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Cold Response to Freezing Winds - US Marine exercises in Finland

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Cold Response was an exercise in the spring of this year that got some (not much) media mention over here, but I'm sure not so much in the US

The first surprise, for the Finnish conscripts and officers taking part in a NATO-hosted military exercise in the Arctic this spring: the sudden roar of a U.S. Marine helicopter assault force, touching down in a field right next to the Finns' well-hidden command post.

The second surprise: Spilling out of their field headquarters, the Finnish Signal Corps communications workers and others inside routed the U.S. Marines -- the Finns' designated adversary in the NATO exercise and members of America's professional and premier expeditionary force -- in the mock firefight that followed.

Finnish camouflage for the Arctic snow, scrub and scree likely had kept the Americans from even realizing the command post was there when they landed, Finnish commander Lt. Col. Mikko Kuoka suspected. "For those who years from now will doubt it," Kuoka, modestly stunned by the outcome of the random skirmish, wrote in an infantry-focused blog recording the outcome, of an episode he later confirmed for The Associated Press. "That actually happened."


Freezing Winds 22 is an exercise this fall

A unit from the United States Marine Corps’ 2nd Marine Logistics Group will train with Finnish units over the coming autumn months, the Finnish Navy has announced in a press release.

"The entire unit of 150 persons will be accommodated in Nyland Brigade and mainly operates in the brigade's training area," the statement said.

The US troops are expected to arrive in Finland from the beginning of next week, and will participate in the Finnish Navy’s main exercise of the autumn, codenamed Exercise Freezing Winds 22.


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