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Wanna be Rich?


Watch closely what the Poor People do, and then don't do it.


Each of the People I related the Fairy Tale too, reacted and performed as poor people "do".


Each at some point , had asked this stranger right here ( Me) Baited questions, so, I fed them the "Spoof".


Denoting a person is asking baited questions is an Art, when asked a series of Baited questions, and noted, it can be

judged that these Fake as Fuck Clowns are asking those questions for some other entity, and that "Entity" for a Fact, has placed a Target

on your Back.


enjoy, it's a Beautiful Day.

Topic starter Posted : 21/05/2022 9:06 pm
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Quoting the Article again:



Interestingly, it is estimated about $12 million remains unaccounted for.(<-------<<<<  Bingo! The Bait, it happens all the time, lost Bandit loot is a common

that dates back as far as the first robbery, ergo, Base to my Fictional Spoof,)


back to article>>>>----->

Apparently, none of the culprits ever spoke of where they hid the money. I’m sure everyone involved in the heist will continue to be under the watchful eyes of the FBI, police authorities, and insurance investigators for the rest of their lives. Other nefarious types may also be interested in trying to obtain a portion of the missing treasure.

Allen Pace and his buddies are now walking around outside prison walls, but their newly regained freedom came at an uncomfortable price, even though several million dollars may be stashed within reach. <------<<<< end quote.


$12 million is out there folks. Probably don't even need a Shovel to get at it.


also probably against some kinda law if you find it.


the U.S. has passed so many Laws, that is literally now, against the Law to Obey certain Laws.


Hope you enjoyed the Story, stay Poor is my advice, the World is so much simpler that way.

Topic starter Posted : 21/05/2022 9:22 pm
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The Ball rolls on, the spy-bots game never stops.


Evil oozes from it's Pores as the Ball bounces upon lives undeserving of torment.


To Quote a Friend: " I wonder how long the people will continue to put up with the crime ring that owns this country."


Yes, agreed, but I replied to his query: "The Apache have been asking that ever since your people arrived here"


The Ball rolls on, bloodbath follows Bloodbath, corruption sucks life from a Paradise, and "The People" fail themselves

with willful ignorance and complain that it's all somebody else's fault for that which they themselves support.


Worse is how Insulted they become when their own truth is presented to them, as though they have a right

to defunct consciousness and no one has the right to point it out to them.


The Ball Rolls in direction bound for destruction, and as clear as that is to all of us, still we maintain course.


The definition of Hell is: "Other People"

Though we are all one, we find separation in our minds in order to deflect accountability.


Very high is the percentage of people whom are dialed into selfish intent when engaged with other people,

as though contact and friendship of a stranger is but a road to using that stranger for whatever they can get out of them.


The Ball grows in size, the more Humanity Breeds, the Cult of Societal Norms is passed generation to Generation

Spreading like a Wildfire without Bounds or Borders.


The Rise and Fall, perpetual in it's self destruct cycle, never seems to sink in to the Defunct Minds of Man.


What but for some higher Consciousness to intervene.  

Topic starter Posted : 22/05/2022 4:52 pm
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~~~~~~~ The Gecko Chronicles ~~~~~~~


At the Base of a Hand Carved Statue of a Hot Dog munching Cowboy, sat a Gecko.

He or She, I couldn't tell you, cute as a Feather sticking out your Nostril, I can tell you.


Geckos like to do push ups, this little one was pushing up and down like a Piston in a V8 Engine.

They are multi colored ya know, change colors as they move, cool stuff to watch it it.


Hanging with Reptiles is not chronicled very often in my Resume',

seldom feel a need for their company, especially the Rattle Snake species,

those Dudes BITE with Poison, so, of course, I boogie when I see those. 

Maybe Geckos bite with poison too, but I never heard that if they do.


Watching this Gecko, friend said to me: " Your Sibling Rog'?"


I replied: " No, I thinking of making offspring with it though"


She walked back inside just as another Gecko came out from behind the Statue, I called out to her


" It's got a Mate, no making offspring with it for me, she's already hooked up"

at that, my mind saw an imaginary lab dish, with Gecko Egg and my Sperm colliding in it.


