and runs fast as hell on older pc's and laptops.




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