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You think you have computer problems? You won't believe mine!
09-02-2015, 06:00 PM #1
OP Incognito Anonymous
I started using computers in 1985 and then the internet in 1989. I have always had considerably more problems than anyone else I know: with hardware, operating systems, just about all software, wireless signals, email and when I have been able to access the internet - with browsers, webmail, and other on line accounts, groups and forums. It is way beyond being explainable as faulty equipment, bad luck, or incompetence. I have confirmed this by seeing that the same sorts of things happen when I use public computers.

Four times now I have set up a home office and it never lasts for more than a couple of months. The last time I had all new equipment and the latest regularly updated software - Norton Internet security, a Keylogger Detector and an Intrusion Detection System. The setup worked perfectly for one week, but then many operating system problems started happening. When I kept trying to sort that out hardware problems started happening. I now have four computers, all bought new, that won't even turn on. This of course could just be me attempting to do things beyond my ability. However, when I took one of those computers to a technician and he pressed the same ON button it started up normally and he checked it out thoroughly finding nothing wrong with it. When I got it home it worked properly twice and then resumed not turning on. A similar thing happened to a UPS unit, which is the first thing to fix in my 5th attempt to set up a home office. It was not switching on. I took it to a technician who explained to me that it has a relay which senses when 240v is connected and then starts it up. For me the relay does not do its job, but for him it behaves normally without him doing anything other than connecting the power. He did use another power cord, but mine checks out as working for other 240v equipment connected to the same power supply.

Difficulties working on public computers

As a result of the above voluntary work, activism and attempting to run a small business has had to be done in limited time at State libraries, internet cafes and an employment agency, and more recently on an already not fully functioning smart phone. Most of the public computers have well set up systems watched over by IT professionals. Most users at these places do not have difficulties during their internet sessions, except of course the beginners. However, nearly all of the problems I have experienced on my home computers have been replicated on these public computers.

- Computers have crashed at significant moments. Registering a business online proved impossible. I tried several times and the form process would never complete. When I kept persevering the computer crashed twice needing a reboot and then a third time it wouldn't reboot. This was at a tertiary education institution library with many people busily working beside me on computers all working well it seemed.

- Operating systems sometimes have seized up necessitating a re-boot.

- Sound often does not work properly. Muting keeps getting un-muted and volume can't be turned down and things start playing that should not.

- Word processing sometimes becomes difficult or even impossible. There have been a few weird effects. One is a delay in the time between typing and the letters appearing on the screen - up to about three seconds at times. Another is glitches in content appearing e.g. always don 't with a hard space that can 't be removed.

- Saving work is sometimes difficult. The program will say saved but then, when I go back to that document later, I find it has reverted to a previous save. That has happened repeatedly in some documents. Recently I checked the date on a document that reverted to an earlier state. I definitely worked on it on the 24th but the files save date had reverted to the 22nd. One answer to that problem is to continually save the work under a changed file name, making way too many files, or work in a secure online account. I have had similar mysterious things happen to content in some online accounts.

- Web pages often open very slowly or not at all. The page loading icon will spin for 20 mins or more. Sometimes leaving that browser window trying and then putting the same url into another it will open immediately, Other times it will also spin endlessly. Sometimes they will work normally for a while then start going slow, or the browser might even freeze completely and need to be re-loaded. Other times the browser windows will endlessly replicate. And another one is web sites that loop back to the home page when attempting to go to the third level page.

- Access to online accounts is sometimes blocked. Passwords do not work. Obviously a person can get the p.w. wrong the first time, but doing it more carefully the second time, and then again a third time, to be fully sure, and it still does not work seems more like blocked than incompetence. Often going through the p.w. reset procedure gets me into the account. It just wastes precious time. Sometimes not though. Now with two step verification on accounts there are added problems. Codes sent by txt to mobile sometimes don't arrive or arrive days late, or not at all. Printed out codes have many times failed to work. On one occasion I was blocked from accessing my online accounts, where nearly all my work is now, for 15 days.

- Saving on Web Forms many times has not worked. Or the captcha code is not accepted. That has sometimes fully prevented me from setting up online services.

- Webmail services have proven very difficult to use: Zoho is the best that I have had. It is my 12th. All the others have not functioned as they should. I have talked to many of their techs who have not been able to explain why things have been seizing up, or not loading, or otherwise malfunctioning. My 11th Webmail service was gmail, with encrypted connection to the computer I am using turned on. Mostly it worked but was very annoying in that whenever I attempted to open an email from one source, which just happened to be doing something to expose covert targeting of innocent people. Instead of the email from this group opening the account would nearly always log out. Others were also complaining of that happening in Google support forums, but there were not enough it seems to get Google's attention on the problem, or maybe they just didn't know why that sort of thing was happening - like all the other Webmail services. Zoho is the first that has almost worked properly so far. A disappearing email has still happen though, but of course they have no control over what happens to an email once it leaves their system.
09-02-2015, 06:22 PM #2
JayRodney ⓐⓛⓘⓔⓝ
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I worked with a person years ago that went through a computer every 3-6 months. Couldn't wear a watch, they would cease to function in about a day. Their car was constantly breaking down with electrical problems, and I saw the coffee maker catch fire one morning during the brewing of a pot of coffee they made.

It's not as unusual as you may think.

Quote:"The last time I had all new equipment and the latest regularly updated software - Norton Internet security, a Keylogger Detector and an Intrusion Detection System."

Norton is a resource hog that slows your computer and runs all kinds of shit in the background that can and does conflict with programs, and hardware.
As for the other crap, what are you doing that you are so paranoid?
A keylogger detector? An Intrusion Detection System?
You may be creating your own problems at home.
As for the public computers, I do believe you must be an EM dynamo, or in need of an exorcist.


09-02-2015, 07:12 PM #3
Cynicalabsurdance Member
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HA !
09-02-2015, 08:41 PM #4
karutzar Member
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Quote:I worked with a person years ago that went through a computer every 3-6 months. Couldn't wear a watch, they would cease to function in about a day. Their car was constantly breaking down with electrical problems, and I saw the coffee maker catch fire one morning during the brewing of a pot of coffee they made.

I usually have PC/soft problems when in Scorpio (october/november) - it can last up to 2 weeks. No logical explanation of why this happen.

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09-03-2015, 11:12 AM #5
DaJavoo If looks could kilt
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Just for shits and giggles...have you tried a hard reboot? chuckle.gif

EDIT::I also agree with JR ~ all the condom wearing one must do with Windows OS's really stuffs most pcs. Try Linux. If you've been computing since '85 it shouldn't be over whelming.

Consider the TAILS distro for über privacy: https://tails.boum.org/
Anonymous Kritter Show this Post
09-03-2015, 03:38 PM #6
Anonymous Kritter Incognito Anonymous
I use tails on a USB stick for all my *cough* *cough* Bitcoin transactions.



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