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UFOs sightings have left witnesses with radiation burns, brain damage and 'perceived time suspension', according to interviews in newly released Pentagon report from 2010

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copy paste this in this thread.


True Facts on Nordics, JFK meeting them, Theft of Gold from Victoio Peak being prime motive to murder jfk.




in 1960, JFK HQ and DNC Convention was held in L.A.


JFK came to my house to talk to me about his encounter with the Nordics I rode with the year before, he showed me a Half Dollar

they gave him, that was a Kennedy Half, they proved that they Time Travel.

the Kennedy half was created in 1968, 5 years after JFK's murder.


we spoke a long time, he gave me the Half. asked about the Treasure, and then, asked Robert McNamara to give me 5 100 dollar bills.


we had a pact going on.


1961, The Pentagon sent out a Team to raid the Bars of Gold from Victorio Peak on White Sands Missile Range.


JFK signed a Presidential executive order to have those Bars of Gold impounded for the Inheritor ( Me ) to receive when I turned 21 in 1971.


JFK Murder was an inside Job for a Fact.


The Bars never came to me, seems some High Ranks at the Pentagon, as well as Robert Mcnamara whom brought us

the Invasion of Vietnam, got very Rich there after.


These are TRUE FACTS I just penned.


In 1964, sitting in my Class Room, I blurted out:" Their going to kill the President (ESP kicked in)


The teacher said: don't say that, it's mean


I kept an eye on the clock, at exactly the Moment the first bullet hit JFK, I said to the girl in front of me: They just shot him.


a few minutes passed

the Teachers phone rang


She hung up, turned to the class: the president has just been shot.

the girl at the desk in front of me said: Roger just said that.


I knew they were going to Murder John, the Nordics as we watched in Oct. 1961, the Army stealing the Bars from Victorio Peak,

I had asked, Can't the President stop them?


The Lady Nordic replied: they're going to Murder the President over those Gold Bars.

when we dropped you at Home, have your Mother call the F.B.I. and inform them to stop the Murder.


I asked who waas going to kill him

she said, the Generals stealing the Gold, and the Rockefeller family would finance the hit.


My Mother, owing to the fact she was OWNED by the C.I.A.,,,,, never made that call.


Our Teacher wanted to find out from my Mom, about my ESP, so she drove me Home, I told her

about my Mom refusing to call the F.B.I.

Teacher said she would, and did.


Agents arrived, I gave the info, they asked where evidence could be found, I told them: Officer Tippit who was also Murdered

by the same Hit Team, was mistakenly Trusted by the Team and brought into the plot.


He played along, all the while, at home, he wrote all of it out including names, from his Micro Recorder.


I told the F.B.I. that Tippit kept the documents behind the spare tire in his Patrol Unit while on duty.


L.A. F.B.I. called Dallas F.B.I. and those agents retrieved the Tippit files from the trunk of Tippits Patrol Unit.


a Grand Jury investigation was held, I testified ( I was 9 years old)

the Valise, Brief case if you wish, was present, lawyers argued, the case set aside, the culprits warned if they Murdered me, the

Case would again be indicted .


an attempt on my life as well as the teacher, my family and several other Witnesses was made

I and my Family survived the poisoning.


Let's do this fucking Trump dude now


Trump released some of the JFK files with a Promise to release the rest in Jan. 2020

Think of it this way, Voters with a desire to read the Files would Vote for his ass,,,, right?


well, Trumpy-poo lost, he had several weeks to release the final batch and he did not do that.


Telling, is it not?

For those Q-Anon freaks and Trumpie acolytes, You were SPOOFED and DUPED,,,,,,PERIOD!


My Name is all over that last batch of files as an Informant , when Trump failed, as I knew that fucker would,

we lost the chance at those last files.


I'd be pissed, but, I conditioned myself to the fail before the fail came.


Final Note on Political Manipulations


Both sides left and right are fed scripted bullshit by the same Think Tank, whether it's Brookings or Rand or both and several

other Institutes, it's all the same script delivered

by shill fucks.


say CNN on the left

Creeps like Joe Rogan on the right

both are operating for the same entities.


The Dialogue is exactly the same from both Mouth Pieces, just a few names are switched out, like

DemonRats for Trumpsters, per which side is delivering the Spiel on the the spoof.


Divide and Concur is exactly the practice.


For anyone that Believes in the spoof, supports either side because of the influencing the spoof has on them.


YOU are CONTROLLED, YOU are Brainwashed and OWNED by the Spoofing Dialogue,


break the fucking Spell People, get real with your World, get REAL about your Captivity.


Above statements are FACTS, and as I stated, there exist Compiled and highly Classified Files that outline every word I just Typed.


For a Fact



Posted : 19/04/2022 9:20 pm
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fuck it, hacker just logged me out of this account


text disappears as I type


and my TCPDUMP reveals there are over 75 Established connections into this laptop

all are by Satellite

all have Washington D.C. IP's beginning with 72.101


State Department warned that China would Hack?


fuck state dept.


they can blame China, it's the State Department directed Hackers that are Hacking CT Forums right now and the past week.


