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UFO Slingshot Over my Head Last Night .
01-01-2019, 10:41 PM #16
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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hackers in the house . just now .
01-02-2019, 01:04 AM #17
Octo Mother Superior
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Re: pics

wtf damned.gif
01-02-2019, 01:08 AM #18
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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(01-02-2019, 01:04 AM)Octo Wrote:  Re: pics

wtf  damned.gif

Welllll ?

I mean , I've for years have told it .

These things follow and keep track of me .

anyway ,,,

see what happens tonight ,,, these Bugs are getting frisky as hell lately .
01-02-2019, 02:16 AM #19
Octo Mother Superior
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I just don't understand why they would be doing that? Doesn't seem like very advance behavior to me?
01-02-2019, 06:35 PM #20
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Ok , the thread has been hacked , the post are being deleted as I type them .

nice work U.S. Intel .

get a real job clownboys .

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01-03-2019, 10:58 PM #21
Octo Mother Superior
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Is that a man on a horse just above the alien? damned.gif
01-05-2019, 03:30 AM #22
UniqueStranger Art in my heart
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(12-14-2018, 05:39 PM)Meh Wrote:  Can't believe they still bother trying to shoot them down.

Yeah me too, one would think they would equip the jets with NASA equipment for observation to learn all they can about this phenomena.
01-15-2019, 10:03 PM #23
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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There are indeed , simple notations I should add to this missive , the details of the Soil and surrounding
Terrain particularly .

Zero Fresh Tracks ,The Heifer was Laid down from above , not dropped , laid down , no impact depressions .

No Flies ( This is New Mexico Man , Fly Capital of the Southwest , our State Bird is a Fly )

Crows were circling as I drove up , but none were on the Carcass as yet .

Ok , other stuff , for now , I'll leave it at that .
01-15-2019, 10:45 PM #24
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Throw one of the Songs in here , as a Test .

~~~~ Hum it ~~~~

First thing I touched as I awoke
Silver Cloud across that Sky
First Term singular as I spoke
With every reason to give
my freedom a Try
Give Freedom a Try
Out on the Hiway
wheels spin me by
Through Country side
so beautiful
almost make you cry
Meeting every mile
in Wonder expressed
with a sigh .
Bridge with a Toll
and down below
lives a childlike Troll
and then
somewhere on a Moonlit
Star filled Sky
You'll find all my cares
Gone on the Fly
Said , Blue Eyes
melt me within
Said , I Must Realize
may be another lifetime
Before we'll see us together
again .
There's a certain Range
high up in that Mountain
I hear the Angels
singing sweetly
out my Name
and there's a stream through
a Grove
out there in a Valley
where I intend to grow very
Very Old
Been Rolling so long
I may have forgotten
my Home towns name
and in every verse
of every song
there's pieces of love
for you
and it will always remain
Silver droplets of Dew
cover every leaf
on every tree
Sunbeams shining upon them
shining in colors
right on through
Into my dreams
and back of my mind always
shine the Blue of your eyes
causing me strains
of love
running through my Veins
while over this Hill
I'm hoping ,
for us to be together again ,,

Yes those dreams of you
are the drive to my life
and if I can get back to you
tell me child ,, would you
consider being a wife

~~~ Continue later ~~~


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01-25-2019, 04:47 PM #25
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Ok Man , like I have to copy Paste one of my old Threads in this Thread ,,,

Because Man ,,, these Psy-Ops Dudes and Dudettes are getting a little Frisky of Late .

