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NASA certainly has been bold lately, telling people not to panic about 2012, avoid any conversations about Planet X or space anomalies for fear it may upset the children. While NASA remains science’s critical parent, they are also doing secret operations and not telling anyone about the fact that those space threats are very real. It is really hard for us to take the “Nothing to see here” attitude from NASA seriously, when they report doomsday scenarios with Global warming, and an asteroid with a propensity to wipe out earth sometime in the near future is passing over our heads on December 12th, 2012.

The near-Earth asteroid 4179 Toutatis which is about 3 miles wide, will zoom within 4.3 million miles of Earth during its closest approach early Wednesday morning. That’s too far away to pose any impact threat on this pass but close enough to put on a pretty good show through top-notch telescopes.

What is also interesting is that in San Francisco there was a UFO sighting caught on many cell phones where many lights were seen in the sky creating geometric shapes. A flying triangular shaped object was seen floating in the Mission district of San Francisco once again without explanation. This happened on the weekend of December 7th, 2012.

Science and skeptics are running out of logical answers as to what is seen in the sky. We no longer have a space shuttle flying over us and the ISS looks nothing like a flying triangle.

While we have been told that the shuttle program has been mothballed by NASA it is important to point out that the secret space program is alive and well. NASA has been in the news a lot lately leading us on into believing that there is nothing in space that we should be concerned with. They tell us that there is no life on mars and that there is no Planet X arriving to destroy the office Christmas party.

Meanwhile, the X-37b was launched on the back of an Atlas rocket. The rocket launched from launch complex 41. Launch commentary ended 17 minutes into the undisclosed mission. The X-37b had launched before and it continues to orbit the earth for some undisclosed reason.

The X-37B has been rumored to be part of a secret space patrol program that combs the area above the earth for any anomalies and reports back anything that can be a danger. It is also rumored that if a danger is detected then a message is sent back to earth to take action against any incoming threat.

There are many dangers looming in the heavens above us. There is always a chance that satellite with a lethal payload could fall and land in a populated area killing thousands of people, or some anomalous meteor or asteroid that could be heading for the planet.

There is of course the other theory and that is the idea that while we are going about our daily routines that there are intelligences out in space that are watching the planet and that there have been an increase of UFO reports in the year of 2012.

The Huffington Post reported a strange story about UFO’s that has not been mentioned on the network newscasts and that is NASA has been secretly recording instances of UFO activity near Mars, the Moon and the International Space Station.

Last October more than 100 UFOs have been seen along the India-China border, and the sightings have officials puzzled. The Times of India reported this week that “yellowish spheres appear to lift off from the horizon on the Chinese side and slowly traverse the sky for three to five hours before disappearing.”

The Times of India added that the UFO sightings have stumped numerous Indian military groups, including their air force, NTRO technical intelligence agency and the Indo-Tibetan Border Police. The Los Angeles Times reported that intelligence had ruled out the simple answer of the UFO’s being Chinese drones or low-orbit satellites.

Even though officials tried to calm the population with possible down to earth explanations the people were not convinced that the objects were from earth or even friendly.

Over the year of 2012 there have been new age gurus and other dime store prophets selling people on the idea that on the winter solstice date that we may see a confirmation of anomalous activity in space. This will include asteroids, meteors, comets and even reports of extra-terrestrial anomalies tied to some intelligent life outside of this world.

When working on stories dealing with UFO subject matter, the cases become routine and strange lights that are in the sky at night can always be explained away as some sort of star creating an optical illusion in the polluted air or extra bright landing lights by some plane.

However, 2012 has been one year that the explanations are not always satisfying and when 95% of most UFO sightings can be explained the 5% have been taking center stage and creating a lot of anxiety to observers on earth below.

Recently there have been a number of fireball sightings and UFO footage sighted all over the country and the mainstream can’t keep up with the reports and most skeptics can’t make up explanations that make any sense. Not that any of their explanations mean anything to those who don’t have an agenda of debunking that which is unexplainable.

The truth is for every so called logical explanation from swamp gas to fish having sex there is simply a reason to look up and wonder why heaven is on fire with reports of strange lights and other anomalies that cannot be explained.

For example, a recent UFO and fireball flap in Texas yielded some strange magnetic activity that is compelling.

From McKinney to the White Rock Lake area and all the way south to Houston, a bright flash was reported in the sky on December 7th, 2012. NASA reports that the massive fireball created a huge flash and left a large trail in the sky. It also says that what was seen was a fragment from an asteroid that may have jettisoned and found its way to earth.

Typically stories like this are interesting to anyone witnessing the bright flash and quite possibly a loud boom — other than that we know that things coming from space enter our atmosphere and later explode and disintegrate. There was however another story that was in my opinion connected to the space anomalies over Texas. In fact, the event happened the day before the fireball or UFO arrived. Power poles in as many as five central Texas counties spontaneously exploded in flames and authorities were trying to find out why.

A Department of Public Safety communications officer said power poles in Hill, Falls, Bell, Williamson and McLennan counties mysteriously began bursting into flames at about 4 a.m. December 6th, 2012 He said the fires that had been reported were burning at the tops of the poles, some involving transformers. Various power company representatives had been dispatched to survey the damage and several fire departments were sent to douse the flames. This wasn’t just a couple of poles arching and burning, the utility reported a total of 30 or more exploding. As many as 30 power poles were burning in one area of Hill County, just off Interstate 35 at mile marker 361. As many as 20 poles were reported burning in Bynum east of Hillsboro and others in the Aquilla area where some customers were without power.

There were poles on fire along Highway 6 near Falls County roads 112 and 113 that had forced closure of Highway 6 and had stopped trains along an adjacent railroad line for about an hour.

Some limited power outages were reported in the area around Perry, just north of Marlin. Power pole fires also were reported in at least two locations in Waco, just north of Troy, just south of the Falls County line on Interstate 35 in Bell County, near Lorena and west of Waco along U.S. Highway 84.” Areas of west Waco were without power after transformers failed near Hillcrest Hospital.

read more: http://www.groundzeromedia.org/ufo-the-last-card/
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This fireball exploded over Sweden last night. damned.gif


Mystery orb crash: 'It was like Armageddon'




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