Robbery right behin...
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Robbery right behind me. I never noticed it.

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Sitting in a Starbucks next Door to a Bank, Oblivious to the World around me ( Ear Buds,,, ya know?)


Pow Pow Pow, gunshots ( didn't hear nuttin)


Some Thugs shot and Robbed an Armored Truck Guard 60 yards behind me ( Guard is gonna be alright, they shot him in the leg)


Ok, so, a few seconds after it went down, I packed up the Laptop, walked out to my Truck, as I got in the Truck,,, at least

7 or 8 Patrol Cars come swooping in,Helicopters fly over, Ambulances, Fire Trucks, and Stupid Fat Gawkers block the driveway.


I had no idea what was going on, I thought maybe my Beard scared a Tourist and they called it in.


I couldn't pull out into the Street, I get out of the Truck, tell the person to move their car out of my way because I'm pissed and about to

push their Car through a wall.


They made a Face, I revved the engine, they MOVED FAST!


Next, I get Home 3 blocks away,,, for hours the Cops are roaming the streets and skies.....



I think to myself; Welcome back Home to California.


I don't know if readers here watch the Videos of Crimes in Los Angeles Calif. , but if they do, they already know

that Calif. has turned into a Sewer.


I have some dealings to get done here for another week, can't wait to GET OUT of here.


Smoke 'em if ya have 'em. it's gonna be a long week.





Topic starter Posted : 19/10/2022 4:04 am
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Cali..especially the bay area, sf, oaktown have become a battle ground. I have to look around to make sure all is well before getting into car for fear of mugging or car jack. But am glad you ok bro

Posted : 20/10/2022 4:44 am
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I've seen enough video out of Cali that I know I don't care to watch any more footage out of that cesspool. Serious wtf damned  

Posted : 20/10/2022 11:03 am
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The world and all the places in it are either going downhill drastically, or sitting there waiting to fall into the pit.

Where I am at this moment in life is one of those places. It's on the top waiting to fall in, robberies are starting to happen, people are stirring, sides are being picked and murders are starting to happen.

Places right out in the sticks feel safer, over near Hadrian's Wall for example people live in ignorance. It's not spread out that far yet.

But it will.




Posted : 20/10/2022 12:26 pm
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I feel I'm in a safe location. Off grid life is what people do for fun around here, not many people but many of them farmers and even more hunters.

Posted : 20/10/2022 6:13 pm
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~~~~~ Synchronicity of a Fallen City ~~~~~ ( a song by Cynicalabsurdance )


Once there was Freedom in the Air

Love and Kindness everywhere


Ocean Clean and Forest Green

and we were Children let out to run


Beauty came every morning Light

it was Life, we lived it right


You'd take my Hand

smile into my eyes

and Love between, became our Land


We were Free, free as Children should always be


She was Born between Grace and Love

I came into being, rocking her in my arms


I want to know, where did we go

I've got the right to understand


~~~~~~~~~~~ Feathers ~~~~~~~~~~~~


we don't have to die for money

Topic starter Posted : 21/10/2022 3:50 am
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