Every time I fail t...
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Every time I fail to bring the camera I see something wonderful

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It happened tonight again... I thought it was dark and didn't expect anything out of the ordinary. 

But outside the sky is exceptionally clear. I can see the whole moon despite it being illuminated on the side or Waxing crescent they say  Huh!?  

Then Venus and Jupiter that align with the moon. 

I went down towards the park by the river where a dense fog was rising from below the dam. It looked magical and once again got to regret not bringing my phone to capture that moment.

In other words, it's a beautiful evening.

Have a great weekend!


Topic starter Posted : 24/02/2023 8:12 pm
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Screenshot 20230224 194935
Topic starter Posted : 24/02/2023 9:12 pm
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The best images are always for your eyes only. 

Posted : 26/02/2023 12:31 am

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