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8 Shot on Brooklyn Subway by Man in Gas Mask Who Threw Smoke Grenade: Sources

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meh nli
 meh nli
(@meh nli)

At least eight people were shot Tuesday on a Brooklyn subway by a man in an orange construction vest, possibly wearing a gas mask, who may have tossed a smoke canister on the platform to distract the rush hour crowd, according to FDNY and senior law enforcement officials. They stress the investigation is preliminary.

The shooter was not in custody an hour and a half after he opened fire on the train at the 36th Street and Fourth Avenue station in Sunset Park around 8:30 a.m. All eight victims were believed to have been in the same car. The train was still moving.

It stopped at the next station, at 25th Street. Greenish smoke was seen spewing from the subway doors when the Manhattan-bound N train stopped at the platform. People were seen running, and bleeding.


Crazy SOB

Topic starter Posted : 12/04/2022 6:11 pm
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Cue up the gun control speech in three, two, one - - - Huh!?  

Posted : 12/04/2022 6:16 pm
Jay Rodney
Member Admin

 Just turned on the news watching this...

An update 16 injured and 10 people with gunshot wounds, of those 5 in critical condition.


Posted : 12/04/2022 7:08 pm

undetonated devices found


Just more terrible news. 

Posted : 12/04/2022 7:24 pm
Guest Towel
 Guest Towel
(@Guest Towel)

That was graphic.

Posted : 12/04/2022 9:50 pm
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bottom right photo,


Dude is shot, does he drop the Phone? LOL


Recall this Song I wrote about that? Kinda fits this story well, does it not?


~~~~~ Phoney Faces ~~~~~


And so, everyday,
some act of hate hits another street
and some story about corruption complete

The free World is fading into a Nub
while the people are trapped in a comfort Rub

strokes come from an ad on their phone
and boxed in it, they find, they're so alone

In the Pursuit of Loneliness
they discover, , the life they wished
they've missed, , ,

boxed in Apartments like
rats in a Cage, ,
all they see and all they feel
is constant internal Rage, ,

Flat screen on the Wall
brings them an alter reality

and,,in their hand
another device
to enforce this delusion
that they're still free

Nothing is real, nothing is true
we've lost our desire too, , , ,
lost to insanity, , ,
we've lost the Feel, ,
and meaning of Humanity, , ,

written in Finger paint by the child
a message: Mama can I give you a Hug
If mercy sweet, and kindness Mild, , ,
The child wouldn't have to ask, ,
Mama's drop the Phones and love that child, , ,

If there's really a Watcher in our Sky
he'd never send a Son for our Sins to Die, , ,

In Pursuit of Loneliness ~~~~

we seclude, avoid, and turn our face
ashamed to be known as a member
of the Human Race, , ,

Blood on the hands of another
by extension, , , is yours my Brother, , ,

we're all in this as One
we can't expect to get free
while from our guilt we Run, , ,

Fractal is the Nature of Man
all we do, belongs to each
something you must
come to understand
Love is the Value
we have a need to Teach ~~~~

Children Playing Crazy Digital
video game, , ,
never learn love and kindness
barely know anyone's name

friends, but none next door
everyone's trapped in a device
with a game, trying to score, ,

" Shiny Object " ad's
suck in the Parents mind
everything they wish for
is advertised
right on line

pretty soon
every thing we say
will be a Button tap
we won't recognize a friend
with a slap on the back, , ,

all human contact
will be done by keys
on a phone ~~~~~~~~~~~~ End ~~~~~


56457573 poem 60
Posted : 12/04/2022 9:50 pm
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quote article: "People were seen running, and bleeding." ~~~~end quoted text


running,,, and bleeding,,,, and,,,,, Filming with Iphones.


pfft, what do people expect of their Society Man?


"Every day some Act of Hate hits another Street

another story of Corruption Complete."


If people truly desire solutions, Installing the Leaders they currently have, are not able to supply that for them


it doesn't take a Rocket Surgeon nor a Brain Scientist to figure it out.


Doesn't take incorporating Saudi Arabian Tactics either.


the U.S. has drooling fool running shit?


he leaves enemies tons of War Material and no one cried: Impeach?


Mayors that have people arrested over Mask?


What Humanity lays down on itself with is what's Horrid to any thinking Being.


Callous am I? yeah that too, tuff shit.



Posted : 12/04/2022 10:17 pm
Jay Rodney
Member Admin

Sounds like they were more concerned with getting accolades from various social media outlets for their heroic photos than getting away from an active shooter situation.

Idiots. Coffeetime  

Posted : 12/04/2022 10:23 pm

@cynicalabsurdance >>the U.S. has drooling fool running shit<<


A marionette for a group of people hellbent on destroying everything. 

Posted : 12/04/2022 11:51 pm
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it's Built to Crash.


I have Sneakers with older Soles then most Leaders Souls.


but it's also a Great Comedy to watch by those who manage to detach themselves from it all.



Posted : 13/04/2022 12:01 am
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Person of interest identified.

Posted : 13/04/2022 2:02 pm
Member Admin

I'd wager they don't take him alive as that seems to be the standard way these things seem to go.

Posted : 13/04/2022 4:44 pm
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Probably has a Suicide Pill stashed under his Tongue.



Posted : 13/04/2022 5:39 pm
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I don't think it's an act of hate, rather an act of society gone very, very wrong.

Power without abuse loses it's charm.

Posted : 14/04/2022 2:45 am
Member Admin

That's an extraordinarily broad brush. One can blame this on a myriad of this and that but all the signs were there of mental illness with intent to do physical harm to others. Good luck punishing society for this mans actions. If this were a society problem alone we'd all be remorseless killers. This same person was on the FBI terrorist list until 2019 and had several social media accounts where he made plenty of threats.

It will never be mentioned, as big pharma owns the media that obviously influences the minds of those who are incapable of thinking for themselves but I would lay quid on antidepressants being involved. Of course that's speculation but if so, you'll never hear that.

Posted : 14/04/2022 8:24 am
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