Shook that vision off, and went inside to watch the pair through the window and carry on

with my friend, she brought me Coffee, asked: "Bummed Rog'"


I said no, there's others to mate with, not the first time my advances have been turned down.


"Besides, I didn't really want to be the "Adam" of a Future Time Traveling Race of Reptilian Aliens"


Some other Dude is though, must be, cause I know Reptilian Aliens in UFO's, do Travel Time, I've done it with them

on their Ships, Time Travel I mean, not Breed with them.



Topic starter Posted : 23/05/2022 6:58 pm
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Somewhere on this Earth, each and everybody has a Match for a Mate,

maybe, just maybe, there exist one for me,

though I have always doubted that it was possible.


It's a weird thing to ponder at times, a Match? a Match for me?

I questioned all my life "How could that even be possible, I'm not even an Earthling,

Perfect Match for me would be in my Home World,,, wouldn't it?


Then, one evening out on the Beach, a couple friends and I watched for 40 minutes a UFO beaming something up

from the Water, What kind of something, we never did figure out, but I suspect from that event, and the elements involved,

that I'm not alone in this World, that, the event was to show me something concerning us who are not of this World.


I would state that the missives received were all Telepathic from that Craft, and one particular meaning was for me

not to doubt possibilities of others being here with me, kind of like a Team of us, here together, here for a distinct reason of importance.


I doubt a lot less now, I mean, I've ridden aboard enough now,  and experienced so many so called odd ball events,

that there is what is called "No Room for Doubt" left in my Pre-Frontal Consciousness.


On the Geckos,

I've a sneaking suspicion that they too have a purpose here, and I don't mean sell ya insurance.


Watching the Geckos recently, I paid them a lot more attention then I've have in the past, I noted some things about them

that I would not have considered in the past times I've run into them.


One characteristic that I never noticed before, they don't seem to panic as easily when you approach them as

other Reptiles will, they watch you as much as you watch them, rather than run for cover as other Lizards will

at your approach, sorta like they like for you to watch them perform their color changes and other attributes.


Attention Whores?


No, not exactly. more like show-offs with intentional messages about themselves being conveyed through body language.


sound weird? I concur but, it's something to think about, why doubt anything?


I'm not saying that the Geckos are a Match from me, I'm saying, they too are not of this World.





Topic starter Posted : 23/05/2022 7:56 pm
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One left behind

two left to imagine


three hearts so kind

where we gaze within?


Soothing Souls in Ancient times

She been around long before


Goddess beads and bells ringing chimes

Weather Vein asking for just a little more


I gave at the Office I reply

weather Vein swears it's blowing away my Shore


Don't tell me that's Standard

it's never blown this bad before


Paranormal, Supernatural winds sweeping us out to Sea

I'd rather we'd be sleeping quietly beneath The Singing Tree


Gecko gonna get cha if ya slow down

he ain't happy, gonna run you out of town


Thank you for the heads up



can you please,,,,,,,,


just shut the hell up~~~~~~~~~~ No Gecko gonna get my Decorder Ring

Topic starter Posted : 23/05/2022 9:22 pm
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Me on a string

Just one thing I'd like to say

just hear this

and then I'll be on my way


it's been wild, been a lot of fun

hanging out with you

but now,

it's time I run


Little were the problems here

small distractions

have a way to clear


when they come to take me away

don't despair, it was written

long before this day


See ya sometime in another Space


I'll be gliding across with Grace

another World with a Better Theme

even though this one, was just a mediocre dream

I had some fun while here, with a few troubles

mixed in between



Suffice to say

it's been Wild the entire way


weirdest damned World,

I just have to say.


People come in as infant

leave old with all reason spent


weird, yes indeed

not exactly what I expected it to be


So, maybe see ya on some other Road

in some other life

somewhere that people aren't so Cold


When the Fall has finally come down

I wish you well, maybe you'll miss the Ground


or just maybe

This is the Last Time

we'll ever meet


which ever comes

be aware,,, some of this

has been

somewhat Simi-Sweet~~~~>>>>~~~~~> Check out Time, see ya's


Me on a string
Topic starter Posted : 24/05/2022 8:40 pm
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Spoofing my way across the States?


Sure, why not, I always thought people were crazy, until that thought became a knowledge.


Spoofing Crazy People, suits them well, and,,,, their reactions are such a Treasure to study.


