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Western doctors know nothing
02-19-2018, 09:42 AM #1
Fatima Incognito
Western doctors are ignorant and can't even put a band aid on my finger
They no visit me on the bed like old fashion
They make me sit on the chair
Take blood pressure with automatic machine
They write prescription for medicine pills or blood test for cholesterol and no more.
They don't know the body and they don't know the pills kill you like poison then give you're pill to kill the poison and then pills kill you.
I say western doctor : piss off from me and no give me you stupid pills.
In my village doctor maybe more old than 80 year
He smoke like Turk but not Turk
He come to our home in our bed in the basement and give every body nice injection with needle but no pills.
Only injection and he have many needles for many bums
But before he start we must show him the poo poo in white bed pot so he look in the poo poo with his pen
He can tell what's wrong from Poo Poo
Then he look inside the eyes and match eye with poo poo
Then he make me do pee pee and check colour and them he know what's wrong and make injection in bum bum
Every night he wait in the piazza square in the bar play cards until 10 o'clock in case drunk man fall down stairs and need stiches in the head


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