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CIA Document Claims Soviet Union Was Developing Cybernetic Telepathy

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Jay Rodney
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Chuckle That's a familiar them on "Ancient Aliens" for some odd reason. Coffeetime  

Posted : 09/04/2022 5:38 pm
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Posted by: @RGG

what if I told you,,,,,,,,,,,,


they are not Aliens to this Planet?


what if I told you, they actually caused the Impact of the Meteorite/Comet/space boulder

that created what is today the Gulf of Mexico, to wipe the Dinosaurs out, so they could seed this planet.


What if I told you, the Craft they pilot, are used as well, for time travel.


what if I told you,


A Spanish Priest Burned "Aztec Codices" that revealed a chronology and history that the Priest was shocked by, and

used the lie to burn those codices because those were Blasphemous.


What if I told you, that the Zealots that destroyed the Library of Alexandria, did so for the same entity that controls Culture

and Spiritual Belief.


what if I told you, People who seek power over others, destroy truth in order to hold power over you.


what if, you take these sentences I write and apply those to what Controls you at this moment, would they reveal

to you an uncomfortable Truth?


what if I told you, that Hominids on this Planet, are Alien to this Planet.


what if I told you, this Garden of Eden, was created by destroying Primal Life Forms, so you, the experimental creatures, would

gain a Planet to thrive on.


What if I told you, Controlling the Dialogue is a power tool over you.


would you see it possible?


I did not come into this World to support the Agenda of Lies, I came to reveal the Lies.


Posted : 09/04/2022 6:45 pm
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