Rocks look Dead don't they?


well, a crazy person once said to me: "Rocks ain't dead, they play Opossum until you look away"


I replied: " Do you have any Ice Cubes for Pets?"


Why yes I do, how'd you know?


I then asked: "I bet they run away when you walk them in the Sun too long"


WOW! you have Pet Ice Cubes too,


I said, Oh no, I Traded mine for a Telepathic Monkey,

Ice Cubes are too mean, and Monkeys can be trained to wash Bicycles, and shit in a Sandbox too.


The Dude blinked, blinked again, asked me: "Don't Ice Cubes bath themselves though?"


Pfft, not relevant I replied, besides, Bike Sprockets spin both ways, so how's your Limp Eyelids coming along?"


I had to change the subject you see, Pet Rocks, dead or alive, playing Opossum or not, were becoming a real thing soon,

I had to get going, to build some Rock Cages and stock up on Rocks and train them to be good Pets.


The Monkey agreed, in fact, he's still Grand Pa to about a thousands Live Rocks.


well, that was the '80's

and this is today, a Hump Day,

the Sun is out, the Tourist are few, the Baked goods are awesome,

and the World is going to shit.


yepper, gotta love running Spoofs

Telepathic Monkey agrees.

Topic starter Posted : 25/05/2022 6:30 pm
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Ever watch a Telepathic Gecko Dance?

they don't have very good moves, but,,,


a Telepathic Monkey, now that sucker got the Moves Man.


Ok, going somewhere today. see ya's

Topic starter Posted : 25/05/2022 6:44 pm
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It's just another Mile gone by

when you've reached far enough

into a Sun Setting across your Sky


Just another Smile across your eye's

smiles and laughter enough

to cause you to want to cry


It's just another reason why

you've taken this style of Life

traveling forever, yes, may as well

give it a Try


Please excuse my distance

excuse my indulgence in solitude

Excuse my absence,,,

I don't mean to be so Rude


But I got Life going on

just not here

just not there

but the whole world over

my whole life long


Hobo Style, Back Road

America wide open

and all the while

as I was told

it's everything I was Hoping


Life can be free as flight on Wing

may have to give up a few things


Might have to reinvent

may see more than your eye's can hold

it's money well spent

Living out your life free and bold

paying for Paradise instead of Rent


Have a need to get free?

Feel those Traveling jones scream


Trapped beneath a Smog Canopy

Go on Brothers and Sisters

Go live out your ultimate Dream~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Just looking to be as free as We have a right to be ~~~~~~~~~~~


Gonna rise up

gonna rise up from those ashes

gonna rise up, get to breathing in

these winds of change

Gonna be gone

before the Tax Man reailzes

I've gone to where the Wind is Wild and Strange~~~~~~~>>>>>~~~~<<<<< no end in sight, where no destination has been planned.




Topic starter Posted : 26/05/2022 7:19 pm
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and just like that, poof gone!


How can we expect understanding, if all we are resides within a Psychotic Bubble?


I mean, every contact I have with another person, results in me Clearing Cookies before I close

the Browser of Contact.


Blame it all on the popularity of Tic Toc Videos maybe?

fuck, Idk, it's crazy every where, People are not people anymore, Fat Stupid gluttons maybe,

with zero intelligence or anything interesting to capture your attention in conversation.


and the madness!!!! OMG!


if people ever ask me why I run spoof operations on strangers,

I'll direct them to a Mirror, go look, maybe you'll get it.


Two cases here that I'll relate on the fucking insanity of people that have actually approached me

at camp sites and attempted to out of the blue, instigate shit with me.


First, I'll point out that I NEVER ever approach any person at any time or any where, so, if any shit

breaks out, you can wager that I sure as hell didn't instigate it.


I mean, I don't even get out of my vehicle when I pull in to camp out, no need to, and I can't walk to well,

so everything is pretty much self contained in my car, I pull in, park as far from people as possible, sit and wonder at

the scenery, Nothing else do I do, PERIOD!


Case #1 coming up in next post

Topic starter Posted : 27/05/2022 5:10 pm
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just like that, POOF GONE,,, is solace, solitude, peace of mind, serenity, GONE, due to some asswrinkle's paranoid schizoid

Control Unit fucked up Mind.


let's roll, check this BITCH out, like who or what died and left this Maggot in charge of other people?


