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finally figured a silly thing to do. time wasted. please maybe hold in clutch. over tyranny.   damnit.  grr. hold them in a clutch. and rev the engine not moviing ? shrodinger their apparatus of blah blah. while the obsolescent panic wakes.  



now im on the spot. but still. cashing out crypto. pay in pizza. throw some down the sewers in cases of alligators and turtles.  

just a turn on . how cops were the enemy before. , strange.  now poly cites. ticks. eep.   i guess that was the amount of my drama throwing. 

from trees. instead of eatting sustainance in my cave. wakka wakka ?or some broken record.   ideas. have no heads to sever. also error. lead by example ? Mwhaahah.  then fisticuffs 50% . ugggh. what a place holder.  watching windows.                      they already determined the enemy. ...



Topic starter Posted : 16/12/2022 2:01 am

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