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A Reminder that past can and has always become the now. War!

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I was standing on a Hill in the Battle Ground of the U.S. Calvary and American Indian, just a few feet from the Graves, when I heard Putin
had instigated the current war with Ukraine.
That evening, after I left the  area of those War Relics beneath the Soil,,,,
I penned this Poem.
we have Museums with relics to remind us of our Wars,,, yet we ignore they're message.
~~~~ Relics, a poem~~~~~
Hill Top Deposit of Past Ghost
inches down, Relics of Men,
whom we Toast

Rusted Relics behind Glass
remind us of our Brutal Past

Hand me down memories
Forgotten to some

Blood soaked symmetries
under Bloodstained Sun

We never recall the guilt we own
we always forget we stole
what we now own

Sad Relics, silted in Tears
Man killing Man
Due to their Fears

Yes, Battle Relics on display
this was Genocide
not Child's Play

Relics, rusted into the Past
that we can neither change
nor deny, out live or out last

Relics to remind us
so memory lives on,
on forever into the future
so we might not repeat
the Crimes of the Past

Relics, what good do they mean
if we're destined to repeat
the same Deadly scenes

Relics to remind
Relics to reveal

Relics we find
should cause us to feel

Relics, yes,
reveal the stains on our Souls.

~~~~~ Wash, rinse, repeat the Crimes against Humanity,,,,,
until the last of us,,,,,,, fall from the Insanity~~~~~~~~

A simple Poem

Topic starter Posted : 27/07/2022 4:10 am
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It doesn't seem we like to learn anything from history

Posted : 27/07/2022 11:11 am
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I am sure American and Indigenous relics of men and women won't be joining them on your soil, or will they?

Power without abuse loses it's charm.

Posted : 06/08/2022 2:53 am

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