Scene is in the Middle of a Desert, expanse for 100's of miles, plenty of room for all. if you park and other people are doing something

you don't like, turn the key, shift into gear and get the fuck gone, right?


alrighty then


analyze this skank and you tell me why she couldn't figure that out and do it.

the same with the next skank in the next story, these freaks homestead on open land and take up

owners rights in their assholish minds,,, eh?


yepper they do indeed.




I pull out into a dispersed camping area, seek a spot, ok, one van 150 yards to my right

next closest vehicle to my left 150 yards away


half between the two.


I shut the car down, Music on my stereo, down lower than i like but do-able


I sit study the surrounding terrain, diggin' the sights.


Green Van I passed 150 yards away, a woman gets out and walks 150 yards up to my drivers side.

I didn't see her until she was right there 5 feet away.


She begins: Hi, can you turn your radio off please, I can hear it way over there

( points at her Van, again, 150 fucking goaddamned yards the fuck away from me)


I reply: Oh, I'm sorry, sure, I'll just turn it off, sorry. ( at that point, figuring I gave the Skank what she wanted and recognizing 

that she has Mental Issues Tattooed across her Crazy eyes, I turned off the stereo and expected her to Flit the fuck off)


She stood there another 5 to 10 minutes explaining herself and why the music was "too loud"


Finally, trying not to be rude as I should've been, I crank the key and drive down passed the far vehicle and park.


That Skank walked down to his vehicle another 150 yards away from mine, total 300 yards from her Van.


She does the same thing to that person, they also turn off the stereo, it's about Noon, right?

it's not after dark, it's not bedtime for Skankoid and Skanksters, it's lunch time man, Music is NOT too loud,



This Skank get's done with that Camper, walks further down the road to where I moved to and informs me that she

got him to turn off his stereo too.


I smile, turn the key, put it in gear and say: " Well, my first 55 years in this world, I HAD to deal with Crazy, I no longer

have to deal with any shit at all, btw, I'm leaving here, I don't like the people here, if I didn't like their music either

all I have to do is leave, there's thousands of open spaces,,, ever try that? ever just leave if stereos bug you?


I didn't wait for the reply, I was moving as she was talking.  she didn't look pleased at the comment.



this next one is even fucking worse, in fact, this must have escaped a mental hospital.


be back, watch the commercials while I prepare to write this out for your leedle eyes.



Topic starter Posted : 27/05/2022 6:01 pm
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I've been asked why I use the term "Skank"


I don't always get truthful with the answer I give, but, it punctuates perfectly in one word, what that Skank is,

which is, she's a SKANK! <-----<<< that trigger you, in bold caps that way? piss you off?


Tuff Rug Burns, ya knew the text was hhere before you began reading it, can't handle leedle letters on a screen?

stop staring at a screen then. Pfffft,,, stupid skank.



ok, on a roll, let's tell it by shooting from the Hip <~~~~<<< means telling it just like it is.


Ah never mind, I ain't in the mood to write it ,,, later gator

Topic starter Posted : 27/05/2022 6:11 pm
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did I write that up there?



Ok, story time, I'll do another lost loot story, tasty and juicy with tidbits of succulent inner details

that no one alive except me, knows about.


btw, I wonder if the Goofies,,, that I ran the last spoof story on, ever went out and dug holes in the Desert ?


I should do a drive out there and check for Holes LMAO  


ok, Story>>>~~~~~>


Bruce grew up in my Beach Town, a few years older than I, and about 345Lbs heavier.


I mean, the Man stayed off slopes for fear that his Roundness,

if he fell, it would cause him to roll until he starved to death.


Believe it or not, the most amazing thing about Big Bruce was despite his Huge Body

he was an Expert Cat Burglar.


Unreal to think about, he somehow could slither that Bulbousness through Openings

like a square peg through a round hole.


Crazy to think how he managed.


I didn't really know BB (Big Bruce) very well, I mean, I saw him around, maybe said hi to him twice in 30 years,

could tell he had money and didn't have to work a job or run a business, He dressed very well, drove exotic Cars.

Lived in a House on the Hill over looking the Waterfront and was what we all called the Mansion.


