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04-28-2018, 12:35 AM #76
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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(04-27-2018, 09:16 PM)JayRodney Wrote:  
(03-04-2018, 03:13 AM)Cynicalabsurdance Wrote:  Barton Hall 1977 , Grateful Dead , " Morning Dew "


What a jam band they were. Makes me want to burn something.  chuckle.gif

yeah , like something green and sticky .

or maybe something Hashie and Oily chuckle.gif
05-03-2018, 02:01 AM #77
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Settle for Less ?
Well isn't that the goal ?

Fade to age ?
Mmm Hmm ,,
whenever you bend to rage

So , you sing , and I just stare
There Behind you
the Stage Lights Glare
a Little glowing beam
or it may yet be
something in my Head
is screaming back at me
or is this a dream ?

Touch of light now
yet more intense
in this a Free for all ,,?
whose Taller
you , me ,
or this Prison's Fence ?

see , fooled ya
made you look
schooled ya
and not by the book

every word a Trick
and when the Sparrow eats
usually it's Her Pick
no way to go but over the top
if the Tune plays on
my dance may never stop ,,
yes ,, just another trick

Sultry <---<< now there's a Term
I like
even better when it's
wrapped around you
and you in those silken stockings
is that skin beneath ???,,
How the Hell can you blink
eye so thick ,,
never mind
It's just me , and the way I think ,,

I take a feel outside
Air has a taste of wet
looked down the drive
no , you're ride's not here
Nope not here ,,not yet ,,

Washed everything
Vacuumed both Dog and Bird
even Pressed them
starch in their Collar

where used to be their head ,,
is now a hole absurd

Take this Hand
hold on tight
Hold Girl ,,
it's gonna be a
Bumpy flight ,,,

set upon a Ballast Stone
and Carved within this Boy's Bones
sign of freedom ,, written in the
letters of your name
Love with a Heart bound unto ,,,???
Forever ,,, and beyond ,,
love written in the Letters of our Names

There's no reason to worry
No way to express to you
what you've come to mean
If this haze around me
would find a way to clear
we'd be out of this prison
out of here ,,Our escape made Clean

so I don't see a Difference
between my Dark and your Light
I can't find conflict with us
when this Love of ours
has a slippery Slice
Cuts as a Knife ,,,
cutting ever deeper
into our souls
this love is bound in strength
fed in all we are ,,
and now as it grows

those Roses we lay upon
are a bed meant for Royalty
but they're just some humble Rags
to love this deep between us
those Roses not so Royal
as our love between

You say we have affliction
we have addiction
we have a need
and in our best Prediction
we find the growing
of our seed ,,

Look up any Palace
see the Window of the Tower
glowing with the candle ,,
Up there we realize Solace
and Love driving the Power

you're the Woman
who carries me
when all my reason is spent
The door to my Future
arriving in time
with every where I ever went
Can't keep me out
any more than
you can Keep me in
I can't see the Voices
that are singing ,
singing,,out the colors of this Hymn
but if you watch closer
there's magic in this Rain
each of those drops
share in something as we do
it's Life and love
quantities seem to be the same

Read the Words of the Willow
as she weeps with all her might
feel the moons shadow
across your Pillow
as we fade into sleep this night

I've got no reason
no worries
and maybe only one care
that all the rest of our lives together
we may be fortunate enough to share .

Hollow has some Magic
Wisp of Mist are streaking Moonbeams
with ribbons of colored dreams
and in each of our whispers ,,,
we conspire to drive this Love supreme ,,

Take this Hand
Hold on tight
Hold Girl ,,
it's gonna be a Bumpy Flight ,,,

~~~ Blood Pressure on the Rise , each moment I spend , gazing into her eyes ~~~~~~

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