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i know who your writing reminds me of...(much admired) just came to me, and it was staring me in the face the whole time.


Centigrade 232


well he's been dead now...must be why i now have to gravitate to your musing.



hat's off

Posted : 25/04/2022 2:46 pm
Jay Rodney
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Rog' is very much a one of a kind standout.

We met on "The Golden Thread" Chuckle as it was semi-affectionately known.

Those Dan Burisch threads were interesting reading, even if he just pulled all that stuff out his ass.

Posted : 25/04/2022 4:34 pm
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the funniest thing is, nothing I write is serious about anything serious. it's all theater


that said


I lost my Pain Pills somewhere, My Excedrine Miagrane pain pills, there's none on the shelves at stores here.


I had to downgrade to Tylenol extra, and mine am I a Hurtin' Unit.


I don't use prescription drugs or street drugs, so Excedrin became my crutch.


meanwhile, out in the Desert, My Bandit loot Cache must have been an old fire pit, 

sure fooled me it did.


On the Local Front,


There used to be this Country We lived in, pretty cool one at that,


However, That Country ,,, it's gears are slippin' now.


it's funny in a way that is also sad, cause the fun isn't as fun as it was.


can ya have less fun and still be having fun?


Idk, but, I miss the bigger Fun a lot.


So, owing to the less fun levels becoming the "New Fun"

I think I'm having enough fun for the moment.



Now, on the distant front


any news from y'all's plot of Earth?



Topic starter Posted : 25/04/2022 4:36 pm
Jay Rodney
Member Admin

Ditto on the migraine show.

Had a tooth pulled and then they kicked in.

Been feeling shitty AF.

Posted : 25/04/2022 4:47 pm
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Posted by: @strigoi
Posted by: @cynicalabsurdance



Gawd DAMN!


old bitch about 75 just walked in dressed like she's 19, Face lift test subject from the ugly looks of her.


I couldn't help myself, she freaked me so much


I blurted out: " One more Face Lift and your Mustache will be your Ass Hat Tat, gawd, at what point do you

accept the fact that your body hit the wall at 25 ya skank-a-toid Reptile bitch?!!!!!!!!


DISGUSTING GROSS obese FAT as F__K Duet of Dykes walked in right behind her too.


WTF is going on with people in the U.S.A.?!


So many Face lifts on that Skank, you could see into the Marrow of her cheek bones

through that last layer of thin skin she had left on her face man.


if I was filming live stream right now, you would PUKE till ya starved to Death.


FAT so thick that ya can't pick them out in a Room full of Jaba the huts.


and which Salon is convincing Clients that a Copy of a Dumpster Fire, is a becoming Hair Style?


4 colors in their hair, none their natural color, I've seen weed wacker hair-doos come out better.


CHRIST in a Corner Pocket, I gotta get to my Boat and split the U.S.


any tips on where an Island of Skinny People might be?



LOL Europeans are steadily putting on more weight. They are fattening us all up like cattle for the alien invasion. Chuckle  

Ewwwwww,, icky thought


don't make me post that Cow Photo again. LOL  


as I think about that day I took those pics, blows me away how steely my nerves were,


Who in hell walks up all alone to a Cattle mutilation and just calmly studies the site for clues, when they could have just kept

on driving.


The Wild Animals were even giving me hints to stay away from the Cow.




given that just two days prior,,, I had watched that Big UFO grab that Cow.


I mean, think about it, I witness things that to most people are really Freak out events, and just take it in as though it's

no more weird then all other common events.


I swear, no brag, but I must have some strong Calm Game going on.


Take the UFO that came right over the ridge and straight at me about a month before, it slowed down, hovered above me,

and my reaction? My reaction was Wave it down, like " Come down, land, let's Parlay People"


Compared to most people, I take these strange things as though I expect them to happen, and when those do happen,

I just remain cool, and take it all in like an observer at an Eruption that can't touch 'em.


got me thinking it does. heh heh




Topic starter Posted : 25/04/2022 4:54 pm
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man, I feel that, not to freak ya out more, but I pulled 28 out of my 32 teeth myself.

swear on a pinkie finger , I really did. you don't want to read the details right now.


Topic starter Posted : 25/04/2022 4:59 pm
Jay Rodney
Member Admin

No sir, I don't need to hear about those missing molars.

Clint Eastwood Coffee GIF


Posted : 25/04/2022 5:08 pm
Prominent Member

heh heh


it was the Bionic Bicuspids that caused the Gum disease, receding gums and ya can just snatch the tooth out.


The Implants installed by Intel does that to us people they want to track, the implants are described in a D.A.R.P.A. File.


and yes, it ain't fun to experience.