Bruce was polite, quiet, well mannered, and conscientious to a Fault, always generous to his close friends, all 4 of them.


Rumor was, His Grand Parents came to Redondo Beach in 1904 or so, and Bought up a square mile of Land, broke it down

into Lots and sold those.


That they Maintained about a 1/4 of that property and had Winter Vacation rentals built on small lots.


Later, His Dad inherited all the Property, grazed the small vacation homes and built spec houses on the lots.


Bruce was RICHER that the Movie Stars.


so go figure why he'd stoop to Burglary.


I got the tidbit, that as a kid, his only friend in School, a poor boy, got him into it one day when they ditched school together,

and Bruce was so thrilled with the risk that first time, that he became addicted to engaging the trade almost bi-weekly.


He and Friend figured out that Church Services and Funerals got people out of the House and

back in the day, people would actually call the Newspapers and announce their vacation plans

by running an ad in the personals ( Ah, to impress the neighbors, yet set your self up for your house to be Robbed)


Bruce was what many refer to as a "Rentier" with Rental Properties all over the So.Bay of L.A.,,,

he had accountants take care of all the incoming outgoing finances, and he literally never had to do a thing

for his Moola, the agency took care of all property issues for him.


He was the first person I ever knew, that had a "Gold Card" account for Credit Cards.


No Wife of course, no kids, but, he had One Confidant , a friend of mine as well, we'll call "D" even though both

have passed on.


When Bruce's Burglar Co-Hort suddenly died in an accident, D was his only venue for relating his crimes to.

You see, he'd pull off a score, and have the extreme need to relate the story for each score to someone

he could trust, a man who'd listen, and keep his yap shut.


D was that Venue, D was an awesome guy, a very good friend, we were in Business together for a while

always honest with me, and always pitching in a little beyond his 50% of duties.


in the seventies, I had this old Woody Cabin Cruiser down in King Harbor, 3 or 4 slips away from it,

was the Largest Boat in the Harbor, Ship more like, over 50 ft.


I restore old shit, Snuggles, my Cabin Cruiser was bought Cheap, and with intent to bring her

back to Glory, and I was engaged in that one Morning when Bruce and Co-Hort came pass on the Dock.


Bruce: Hey, you're D's Buddy, right,, what's hisname,, uh,, Richard?


I replied: Name is Rog', Hi Bruce, good to hear ya speak man"

Bruce giggled, replied, Hey, we're taking Sundaya out , going diving, you Dive?

wanna come along?


I smiled my way out of it, with: Busy on this girl today Bruce, but we can anytime else"


Continue in a moment

Topic starter Posted : 29/05/2022 6:39 pm
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From that, Bruce and friend walk to Sundaya and board, my face melted, I asked: Ya kiddin' me, right Bruce?

You own Sundaya?"


BB smiled back with a Nod and a Wink, bashful of his Wealth ya know.


I thought it strange, both of them were totting Hefty Trash Bags, that seem weighted beyond capacity,

under the other Arm, a Salted Malted fast food Bag,,, Duh,,, Huh?


Ya see, at that time, I didn't know BB was a Burglar, shit man, who would suspect,,, right.


Later, after his funeral, D confided in me his story connected to BB, I was blown out of my seat, no shit, because D

doesn't run Spoof stories, I do, not him, and nothing made sense to me in concerns of one of the Wealthiest People

in So. Cal. was a Thief, a Cat of all things,,, nope, took a while and some evidence before my gray matter accepted it.


D got around finally to that Day of meeting BB on the Dock,


D began: Remember? know what was in those Bags?


LOOT! I yelled, with a "NO SHIT" for a chaser.


D smiled long time across to me,,,, and said: It' gets better Rog',,, BB said he planned to give you a handful

of Kugarands if you'd of come along and stood as Top Man for them as they went down and tied those Bags off

to a cement anchor they have out there"


D: Rog',,, BB said they have several of those stash anchors out there,,, many of them still have loot at them, they'd stash

new loot, wait a year until the heat blew off, go fetch it, take it to a Fence and dropped it off."


I replied: Who got his Boat?!!!!!!!!! f__k Kugarands Man, LOL!






Topic starter Posted : 29/05/2022 7:06 pm
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