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You are getting sleeeepyyyyy
06-19-2012, 06:41 AM #1
Kreeper Griobhtha
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Students left in ‘mass hypnosis’ after demonstration goes awry

Quote:A group of young students at an all girls school were left in "mass hypnosis" after a demonstration from a fledging hypnotist reportedly left them locked in a trance.

Maxime Nadeau was forced to call on his mentor for assistance after the hypnotist could not reverse the condition of several 12 and 13-year-old girls at the Collège du Sacré-Coeur private school in Quebec. One of the girls was reportedly left in a trance for five hours.

"Being in a trance is a state of well-being," Nadeau told the CBC's French-language service. "I wasn't stressed. I knew they would get out of it."

Still, Nadeau eventually called in his mentor and trainer Richard Whitbread to reverse the effects.

"There were a couple of students who had their heads lying on the table and there were [others] who, you could tell, were in trance," Whitbread said. "The eyes were open and there was nobody home."

In order to reverse the effect, Whitbread says he convinced the girls he was "re-hypnotizing" them and them brought them out of the trance "using a stern voice."

"I don't know how to explain it. It's like you're no longer there," student Émilie Bertrand told the CBC about her experience. "You're spaced out."

Nonetheless, Bertrand described the experience as "cool" as said she would do it again, even knowing the potential consequences.

Interestingly, Whitbread said the girls may have been especially vulnerable to Nadeau's suggestions because of his young age and "good looks."

In related news, television host Dr. Oz recently interviewed "hypnotic motivational guru" Paul McKenna, who says he can help patients achieve long term weight loss through his techniques.


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06-19-2012, 06:49 AM #2
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Oh HO!

never mindlmao.gif
06-19-2012, 08:13 AM #3
JayRodney ⓐⓛⓘⓔⓝ
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From my understanding, you can't make someone do anything under hypnosis they would not do normally. Lots of young girls have that "nobody's home" look to them, it just 'cause that's how it is. chuckle.gif


06-19-2012, 08:29 AM #4
Shadow Incognito Anonymous
Sounds like paid advertising to me (long term weight loss?). lol. I've been hypnotized and it's little like described. You don't go into a trance, you have complete control of your faculties, and 'coming out' of it brings the best sense of well-being I've ever experienced. Well... second best chuckle.gif
06-19-2012, 08:56 AM #5
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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There are levels of dept involved with the subconscious

the deeper you are taken
the heaveir it gets.

ok, thats, not stating it exact

personallity is not a singular

emotional relevance is not aligned in a singular pattern either

we for most of our waking state, are aware in a lineal state

however, taken into trance, you are now on a whole different road.

Consciousness, is far more exspansive then what we would normally
rely on to get through normal routines in life.

imagine the mind as a Pyrimid of building boxes,,, each box is it's own repository
of assimulated input feed,

LSD, would with some people,would open the varied doors of perception

and in some of the boxes, would be the nasty little buggers that caused bad trips in some folks

Given that example

we can imagine that our stable awareness is held in place by a safety mechanisim

it can be a fearful undertaking to venture beyond and into
the alter states

One is best served if the fear factor is first met and conquered.

At the first stage of the subliminal
true, you are only down one layer
and pretty much what you are at is barely much of a change

Go deeper, say several levels, and you'll find various traits and perceptions that are not first level awareness modes

Ok, Genectic encoding

take a kitten
born to the knowledge of the litter box

no need to train it
it's genetic coding already has the knowledge from prior genetic input of experience from an ancestor kitty

The mind of the human has this as well

say an ancestor of 300 years ago was a sailor

whatever his mind absorbed in his time is atomicly in your genetic coding

somewhere, deeper then first level, that anscestor is in your makeup.

taken back down through the levels, as though through time

it is possible to bring his persionallity to the surface.

Mozart was a prime example of the prior ancestrial personallity level being
closer to the surface, due to an illness, i believe a fever that effected his brain as a small child.

Ergo his gifted musical talent ( Gifted via genetics )


You can be made to do things your parent personallity would not engage in,

IF,,, it is found to be in the coding of a prior input . ( ancestor )

Am i any where near being able to illustrate that with words?

i am typing in the dark as well,,,, so i'll stop here



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