Topic starter Posted : 25/04/2022 6:55 pm
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Share Something Please 005

~~~~~~~ Growing a Pearl in the back of my Mind

some song in there crying to come out


Verses in peril of fading out after time

Baby's Dance translated into Song no doubt


Words want to exist on a Page

I just want to watch her sing it

on her Stage


She's watching as those verses I write

She's already Dancing the Tune


Gonna be a mind blowin night

Two Artist Writing a Dance for a lovers Moon


Baby's a Child of Eternity

Beautiful in a way

words could never tell


Spoken in Her Eyes

a Love so deep and clear


Sad man I'd be,  I indeed realize

if my eyes couldn't see the Love there


Old Palace somewhere in Heaven

must be her Home

~~~~~~~~~~~ Waking, throws us open to what we knew but couldn't yet see ~~~~~~~~~~





Share Something Please 005
Topic starter Posted : 25/04/2022 10:03 pm
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Posted by: @nolomolistari



i know who your writing reminds me of...(much admired) just came to me, and it was staring me in the face the whole time.


Centigrade 232


well he's been dead now...must be why i now have to gravitate to your musing.



hat's off

Forgot to say thank you


on my writing on the Net


1. everything I reveal about the UFO genre is spot on fact according to memory and  as the memories come in

over the years,


2. Songs Poems Rhymes , be honest, I do it to relax my mind and have no idea how or from where

any of it comes, for a fact I've rolled back later and read them, and wondered: where'd I get that?


a Rhythmic begins in my mind out of the blue, and I begin to set words to those, no subject for the song

is ever the focus for most, except in threads and Post to satirized the subject.


3. On current events, politics, Social shit, everything I write on those subjects is a Satire, unless I am recounting

some past event from decades ago. As with the JFK Murder, that shit I write is real.


4. Rage, Vent and Tantrum post, be honest again, I'm usually smiling or even laughing as I write those caustic dribbles.


5. On the Road Stories

Most of the Material is exact but sometimes Embroidered with funny shit that ain't.

gotta keep the readers attention ya know.


6. Mind Working


ok, the worst for me to write about because using it was punished when I was a Kid, and,,, there are certain minds


that read it, that I do not like to have them know shit about it.

so I keep it trim.


Not everything is Theater, but it's safer in this World if what I write is layered in a way to leave open

the option to claim I was just Joking around, keep in mind, I'm Monitored full time by motherfuckers who

have some serious fear of what I reveal, they are attempting full time to build a Case against me 

and That is " Their Words " directly to my Face


Their Employers want me to shut my Mouth about their Crimes. NOT GONNA HAPPEN!







Topic starter Posted : 25/04/2022 10:58 pm
strigoi liked
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Takes me aside

she whispers sweet and low

feel me inside?


Deep into my Core

you became a part of me

that Night aboard out at Sea


Deeper still you've grown

How deep Woman can we go?


Everyday I face the fear

of losing us to some Game

something so shallow, unclear

something I can't Name


buries her face into my Chest

just hold me, don't ever let me go


God you know I've done my Best

 I give my all to you

with ease and intend to give the rest


Smiles into me with love soaked sigh


says, love this strong, can't ever die

Meld into me Child, deep within~~~~~~~~~~~~ probably not finished yet




Topic starter Posted : 26/04/2022 1:45 am
Member Admin

@cynicalabsurdance "keep in mind, I'm Monitored full time by motherfuckers who have some serious fear of what I reveal, they are attempting full time to build a Case against me and That is " Their Words " directly to my Face"

You have a narrative that challenges a bit of "established narrative" and that will not do. Popcorn

Posted : 26/04/2022 1:41 pm
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I know exactly who fears what I know about a kidnapping and torture back in 1999.

She about lost her freaking mind when she got the call that informed her that I escaped.



I can say this:Everything you've ever heard about her being a Murderess is spot on.

Topic starter Posted : 26/04/2022 4:19 pm
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Side note: "You have a lot to learn about,,,,_____"


^^^^^ That right there is a Phrase straight out of The Feminist Handbook


it's meant to trigger anger in Men who never like being told that they have a lot to learn about anything.


I never perused a members profile and read through all their post,



if some one did that,


They would discover that all the post include Feminist Triggers.


One of my Sisters is a Heinous Feminist, I stole her Hand Book and studied up LOL

Topic starter Posted : 26/04/2022 4:25 pm
Jay Rodney
Member Admin

I've seen those dog whistles, pretty stale old stuff.

You gotta' laugh off and consider the source in most cases.

At any rate yes, I've seen guys on other fora go balls up ballistic about insignificant horse hockey like that.

Amazing the programming some have baked in to their cookie. Bob  

Posted : 26/04/2022 4:43 pm
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