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You are not going to believe this
05-23-2017, 06:30 PM #16
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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Ah ,, the Geopolitical Expansion melds together some Holes .

Where in all of this , is the Benefit to 7 billion Human Beings ?

Don't bother to look for it , it's not there .

antics of Kim Un . as stated by the Handlers .
Allow the Boy some Toys , allow his antics , Distractions must be in place .

The Global Map is coming closer to that Three Corporate owned end .

Use Red For China
Blue for U.S.A.
Yellow for Russia

Paint each portion of the Planet's resources per which one controls it .

when done

Three colors will cover the Globe .

You , the 7 Billion Humans , have no Value in the end .
Most everything you can be used for , will be accomplished with Technological
apps .

Is there really any Reason for 7 billion people ?

Well , I can see , that in certain men's eyes , the answer is no .

and if you were one of the Elite with those eyes looking out at the Human Race

7 Billion People is far far too many .

Imagine ,,
A World of only a few Hundred Thousand People as Dutiful Slaves .

Once they own it all securely , and have the Tech ,,,

well ,,
gonna come a Culling .


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