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UPDATE!! Tsunami WARNING issued for Oregon coast
03-12-2011, 03:01 PM #31
Shadow Incognito
True enough LOL.
03-12-2011, 06:52 PM #32
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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A Jesus Avatar?
Did he Gird up his Sack Cloth too?

" Here we are Folks, at the studios of GLP,
where we have us another DOOM PIMP replete with his own Followers.

Tell us DOOM PIMP Type dude,,, can that Avatar of yours Cast out Demons?

and,,, is it not true,,, that all Earthquakes are the work of Inner Earth DEMONS?

" and given that as true,,, cannot "YOU",,, the Jesus of all great DOOM PIMPS,,
cast out those Demons, and save all your GLP acolytes from this horrible demon produced

Jesus the Doom Pimp : " Why, hell yes i can perform that miracle,,, But My Father in Heaven,,
will not allow this,,,,
for you see,,,
It is punishment for all the worlds SINS!!!"

Now Children,,, Go forth,,,, and be a Virgin no more"

uh,,, i mean,,, go forth and sin no more,,,
03-12-2011, 07:59 PM #33
Cynicalabsurdance Member
Posts:10,569 Threads:240 Joined:Feb 2011
After we have pondered why and what it is that creates in our minds, the consciousness
that we define ourselves by what we OWN, Do we find an excuse for that creation, once we have confronted it and determined that it is a bad thing for us?

Dressed in Rags really is comfortable, no worry about the stains that may occur.

Point: I at one time OWNED, 3 Porsche's, 4 Triumph sports cars,
and about 11 vintage automobiles,,, all at once.

Felt good about me,,,

waxing one of those cars one day, i finished it, and look to another to wax,,
let out a deep breath,,
dropped the buffer on the work bench

went upstairs and called in adds for every vehicle i owned.

Car sharks showed up with low ball offers all week long.

Hit one or two of the clucks.

Sold most of the vehicles.
geared up my camping gear on the back of my Motorcycle,
Rode off on a two week long roadtrip alone.

Came back home, placed more adds
sold most everything off.

Looked at the pile of cash on my coffee table
thought of what i could spend it on,,,
caught myself with:

Fuck, here i go again,,,, WHY?

Hid the cash
sold the furniture off

looked at the empty apartment,,, and thought: well, this is efficient,,, nothing to wax , wash, repair, dust off.

I think i like it.

People would ask me,,, hey, rog, where's your hotrod?

I'd look at them,, sold it, got tired of being owned by Old Cars.


reply: Look i said,,, i got tired of being Possessed,,, also, i got tired of being like you, and tired of being like me as well.


Alright, just to help you understand as much as you can,,,

I realized, that "I",,, "ME"..,,,, I defined my life by what i owned,,,
i was deluded with the thoughts, that owning LOTS of Desirable SHIT, is what gave
me meaning to my life.
and that what gives a person meaning to their life, is not only the barometer by which they define their LIFE, it is also the facade they must maintain, in their minds,,, to be acceptable to others,
which, is important to the Shallow mind, so, they stay enslaved,,, self imposed enslavement.

POINT: Yesterday, i thought of my 2 boats up in Seattle
will those sink?

Real quick the thought changed to: What Boats?

Today in Oregon, i heard that several boats, even fishing fleets,,, have been destroyed.

Thought on that event: Before anyone owned the boats, they lived without them just fine.

My 2 Boats????


Funny thing,,,, when you no longer allow an Object to OWN and Hold power over you,
you have no ill effects,,, when it eats the big one.

Second thought on those destroyed Boats,,,

those boats did not exist before someone built them and sold them to the people who lost them.

Now, the boats no longer exist once again

and if they are missed that much
then Boats that did not exist, will be built, and the people can have those Boats.

POINT: so feel no sorrow for the people who lose materially.
and feel no sorrow when "YOU" lose materially,,,,

For: think of how happy all of you will be, when you get the new replacement for that which was lost.
and that Happiness is BITCHEN when it comes
and the experience of LOSS, is one experience in a Life that is best if it is full of varied experiences,,,
gives meaning to life

and life defined is: EXPERIENTIAL


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