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Videos emerge showing Israeli police shooting Palestinian woman execution style
10-10-2015, 01:58 PM #1
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A number of videos emerged online on Friday, showing Israeli police shooting a Palestinian woman at a bus station in Afula in the north of Israel.

In one video shot through what looks like a glass window of a truck or a bus, a woman in white clothes with a black bag is seen amid shouting armed men, allegedly Israeli police officers. While the person in white seems to be holding her hands up, gunfire follows and the person falls to the ground.

Belal Dabour from Gaza, who describes himself as "a Palestinian doctor living in Gaza" has posted videos on Twitter, and said it was not filmed by him, but "paradoxically it was posted first by Israelis." "She posed no threat," Dabour said. He added that the woman was "reported dead."


[Image: t49l2dT.gif]


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