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nobody Member
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 Nobody, Has a need to know about anything!
10-24-2019, 11:09 PM #2
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Song I wrote , see if it fits this subject .

~~~~~~~~ The Phoney Faces ~~~~~~~

And so, everyday,
some act of hate hits another street
and some story about corruption complete

The free World is fading into a Nub
while the people are trapped in a comfort Rub

strokes come from a add on their phone
and boxed in it, they find, they're so alone

In the Pursuit of Loneliness
they discover, , the life they wished
they've missed, , ,

boxed in Apartments like
rats in a Cage, ,
all they see and all they feel
is constant internal Rage, ,

Flat screen on the Wall
brings them alter reality
in their hand
another device
to enforce this delusion
that they're still free

Nothing is real, nothing is true
we've lost our desire too, , , ,
lost to insanity, , ,
we've lost the Feel, ,
and meaning of Humanity, , ,

written in Finger paint by the child
a message: Mama can I give you a Hug
If mercy sweet, and kindness Mild, , ,
The child wouldn't have to ask, ,
Mama's drop the Phones and love that child, , ,

If there's really a Watcher in our Sky
he'd never send a Son for our Sins to Die, , ,

In Pursuit of Loneliness ~~~~

we seclude, avoid, and turn our face
afraid to be known as a member
of the Human Race, , ,

Blood on the hands of another
by extension, , , is yours my Brother, , ,

we're all in this as One
we can't expect to get free
while from our guilt we Run, , ,

Fractal is the Nature of Man
all we do, belongs to each
something you must
come to understand
Love is the Value
we have a need to Teach ~~~~

Children Playing Crazy Digital
video game, , ,
never learn love and kindness
barely know anyone's name

friends, but none next door
everyone's trapped in a device
with a game, trying to score, ,

" Shiny Object " adds
suck in the Parents mind
everything they wish for
is advertised
right on line

pretty soon
every thing we say
will be a Button tap
we won't recognize a friend
with a slap on the back, , ,

all human contact
will be done by keys
on a phone ~~~~~~~~~~~~ End ~~~~~
Roger Snow
10-25-2019, 01:58 AM #3
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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~~~ Observe the Land of Purple Skies ~~~~

Lights go down over Town
while the Citizens settle in

for an Evening of Peace

or so they hope ,
but who can say in this Town known
for breeding sneaks

It's that Purple Sky

you know the one

that one with the dotted eye .

Between where you are and the Sun

The River runs Black
through this country side

Though that doesn't effect
the sweet temptation
nor cause the sneaks to hide

Under that Purple Sky
and deep within your Heart

The Children of Mushrooms
come out of hiding
to play their Part

Jack stands , his Soul so clean
it seems to even glow ,,

Jack passed Judgement many decades before

so he doesn't care to ponder his being
nor it's score

you see jacks an alienist
and lives alone on a secluded shore

Well I'm just an Observer , no Master am I

a well healed cruiser , beneath that Purple Sky

Not here to guide
Not here to Control

Just stand to watch the Pride
of The Elitist residing down below ,,

There seems there's always something to watch
in this scenery sublime

I wonder if I have a Watcher
maybe one who can read my Mind

If so , imagine what they must Feel
every thought I have , is colored
in Textures Surreal .

Under that Purple Sky
here where Jack and I

have come to make a final stand

You'll find nothing new , nothing to bow
to the Elitist Commands .

~~~~ End ~~~~
10-25-2019, 06:08 AM #4
nobody Member
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I envy your wordsmithery/ Poetry
Some people jus got it.

 Nobody, Has a need to know about anything!
10-26-2019, 12:53 AM #5
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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(10-25-2019, 06:08 AM)nobody Wrote:  Damn...
I envy your wordsmithery/ Poetry
Some people jus got it.

Thank you

Bob Dylan and I suffer the same affliction , however , as he said , it fades away with age .

He said : " Those verses came out of no-where , and I can't do it anymore "

Every thing suffers impermanence , .

it's like Bob and I were born with a Pack of verses to give to this World ,
and when we've given the entire Pack , we're done .

I'll try and reach for a song and write it now .

~~~ Flaming Perceptions ~~~

Come down
feel the meaning of

Now come around
Taste the Freedom of the Dove

Let yourself Fly
Fly beyond Home

No need for you to cry
All those Reasons , never met my eye ,,,,

Flaming Perceptions
Reach farther
than this small Plane

The World here
is not worth you tears

Release concerns
matters , and all fears ,,,

Yes Taste the Freedom of the Dove

Feel within ,,, feel the Love

I never meant all that much ,,, you see ,,
Just too simple a Man ,, I guess that's just how
it turned out to be ,,,

But I loved you just the same ,,

and that's never going to fade

For that's just the way we're made ,,

To love each other , against the current grade

and live on in Love ,,,

Come down
feeelllll the meaning Of

Yes,,, Taste the Freedom of the Dove,,

Let it all Fly ,,,,,,,, Fly away

Let those concerns drop and die

just come ,,, and fly

Fly Child ,,
as you were born to do

Let those Fears ,,,

Fall away from you ,,,

Now Fly ,, unto your serenity ,,

Fly ,, and just let us be
as we were meant to be ,,,

Meld now ,, just melt into me ,,,

Meld ,,, like the Words of this Song ~~~~ End

Done , took something out of me to write it .

Guess I ain't all that empty just yet .

04-08-2021, 08:17 PM #6
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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dug this out just to inspect it again


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