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William S Burroughs Frightening Predictions About Drugs And Governments
07-16-2013, 03:56 PM #1
Ruby Wolf Member
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I originally posted a shorter version of this within another thread...

But I felt this and these prophetically horrifying words must be made into its own...

So here it is and here they are and like what the f##k!

Listen to what the 75 year old author of Naked Lunch and other books William S Burroughs is saying and warning about drugs and governments...

Notice how he Breaks The Fourth Wall and looks right at the camera (you and i) while speaking...

"Narcotics have been systematically scapegoated and demonized"

"The idea that anyone can use drugs and escape a horrible fate is an anathema to these idiots"

"I predict in the near future right wingers will use drug hysteria as a pretext to set up an international police apparatus"

"I'm an old man and I may not live to see a Final Solution of the drug problem"

(Cameo appearance during a scene from the movie Drugstore Cowboy directed by Gus Van Sant and released in 1989)

(Anathema - An object of loathing,somebody or something that is greatly disliked or detested and is therefore shunned and formally denounced)

(Remember and never forget how the Nazis called their evil Holocaust a Final Solution to their fabricated problems)

Frightening and faith shattering and all too f###en true...


07-16-2013, 05:06 PM #2
Ruby Wolf Member
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"The recent discovery of opium receptors in the brain and the bodies own painkiller endorphin,suggests that there is a pre-addiction metabolism related to endorphin deficiency.The addict needs to supplement a vital substance insufficiently produced in his body much as a diabetic needs insulin.So the absurdity of penalizing metabolic deficiency is now manifest"

"Flowers in the Blood" - 1981 - William S Burroughs

Unfortunately and horrifically i believe the "international police apparatus" William S Burroughs mentions within the video above will be created and unleashed someday and then all too many innocent people who are alive when another final solution is unleashed upon them by tptb will be the hundreds of millions of demonized drug addicts doomed to be rounded up and eliminated perhaps tricked and or taken away by force and murdered within sinister subterranean death camps because the evil powers that be no longer build their diabolical death camps upon the surface anymore now out of sight and out of mind of the dumbed down easily misled greed driven sheeple...
07-25-2013, 06:25 AM #3
Ruby Wolf Member
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If someone drives around in a broken down old car the cops will automatically profile you as being a drug user and immediately treat you that way...

If someone drives around in a really nice brand new car the cops will automatically profile you as being a drug dealer and automatically treat you that way...

Meanwhile during certain times the cops are told to stay away from a particular seaside shipping dock and told to patrol somewhere else during that prearranged evening as massive shipments of illegal narcotics are unloaded and dispersed into the population while the roll call briefing sergeants on duty receive their envelopes stuffed with hundred dollar bills for keeping the coast clear and open for business...

Unbelievable but true as told by an ex detective i listened to on a crime documentary who would only dare speak and reveal whats really going on with his face blackened out and his voice altered...

F###en two faced back stabbing bastards...
07-25-2013, 10:03 AM #4
Accidental Stoner Member
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Loved 'Naked Lunch'.

He was one keeper of eye on ball.


Heroiini R-Kioskeihin!
09-21-2013, 09:33 PM #5
Ruby Wolf Member
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Tptb dont really give a damn if someone buys and sells drugs...

Tptb dont really give a damn if someone is a prostitute...

But what tptb really do give a damn about is someone making money without tptb getting a piece of their monetary action...

Anything that anyone does involving ordinary people trying to make some money without tptb skimming some cash from it is demonized and made illegal and punishable...

F###en two faced back stabbing bastard!

I cant even have a friggin yard sale where i live without first going to the town hall and paying them some money first...

And if I dont do that the damn cops will actually arrive and shut dpwn my yard sale and fine me...

What the f##k!

The tax paid cops are trained to act like mafia soldiers and mafia leg breakers cruising around in their brand new tax bought cruisers threatening and extorting and legally stealing money from the financially oppressed common people...

What the f##k!

Cigarettes and alcohol are deadly mass murdering drugs...

But they're socially acceptable killers...

Because tptb make megabucks off of them...

Drugs not pushed and sold by the state and government and their media puppets are demonized and made illegal...

Because of friggin money...

Lots of people running around happy and high all day are not easy to dominate and they're not easy to control...
09-21-2013, 09:51 PM #6
Accidental Stoner Member
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They don't want the slaves to get any ideas about
self-sufficiency on any level. Cannabis is surprisingly
easy to cultivate with equally surprisingly small
resources (and still get a decent yield).

Slave class might go get ideas.

Gateway indeed...

09-21-2013, 10:30 PM #7
Ruby Wolf Member
Posts:10,255 Threads:721 Joined:Oct 2012
I recently read a heart breaking and horrifying book written by a nazi death camp survivor back around the nineteen seventies and within that book he said...

"The whole world has been transformed into a gigantic concentration camp and we're all just waiting for the trains"



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