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As if things aren't bad enough - Chernobyl plant power outage UPDATE! Power RESTORED!

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Jay Rodney
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Russians ‘could buckle in 10 DAYS’ as Ukraine claims to have killed 13,500 troops and destroyed hundreds of tanks & jets

VLADIMIR Putin could only have ten days to win the war in Ukraine before his forces buckle, defence experts have claimed.

The Russian tyrant expected a quick victory when he ordered the invasion on February 23 but his forces have encountered fierce resistance, with 150 Kremlin troops killed overnight in Mariupol.

The invasion has seen Russian pilots blasted out of the sky, tanks ambushed and videos of sobbing soldiers after surrendering to the Ukrainians.

Ukraine claims to have killed around 13,500 Russian troops and to have destroyed a large amount of equipment.

The country's President President Volodymyr Zelensky claimed overnight that "hundreds" of Russian helicopters and tanks had been destroyed in the fighting.

Among the dead are at least 12 top commanders, including three generals, with the latest killed a top spy commander.


Not certain how Russia will walk away with it's tail between it's legs but they did in Afghanistan and this is a hell of a lot worse.

You can't take over a country if they don't want you there.

Russia and US have both learned this more than a couple times.

Posted : 15/03/2022 5:23 pm
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