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just sayin..
04-29-2021, 08:57 PM #31
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Pharmaceutical nanotechnology:
proof of in masks and swabs

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04-29-2021, 09:03 PM #32
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donating/donated blood:

The Red Cross is following FDA blood donation eligibility guidance for those who receive the COVID-19 vaccination. Deferral times for donations may vary depending on which brand of vaccine you received. If you’ve received a COVID-19 vaccine, you’ll need to provide the manufacturer name when you come to donate.


Very different/Odd^

Secondly-what are the consequences of getting blood by/of a vaccinated person and would you even know that you did..???

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04-29-2021, 09:07 PM #33
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2017/2018 article:
PubMed Central (PMC)
Transmissible Viral Vaccines
Genetic engineering now enables the design of live viral vaccines that are potentially transmissible. Some designs merely modify a single viral genome to improve on the age-old method of attenuation whereas other designs create chimeras of viral genomes. ...

2020 article:
New Scientist
We now have the technology to develop vaccines that spread themselves
Prevention is better than cure, so we should start using genetic techniques to stop dangerous animal diseases jumping to humans, say Scott Nuismer and James Bull

^from article:Efforts are now under way to develop prototypes for several important human pathogens, such as the Lassa and Ebola viruses.
^probably covid too but left unsaid^-"for several important human pathogens"
The evidence is piling up and the idea of the vaccine being able to jump ship is probably the most disturbing news out of this whole covid ordeal.

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04-29-2021, 11:08 PM #34
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Bio-Barcodes: GMO Spores Hidden in Food to Track Supply Chain

Spraying your food with genetically modified spores with custom DNA sequences in order to trace it through the global supply chain sounds like science fiction, but one company funded by SOSV — the same VC behind ‘food replacement’ companies like Memphis Meats, Finless Foods, and NotCo — has made it a reality, and is already testing its technology.
Biological barcodes and resource tracking is clearly an integral part of the blockchain/AI supply chain being rolled out as part of The Great Reset. But what happens when you eat them?
 -watch in vid for evasive answer.


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05-06-2021, 07:49 PM #35
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Self-Spreading Vaccines Are No Myth...It's Hard Science
Johns Hopkins Confirmed Them - Covid Genocide Is Here

William Gates started the William Gates foundation, later renamed the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Burnet's protégé, Gustav Nossal went on to work for the foundation and WHO after Burnet died in 1985. He carried forth the Burnet-Gates Senior plan for genocide.

Gates, Sr. and Burnet conceived and financed the genocidal message on the Georgia Guide stones. Think about that.

[Image: aYYV8Ew_700b.jpg]





Do you understand the georgia guidestones now?
Those who took /are taking the vaccine now have damaged immune systems & people around the world will drop like flies/dead/with next viral crisis
..hence the georgia guidestones becoming a reality.

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05-09-2021, 08:00 AM #36
UniqueStranger Art in my heart
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Hey, it's time to think smart and do things vertically or off world.


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