lmao.gif ( nothing has effect on me any longer , but , lets show 'em some good stuff )

~~~~~ The Laser Projected 3D Holographic UFO Technology and a Spoof Abduction Scenario ~~~~~

Those who have been abducted, or at the least have the screened memories of an abduction event may find the following material useful in order to come to terms with , and understanding of the event.

I will cover in this thread the technology and apparatus used by Psy-ops
in their experiments on live civilians.

Back tomorrow.


posted on Feb, 20 2008 @ 11:06 PM
On the Various levels and purposes for the Brainwashing/Mindcontrol of
citizens, without the complete release of the internal highly classified documentation of these experiments, we as civilian citizens may never completely know exactly the desired function of such on the whole.

However, in concerns where i was the target and Lab Rat of these experiments i may be fuller knowledge as to the directives inherent then most others who have underwent their own invasive abuse.

To begin, i will , again as i have already stated give details into the technology in use over the years, applied to these innocent victims.

First, the documents concisely compiled over the years outlining the operations
directed at myself through various intel agencies, are all held within NSA. overview files . compiled from various agencies of the alphabet.

This material henceforth, shall be some of that material i have personally reviewed, and as well lived through.

1, Virtual Reality Headgear as a screen memory inductive.

Theatrical events are of course filmed and loaded into the headgear.
The target individual will then be drugged and restrained.
The headgear will then be applied to the individual.

Hypnotic drugs such as Adved will be injected.
The headgear is set in play , wherein the victim will be impressed to believe they are in the presence of Aliens upon a Craft or seeing a craft descending/ascending.
The personnel used in the production will have Latex mask over their heads as well at times a full body suit.

The victim may have flashes of memory of being implanted with some device.

2. The devices :
There is a Tiny glass encased micro-transmitter hardly the size of a straight pin.
These are implanted by drilling a tiny hole in the victims tooth, usually a Molar, then the transmitter is sealed over with dental putty.
Tracking of the victim is thereby utilized, as well, Vibrational Harmonic frequency can be projected at the victim, and with the correct Hypnotic trigger given during the drug induced hypnosis, that frequency will allow for the Hypnotic Azrael block to fall and trigger a memory or emotion in the individual.

One Famous individual this was applied to was Sirhan Sirhan, the Brainwashed Manchurian Candidate that murdered Robert Kennedy.

Lately, newer and more effective devices are being implanted
One is a Micro-tech device that is implanted by removing the Victims eye, and planting it behind the eye.

Voices in the head, can then be transmitted into the skull of the victim.
As well, these are also transceiver devices, everything said or spoken by or to the victim can be monitored remotely.

You may wish to use a search engine using a keyword of :silent weapons,
to get a better detail on this.

With the virtual Reality headgear, replicated UFO's are thought to be REAL experiences of the Victim.

4. Narcotic subduing of Victim.

Currently the intelligence community has a spray canister filled with a Narcotic .
A home invasion using a copied Key to the door of the targets Home will be set up in an operation, the victim will be sprayed in the face with the Narcotic, ( much as pepper spray is utilized)
This renders the individual unconscious in less then a few seconds.
The individual may be taken to a secure facility for the implanting of screen memory, or secured there in the home.
If it is intended for the individual to believe they are aboard a craft, and the headgear is not desired for that , then they will be taken to a stage prop
decor area, usually set up in unused warehouses and old Buildings that are under the control of Intel.

More later

~~~~ End Copy Paste ~~~~~

Have a Bug Person for fun

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01-25-2019, 04:58 PM #26
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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~~~~~~~~ Copy Paste from my thread at ATS Board ~~~~~~

There is in extent a Holographic projection technology within the Department of
Defense weapons arena.

Chem trails are laid out to create a temporary screen for Holographic projections .
Some of these projections most people are aware of already,
One is the Phoenix lights of 1997

This is a by-product of the Star wars system brought to you by your sweet actor President Reagan.

How it works :

A chem-trail layer is laid out in a grid pattern.

Then a Laser Projected image is projected either from Satellite, or can be done
from a Ground Mobile unit .

You may note the huge triangle craft reported by witnesses, as having an almost opaque or transparent quality to the craft
Some have reported that the stars can be seen through the craft.

The technology is run in the U.S. at various times to record citizen reaction.
This is test run for a possible weapons application to be used in the field against enemy combatants. The test results are concerned with how effective
this technology is on the psyche of civilians and can be applied to combatants as well.

You may be aware that some of the Iraqi soldiers came out of their bunkers running into U.S. soldiers arms during desert storm as well as this current conflict.

What you may not be aware of, is the Holographic images that were projected for them to witness in hopes of attaining this exact effect upon them.

For those readers familiar with my internet handle,,, yes, this is Roger Snow

I will add more notes later
for i am tired right now

If given time, i will add threads dealing with the stores of Ophir Gold on White Sands Missile Range that was stolen by the D.O.D. in 1961-62

I will relate what i have found in my own research on the U.S. southwestern states being the location of the Gold King Solomon's men with the Phoenicians had mined and stored in sites such as Victorio Peak
The Phoenician Icons of their Goddess Tanit, that are still set up in various places throughout the Southwestern United States,,, and will add some of what i know about the theft of that gold being the prime motivation for the death of JFK.

The connection to Craft that Hovered above Victorio Peak Back in 1947
One of which went down around Corona New Mexico and is commonly referred to as The Roswell incident.

What the Craft were there for over the peak as well.