I'll write later, fuck them


Norm Spoke it


Posted : 19/04/2022 9:43 pm
strigoi liked
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Gawd Dam

I sure am glad I never even clicked on this thread

sure am glad I didn't read these post and replies

sure am glad that I am not typing this post right now

gawd dam, I sure am Glad

Posted : 20/04/2022 2:31 am
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Posted : 20/04/2022 2:33 am
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Posted by: @cynicalabsurdance


Norm Spoke it


LOL @meme.

"75 Established connections into this laptop all are by Satellite"


Posted : 20/04/2022 9:30 am
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tee heee heeeee


oh, by the way, hacks been all over CT forums for a few days ( a week Maybe)



cause nothin goin on no how

Posted : 20/04/2022 6:16 pm
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quote me: get off that Fat Farm Cellulite Hatchery you call your ass, <-------<<< no idea how I thought that up, but,,,,,,


I sure am Glad I did LOL

Posted : 20/04/2022 6:21 pm
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~~~~ A Ditty,,,,


sure am Glad

that I don't care

if people can smell

my underwear


Sure am Glad

I piss them off

something to do

and it don't cost


sure am glad

my feet smell

like my breath

hope the smell

cause lots of death


sure am glad

you read this here

I'm launching this

as a new career





I'd like to thank you for stopping by to read this

but I don't care


I got stinky underwear.

Posted : 20/04/2022 7:56 pm
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Schitts Creek Reaction GIF by CBC

 @ stinky underwear. Giggle  

Posted : 21/04/2022 12:35 pm
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LOL @goofy meme


something supernatural

slides under the door

out now, in the wild

it's free to explore


shares it's wisdom with

the greatest down to the least of things


With all the Life that exist

creates the mightiest power as it sings


Something supernatural becomes common now

Accepted changes form into  our being somehow


The Change, beyond over due, has become

a reality we can live with, if we keep it true


Fear to change no longer exist

The freedom of change, so hard to resist.


~~~~ rule of thumb, Stars Twinkle, Planets do not ~~~~


Posted : 21/04/2022 7:21 pm
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Posted by: @cynicalabsurdance

bunch of nuts talking about this at Guppy Land producers


I penned this statement for them


copy paste here:


points to ponder

I first rode with Nordics in 1959.

for a fact, the craft do indeed Time Travel

Charlie isn't wrong on that, he only knows what
he is fed for info.

He is correct on so much more.

Note that there are so many different Nordic races from so

many different Worlds,

so, in his description of the Nordics that he met,

may not fully jive with the ones I ride with, and that is not a problem.

Charlie recalls only what his Handlers allow him to recall.

selective recall is set by Hypnosis, and that is done
by Gov.'t Intel Agents.

so in this interview, we are receiving but a small
amount of info compared to what he may actually know.

for the comments

if you've never rode with them, your statements
are Irrelevant for a Fact.

The man is sharing info, that you do not have and will not have if you never meet Nordics

appreciate him at the least, to berate him stunts your
chance to gain Knowledge.

The Planet is just a Planet, it doesn't become a World
until Living thinking life Forms show up and
add consciousness to it.

Earth is a Planet

A World is birthed from Consciousness.

Two separate elements,

Earth can and probably does have, more than one
World residing within it's Physical influence.

Nordics or any alter Life form of Hominid, may live
in a Different World then Yours  right here on Earth.

I know for a Fact, that they do not Kill Life

at all


thank you for considering Charlies Sharing of things
that you may not know of.~~~~~~~~~~~~~ End copy




Earth is a Planet, it is not a World until consciousness is added.


Planets are Rocks in space, Worlds are a creation of Consciousness.


Some Worlds are Heaven, some Worlds are Hell.


You can turn any World into Hell


you can turn any World into Heaven


Cortez Turned an Aztec World into Hell ( example )


Defunct Consciousness resides on this Planet along side Righteous Consciousness.


This is the Only World in the Universe that suffers that.


it is the only World that created a thing called money


the only world where people pay for a place to live


the only world where people pay to eat


the only world that creates War or even has a word for War.


War is not a reality in any other World except the the World afflicted with defunct consciousness.


This World is the only World on this Planet or any other ,


that makes leaders from a Pile of Fools that are controlled by the above list of elements found in defunct consciousness.


you're Welcome


Posted : 21/04/2022 9:59 pm
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ok, break time


watch, at some point, you too wished you could do this.


don't deny it.




Posted : 21/04/2022 11:52 pm
Jay Rodney
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I've got two left feet so not so much for me.

There are less strenuous ways to break my arms legs and head. Chuckle  

Posted : 22/04/2022 5:13 pm
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Bones Matter Chuckle  

Posted : 22/04/2022 6:35 pm
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LOL The bones involved in walking and chewing in particular, the rest are bonuses.

Posted : 23/04/2022 7:07 pm
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