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What Does Your Personality Portrait Look Like? (Online Version Of The Test)
03-12-2015, 03:25 AM #31
misterbumps Member
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OK I did it but my god a lot of questions. Strangely enough it was fairly accurate.

Your Personality test.

Interpreting Your Personality Self-Portrait

Your leading style(s) most strongly shape your style, even if they sometimes conflict with one another. In brief, here are descriptions of your top styles:

Adventurous types live by their own values. They are not strongly influenced by others or the norms of society. They love the thrill of risk and routinely engage in high-risk activities. They don't worry very much about others--they expect everyone to be responsible for him- or herself. They are silver-tongued, gifted in the art of winning friends and influencing people. In their childhood and adolescence, Adventurers usually have been high-spirited hell-raisers and mischief-makers. They remain courageous, bold, and tough, and will stand up to anyone who dares take advantage of them.

Adventurous people live in the present and are governed by feelings, not logic. They need thrilling challenges the way most people need food and shelter. Their thrills may come from sports, their careers, their sex lives, the stock market, or the gambling tables. A little of this personality style goes a long way towards building a meaningful, interesting life. A predominance of this style can be a problem, because these individuals may not sufficiently calculate their risks.

A 9-to-5 job can be hard on Adventurous people. However, when their jobs are exciting and highly stimulating, they give a high-quality performance. They appreciate newness and are not loath to undertake a difficult or dangerous project, but dislike routine jobs. They love to keep moving and have an urge to explore. They do not worry about finding work and live well by their talents, skills, and ingenuity.

While they are not motivated toward settling down with one person, they are drawn to people like themselves who like action and excitement and who are highly sexual. They don't tolerate relationships well when the newness fades. They operate best in relationships with partners who are independent and who do not begrudge them their freedom.

Adventurers live in the present. They do not feel guilty about the past or anxious about the future. As they grow older, they may become depressed that they can no longer keep up with younger people or that younger people are no longer attracted to them. Learning to think about the future and considering where they will be in five, ten, or fifteen years can help them prevent this let down.

Self-Confident types believe in themselves and in their abilities. They have no doubt that they are unique and special and expect others to treat them well at all times. They are unabashedly open about their aspirations and possibilities. They energetically and effectively sell themselves and their goals, so their goals are often achieved. They are able to take advantage of the strengths and abilities of other people to meet their goals and are shrewd in their dealings with others. They have a keen awareness of their own thoughts and feelings.

They often visualize themselves as the hero, star, or most accomplished in their field and accept compliments and admiration gracefully. Self-Confident types have a real talent for leadership and a genuine need to be in charge. They thrive when they are in a position to influence others. They are innately competitive and love status, image, and power. They like to be the attention-getters on the team or in the family. They are extroverted and good at politics. They love getting to the top and enjoy staying there. They identify well with people of high rank and status. They make excellent managers, skilled at delegating, building a motivated team, and rewarding loyalty. But they do not appreciate competition from their subordinates or attempts to share the limelight. They hate being criticized, even if justified. It may not seem to affect them outwardly but inwardly they react powerfully.

They are extremely good at accepting love and admiration but tend to be unaware of the needs of other people. They are so engaged in their own agenda they ignore what is happening to the people around them. They do have a conscience, though; it is political. If they understand they cannot remain on top without being more attentive to those below them, they will make a real effort to be more considerate.

In their personal lives, this lack of attention to others can carry big consequences. They must be reminded occasionally that their spouse or children have individual needs and feelings quite different from their own. Self-Confident people are prone to believe that the people they care about are just like them. Although they may appear selfish and oblivious to others, Self-Confident individuals take rejection very hard. As in their work life, the threat of losing position and importance will often motivate them to work on the relationship before it's too late.

This can be a very strong style, marking individuals who believe they have a purpose on the planet and the strength to discover it. They tend to be successful because they weather the frustrations and doubts that make other people quit along the way.

Self-Sacrificing types will give you the shirts off their backs, without waiting to be asked. Their goal is to be helpful to others. They are noncompetitive and unambitious, comfortable coming second, or even last. They are considerate, ethical, honest, trustworthy, and nonjudgmental. They are neither boastful nor proud and are uncomfortable in the limelight. They prefer to shoulder their own burdens and have much patience and a high tolerance for discomfort. Sometimes rather naive and innocent, Self-Sacrificing individuals are unaware of the often deep impact they make on other people's lives, and they tend never to suspect deviousness or underhanded motives in those to whom they give so much of themselves.

At its best and most noble, this is the personality style from which saints and good citizens are made. Like Devoted types, Self-Sacrificers live to serve others. However, where Devoted types attach themselves to people or groups and are motivated by their need to belong, Self-Sacrificing types are motivated by their need to help and to give.

They work selflessly and often in the background for the causes and people they serve. They'll say, 'Don't thank me,' but secretly they really want and need the appreciation; they just have a hard time accepting it. If they don't get this thanks that they are ambivalent about, they will find themselves resenting the people they serve.

Self-Sacrificing people must often take care they don't give away too much. They commonly do more for others than they do for themselves and often unwittingly make themselves vulnerable to people who may take advantage of them. Highly Self-Sacrificing people often feel unworthy of receiving love. They also feel guilty about experiencing pleasure themselves, although they are usually willing to provide pleasure to another person. They are quite capable of pleasure, but are more likely to indulge this ability when there is no one else around on whom they can focus their attention.

Yeah a lot is true!

I can see by your coat my friend you're from the other side. Just one thing I got to know. Who won?



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