[edit on 19-2-2008 by cynicalabsurdance]

~~~~~~~~~~~~ Have Some Alien Gold Bars ~~~~~~~~~

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01-25-2019, 05:03 PM #27
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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~~~~ More Copy Paste from 2008 ~~~~~~

Jack Hill
It was used on me back in 1996, north of Phoenix , out on the carefree highway
while camping,

The second time it was used, i investigated how it was done
the third time, i found how it was done,

Incidentally, here i have to tell you that it does not have to be a case of laying down chem-trails .

It can as well be a mist sprayed from a chopper.
For an onsite shorter duration display.
How i discovered it:
In my case, Military intel set up a Faux abduction of me.

Replete with their operatives wearing latex alien mask and the suits to go with them and the Glowing craft floating nearby ( Holographic Craft )

Many cases of Abduction can be properly placed on these operations and Projects.
Some are straight out of the MK Ultra Brainwashing files.
I want to inform readers that these so called abductees are usually
People with a back ground of the MK Ultra Trauma Based Brainwashing and mind control experiments that were conducted on over 40,000 people of my generation here in the U.S.

After the theatrics, i received some classified documents on their operations and experiments in this arena.
The agents that brought them said they were directed to do so, but, can you believe really anything in the black-ops?

More later

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01-25-2019, 05:08 PM #28
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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~~~ This post was an answer to an Intel Agents baited question ~~~~

Ok Jack, you are going to have perhaps a thousand questions on those documents, However, these documents cover more then one event and more then one arena.

This thread i will stick with the subject of the thread title.

To answer your question on the Docs, those are back safe where they came from.

On the question of Latex over suits and other props as well as Technology used
on civilians they Target with a Mock abduction, that , should be discussed in
an abduction thread, should it not?

Also Jack, those who witnessed the Phoenix lights, have seen the proof ( evidence) of the Holography, they may not have known how it was done,
none the less, they saw the proof.
I think my over-veiw on this subject is pretty much completed.
I will begin a thread on the Technology used for Orchestrated Theatrical abduction scenarios as a Brainwashing Project .

01-25-2019, 05:11 PM #29
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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~~~ A Decade Later , and we now find just how Spot on this Missive was ~~~~

From 2008 ~~~~

Hello Jack
Given the apathetic consciousness prevalent in society, we should not be surprised at the lack of interest in what the Governing bodies do to U.S. citizens.

Try a Google search using a keyword of: Greenbaum speech
Its a long read, describes the results of MK Ultra brainwashing.

Understand please, not many who have had the experience can relate that it was Covert Operatives of the intel agencies that they were abducted by.

It's NOT a simple military squad, it s a combination of personnel gleaned from at least 5 separate entities ( or agencies) of the government.

C.I.A, D.I.A., and so forth, under the hospices of the NSA.
Elite squads trained for these operations.

Children, U.S. children were used as lab-rats in MK Ultra experiments.

Later I'll describe some events.

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01-25-2019, 05:15 PM #30
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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~~~~ Another Dose of 2008 Cynicalabsurdance ~~~~~~~~

The intent of creating this thread was not to evidence , but to relate a Technology.
To focus your attention on the status of classified Documents, can leave you missing the Gestalt of the subject matter and cause digression of the topic
material into an area that cannot be relegated unto a positive conclusion.

Validity of my dialog can and will be questioned, though that is individual choice, and not my concern.

Simply, This Technology and its use on Humans , needs to be given a venue of exposure, I chose this site as one of those venues by which to reveal what i encountered.

If my vernacular and delivery seems a bit terse, then i excuse myself.

I was Tortured by having a Defibrillator attached to my Temples and turned on and off during an interrogation
of me concerning a treasure i found on White Sands Missile Range,
this was done by the same individuals involved in the Iraqi Prisoner Torture.

Sometimes i get a lack of patience with people now
It is hard enough to write and relive the moments i was put through
while i attempt to help other victims by revealing to them the Technology used on them.

This thread is a source material for a purpose a bit above simple entertainment.
Not saying that is how you perceive it .
I know many would love details on documents and what is held from the public view,,,
but actually Jack, most would simply view that as nothing more then momentary amusement.

I have a wealth of useful information that can help people who were abused by MK Ultra Trauma Based Mind-control/brainwashing
I have the extreme urgency to help them with that knowledge.

Three names you may recognize that were Victims of this
1. Whitley Strieber ( author of: Communion )
2. William Cooper ( author of: Behold a Pale horse )
3. David Icke ( Journalistic investigator)

David Icke was Victimized by MI6

and William By MK Ultra Intel-agents.

Whitley may find comfort in my expose' on Theatrical abduction operations.
However, reviewing the Documents is not necessary for it to help him.


~~~ End copy/paste ~~~~

Jack Hill is most likely a Gov.'t Agent seeking leaked documents , Hints we can inspect within his postings are :

1. All of his queries focus directly on the Revelation that I have reviewed Classified Documents , and his attempt to
gain from me , where those may be located .
2. His Baited Questions reveal , that Learning of the Black-Ops Technology is of no concern to him , that Live Humans are
used in Mental/Psychological Experiments is as well , of no concern to him/Her/It .

ok , take his Handle : Jack Hill , say it fast out loud , does it sound like Jackal ?

May help to understand that " Intel Agents " of Military and Political Genre , love to use Fauna Nomenclature as
their Code Names ,,,

Such as : " Huston , the Eagle has Landed , hee hee , hokey I know , but that's just how they are .

Note that Jack Hill is more concerned about Classified Documents on the loose ,
than there is concern that over 40,000 Children were abused .
Either this Asswipe is one Heinous insensitive unsympathetic Moron , or , His Job is not to help Kids , but rather to run Damage Control
for any agency that suffers Their Documents getting out of their sole Control , especially those Doc.'s that outline the Crimes
that Agency Commits on U.S. Citizens .

" Hawk to Falcon , Hawk to Falcon , the Snowman has the Ball "

Know what sayin'

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