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Vivaldi browser
03-28-2017, 12:12 PM #16
Kreeper Griobhtha
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(03-27-2017, 09:37 PM)Cynicalabsurdance Wrote:  yepper , it's the noises that I recall ,,
sitting in a Cubicle back in the 70's at a Aerospace firm ( Northrup )
The Ladies on the old word processors smacking away at those keyboards ,,

was the only drawback to an otherwise very cool Job .
Then , 1983 , My Neighbor got one of the first Personal
Home Computers ,,,

Black background with bright green characters ,, JEBUS ,, my eyes have
never been the same since ,,

five minutes to boot , was pretty fast back then ,,
I recall dial up on my first PC , took a full minute to flip a page .

ya hit enter , took the Puppy for a Pee Poo Potty ,,,
when ya got back ,,, ya still had time to fill her water Bowl .

'83? Commodore 64!

I learned BASIC on one of those!

GAWD that SUCKED! rofl.gif

I'm not saying that the software we use at work for ordering software we use at work for ordering and inventory control is out of date but it still uses the same green on black.

Ok, yeah, it sucks and is outdated as fuck. I've been complaining about it since I started. How can a multi billion dollar corporation use such outdated software?


What politics from both sides wants to teach us is that things are never complex. If you have your little package and something doesn't fit into that package, You don't know what to make of it so you want to dismiss it or then you will have to do the work of reconsidering your assumptions. - Michael Malice
03-28-2017, 12:42 PM #17
JayRodney ⓐⓛⓘⓔⓝ
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Some cheap ass corporations out there.
A Linux box with Open office could run circles around their dino custom shit.



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