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When you get what you wish for

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For a few years I've been creating this place in my mind, a place I would love in my real life. This place is quiet, out in nature somewhere where I can listen to the wind and rain and all the birds and animals. I grow a garden and basically create a place of peace and tranquility for myself.

We do have a cabin out in the woods, but there's a new generation out there quite a bit. I do love them and I don't mind hanging out with them occasionally, but it's just too much in the long run. It's also inconveniently far away for me.

Then, out of nowhere, based on a coincidence and an impulse I ended up in that little cabin in the woods, on the shore, a bike ride away from home.

As things turn out I was offered to rent it for four months next summer. I of course happily accepted.

There's a garden, I can grow whatever I want!

It looks a lot like what I have been creating in my mind is now manifesting in real life and I am so grateful.

Life is beautiful. ❤️ 

Topic starter Posted : 25/07/2023 3:53 pm
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Life is as beautiful as you make it, I totally agree...

Sounds like you've pretty much achieved what you'd always seen, and in reality the peace you've found is well deserved @octo


I'm sure it wont be long now and the wildlife will start getting curious, and coming out to meet you. I've created a problem where I am by feeding the 'kite's' 'seagulls' and Crows, Haddock fish Lol.

The neighbours can't work out where all of these noisy birds are coming from LOL.

People need waking up around here! 


Posted : 26/07/2023 1:59 pm
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Lol, yeah, like Snow White 😆

I don't feed the birds, but I always say hello to them. I was happy to see a blackbird nesting at the cabin, I got beautiful birdsong all day long.

I so look forward to next season. I'm back to work next week 

Topic starter Posted : 29/07/2023 9:48 pm
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And I'm pretty sure it was a bunny hopping across the yard one evening, not a baby hare Bunny  

Topic starter Posted : 30/07/2023 9:57 am

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