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I lost my will to cook

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Well, the worse thing lost around here was the Chipped Key to my 2009 Ford Edge.

I can't cook if I can't drive to get food.


I have to spend like $70 for a new ignition lock with new key, put it in, tow my car to dealer

and have that Key Programmed to my car ( cost $50 to program it )


but when done, My Edge will be back to cooking.



Posted : 19/09/2022 7:21 pm
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Posted by: @octo

We have many Vietnamese people living here, they make delicious food! One pizza place is run by a family from Kosovo, one is run by a Syrian guy that makes Italian cuisine and the third place is run by Iraqis. The burger joint is run by an Indian guy and the burgers and fries are sensational.

There's a Chinese woman that sells spring rolls from a cart downtown (the square) from time to time and people come from all over the place to get them.

Sounds like here. I love the mix of cultures and food. 

Posted : 19/09/2022 11:03 pm
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