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UN Sugarcoating Cancer Statistics after Chernobyl?
03-31-2011, 12:09 AM #1
Octo Mother Superior
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Swedish National TV (SVT) sent a team to the Institute of Endocrinology in Kiev...a.k.a. Chernobyl Hospital. Seems like the UN is helping to sugarcoat the real effects of radiation damage...well well well fatman.gif

Quote:Tanja has cancer because of the radioactive iodine she was exposed to in 1986, says Dr. Valery Tereshchenko, a physician and researcher at the Institute of Endocrinology in Kiev - It has come to be known as Chernobyl Hospital.

The accident spread tons of radioactive material from reactor 4, more than 80 percent of it was radioactive iodine.

The winds spread the iodine over large areas in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia - then parts of the Soviet Union. Iodine-131 is absorbed by the thyroid gland and penetrates the cells.

Before the accident in 1986 thyroid cancer was uncommon in Ukraine, on average 12 people had tumors surgically removed each year. In the early 1990s the number had increased to some 60 per year and today's figure has risen to 600 cases a year.

This is just the figures for those who were between 0 and 18 in 1986
, and only at the Institute of Endocrinology. Dr. Tereshchenko see no end to the number of cases of the disease.

"I do not think we have seen the maximum level yet. Since 1990, the number of cases of thyroid cancer has increased every year.
(The following has been cut out from the video but is still in the transcript)

Quote:According to the United Nations Scientific Radiation Committee 2008, a total of 6000 persons had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer caused by the Chernobyl accident. That is an unacceptably low figure according to Dr. Valery Tereshchenko:

"Only in this hospital in Kiev, we have performed surgery on 6069 people who were between 0 and 18 in 1986. The figure must be much higher than 6000," he says.

watch the video - it's in Swedish and Russian with Swedish subtitles but the people are real damned.gif


translated by Octo
03-31-2011, 12:58 AM #2
JayRodney ⓐⓛⓘⓔⓝ
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Very good find Octo! hi5.gif You wont find this on any mainstream sources, and the convenient editing at the end of the film.. 13.gif talk about agenda.


03-31-2011, 01:35 AM #3
Upāsaka Member
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To say the least,

I posted an RT clip in the main fukashima thread with aninterview with chris busby who says that they have been over a milllion victims due to the Chernobyl explosion. Also posted an article http://www.counterpunch.org/busby03282011.html he recently wrote, calling out the BS propaganda by those who say we have nothing to worry about. Also mentioned the UN report.
03-31-2011, 02:24 AM #4
Octo Mother Superior
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Yes, these bastards need all the exposure they can get
03-31-2011, 11:17 AM #5
Accidental Stoner Member
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[import from other thread]

I do suspect my uncle, his wife and my Dad were
all Chernobyl victims.

The uncle died horribly in colon cancer - after 40+ years
of strict health-nut living. (He just wouldn't stop picking
and eating stuff like mushrooms, berries...firm believer in
natural foods as he was.)
His wife had a successful stoma operation for the same
condition. She totally shared her husband's lifestyle.

My Dad got cancer in the bladder...thank God it was a
benign, non-metastasing tumour.

Anyone supporting nuclear power should volunteer to store
spent fuel under their beds! Attitudes towards it sure seem to
follow fatness of wallet, so indoor space should not be a problem.
03-31-2011, 12:51 PM #6
JayRodney ⓐⓛⓘⓔⓝ
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Quote:Attitudes towards it sure seem to follow fatness of wallet

It's been my experience that attitudes towards everything have a wallet factor. I do not know exactly what happens to some people when wealth is acquired, it's as if all common sense go out the window.
Like a cash induced lobotomy, and for most it's highly effective.


03-31-2011, 02:47 PM #7
Upāsaka Member
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Quote:do not know exactly what happens to some people when wealth is acquired

The biggest source of wealth is inheritance, tptb simple pass on their ill gotten gains to the next generation. These people have a god complex, the rest of us useless serfs are to be sculpted and molded for their own needs.
03-31-2011, 05:05 PM #8
JayRodney ⓐⓛⓘⓔⓝ
Posts:30,202 Threads:1,487 Joined:Feb 2011
Everyone is expendable except the elite. The difference is they have more worthless fiat currency than the rest of us plebes. 37.gif Even gold will be worthless compared to uncontaminated food and water in the near future.
This disaster has potential to be a great equalizer.




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