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If Life Is An Illusion, It Would Make Total Sense Not To Understand This...

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Topic starter Posted : 05/04/2022 12:10 pm
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Hello Boomerang, interesting video. Mind over matter, the old saying is true we create our own reality.

Posted : 05/04/2022 12:27 pm
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Hello Strigoi,


We may have spoke before as I joined here a few years ago, I kind of said I was going walkabout on the internet and it took me ages to get back.


If memory serves me well it was when Octo and partner had gone on holiday in and around the Andelusian area. I often wonder if they managed to get as far as La Gomera?


Anyway sorry, I was daydreaming for a moment.


Yes, mind over matter, quite agree! I say!  

Topic starter Posted : 05/04/2022 12:59 pm
Jay Rodney
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Glad to see you signed up Boomerang.

Interesting video... some Kabalist philosophy right there and Kaballah makes similar claims about changing your DNA for the better.

Regardless, having a positive attitude is über important to health and well being.

Posted : 05/04/2022 6:17 pm

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